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Clash Royale 18 Cards Mega Deck Challenge Tips 2019

Mega Deck Challenge Tips

Mega Deck Challenge Tips 2019 Hi guys Mega Deck Challenge Tips MarauderV8 here and today I am going to show you Clash Royale 18 Cards Mega Deck Challenge Tips 2019 and How to Build 18 card Mega Deck

When building your deck for the Mega Deck challenge, most of the same strategy applies as when creating your standard eight-card decks. There are, however, a few nuances of the Mega Deck that you need to keep in mind.

A simple strategy is to use each row of the deck as a category. Take a look at the deck above that I used

The first row is spell cards, the second row is support cards, and the third row is win conditions.

Having each category account for 33% of the deck ensures you will always have at least one of those cards in your hand.

I also balanced cheap and expensive cards to maximize cycling ability and late-game power.

During my matches, I noticed some of my opponents using cards as if they expected there to be more cards on the field with this mode

this is not the case. Elixir generates at the same rate as regular play, so the game will flow the same as any other standard mode.

I do not recommend using a lot of building cards. As you can see, I only had one in my deck, and it doubles as a win condition. People are going to be running multiple spells, and if you go up against someone like me who is using six spell cards,

they are going to get a lot of value by damaging your buildings and your tower. Along with having few buildings, try not to build a super-defensive deck. You will find yourself getting spell-chipped to death.

Cover your bases, multiple times. You can see in my deck that I have multiple cards with high single-target damage as well as several with Area of Effect (AOE) damage.

I also included one win condition of each type to be able to capitalize on whatever weakness my opponent has. I opted not to include any high risk, high reward cards (Balloon, Giant Skeleton, etc.) because having multiple balanced cards is a great way to overwhelm your opponent during double elixir.

I also made sure every win condition had a dual purpose. Since you have a larger card rotation, you need to be able to have more counters available, so you don’t get surprised.

Ram Rider is an excellent Balloon and Hog Rider counter. Mortar is one of the best defensive buildings in the game because it can take out your opponent’s buildings as well as defend against building-targeting cards.

Giant is great for kiting and dragging enemy units to the other lane. Use Miner to assassinate specific support cards. Pekka and Mega Knight have excellent defensive capabilities.

Shared by MarauderV8

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Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!

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