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Clash Royale 2.6 Hog Electro Spirit Deck | Electro Spirit Deck

Clash Royale 2.6 Hog Electro Spirit Deck Electro Spirit Cycle Deck

Hi guys, I will show you 2.6 Hog Electro Spirit Deck, this is the new 2.6 2.6 Hog Electro Spirit Deck, which is working well in Arena 12+. This is a high skill cap deck but once you master it you are able to beat any match up in the game. You should always aim to get good value from your cycle cards, particularly Electro spirit and skeletons on defence.

It’s an extremely fast 2.6 Hog Electro Spirit Deck deck, you have great defensive capabilities with this deck from kiting troops with your ice golem, applying pressure opposite lane or using your canon to pull cards away from your towers while dealing damage.

If your up against Lava Loon then cycling musketeers will be key to the victory while also pressuring the opposite lane. A good first play is cycling Electro spirit at the bridge it’s unlikely to get countered and will get small chip damage on their tower.

If they play collector you can punish them with your hog rider to get chip damage. Just be careful not to over-commit during single elixir because if your opponent counter pushes and takes a tower you’ll find it hard to break through their defence.

In Defence You can use Canon to pull cards like a giant, golem and loom to allow you extra time to shut down their push. You will be able to use your spells to help aid your units on defence, the log and fireball both have a knockback effect which can be key to stopping units connecting to your princess towers. This deck will cycle extremely quickly in double elixir so the chances are you’ll be able to out cycle your opponent.

Thanks for reading, have fun

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