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A real-time strategy mobile roleplaying game “4X: My Empire” combines different SLG gameplay elements. The new MAGIC STAR title is developed by MAGIC STAR.  The game offers you a good map to explore and many factions that you can choose for battles.

Our 4x My Empire Guide Wiki has everything you need to know, from gameplay details to tips on Heroes, Strategy Equipment and Upgrades, Troop Recruitment, Treasure Map and Crafting, Faction Perks and much more.

4x My Empire Guide Wiki

Strategy – Unlock level: 105

There are four strategic qualities: orange strategy, purple strategy, blue strategy and green strategy;

  • Orange: you can activate 5 skills at most out of 9 and have chance to activate special skill and aura skill; the max level of the strategy is
  • Purple: you can activate 3 skills at most out of 7 and the max level of the strategy is 12;
  • Blue: you can activate 3 skills at most out of 5 and the max level of the strategy is 10;
  • Green: you can activate 3 skills at most out of 3 and the max level of the strategy is 6.
  •  – Aura skills and other skills are randomly generated
  •  – The basic stat of the strategy is randomly generated.

Strategies can be obtained in campaign chapter 42 or above, or can be exchanged in the strategy shop with honor.

Honour can be obtained through treasure maps, or purchased with diamonds

Strategy Coins can be used to upgrade strategy level. They can be obtained from strategy dismantling.

There are nine orange strategies in total. You can level up them to activate skills. If you activate the same skill, the skill will be
strengthened in stats.

Here are all the strategy skills and aura skills information (only become effective after being activated):

  • Impregnable – Troop Armor Break +400 During Camp Battles and Siege Wars, 40% of Siege is applied as a bonus to Endurance.
  • AggressiveDefense – Troop ATK +500 During Camp Battles and Siege Wars, 40% of Endurance is applied as a bonus to Siege.
  • Prisoner Persuasion – Troop Armor Break +400 Troop Transcend +400. Heal casualties by 10% of enemies killed. Takes effect after winning a Camp Battle or Siege War. Recovered troops cannot exceed the troop limit.
  • First Aid Troop Armor – Break +400 When troops suffer casualties, healing wounds +20%. This effect stacks with the event effect.

Suggestions on Strategy Equipment and Upgrade

  • If you have upgraded your orange strategy to level 10 but still no activate the main skill, you’d better give it up;
  • “Forces” is not a good Attributes for strategy while “Crit” is much better than others;
  • If you have met the above conditions, it would be better that the remaining attributes and basic one are the same.
  • Tier S Strategies: Impregnable and Aggressive Defense
  •  Tier A Strategies: Prisoner Persuasion and First Aid

Troop Recruitment

The function opens at level 88.

Ways to get recruitment tickets Recruitment

Props Two basic props to recruit troops are Guard Recruitment Ticket and Empire Elite Recruit Ticket!

You can get one free Guard Recruitment Ticket per day, or from Knight Order Rewards and other special events.

Usage of Recruitment Tickets

1. Use the Guard Recruitment Ticket, you have:

  • 1) 10% to get Troops with 110 attributes
  • 2) 90% to get Commander’s Seals

2. Use the Empire Elite Recruit Ticket, you have:

  • 1) 10% to get Troops with 120 attributes
  • 2) 90% to get Commander’s Seals

If you recruit troops you already have, it will turn into Commander’s Seals.

Opening time of Empire Elite Recruitment

The Empire Elite Recruitment is not open at the beginning. Its opening time depends on the number of Guard Recruitment.

If you successfully recruit a troop, it will give you 7%. If you fail, you would get 2%. When the progress reaches 100%, the Empire Elite Recruitment will open for 3 days. After 3 days, the progress will reset. The progress will be again counted from zero.

How to use Commander’s Seals

Commander’s Seals are used to promote your troops, which means to help improve the max
value of each attribute. Lower quality troops can be promoted to higher quality troops.

You can use commander’s seals to push the progress of promotion. Please note that the progress is reset at 24:00 (utc-3). You need to complete the progress within one day. If you fail, all the seals you consume will be wasted.

But there is one exception. In the promotion process, before the progress reaches 100%, there is a chance that the promotion suddenly completes itself. The rate is low, not recommended to take this risk

Treasure Map

Open at middle areas after World Progress Phrase 6

How to get treasure maps

  • There are four kinds of treasure map shards. You should collect all kinds of shards to
    craft one map;
  • Treasure map shards may drop from successful rebel (above level 13) attack;
  • Treasure map shards may also drop from mining;
  • You can exchange treasure map shards with your friend. Only map shards with the
    same quality can be exchanged

How to get treasure maps

Treasure Map Crafting

Click any one shard in your bag, if you have collected one or more groups of shards.
You can select how many maps you want to craft.

There are three kinds of treasure maps: Basic Treasure Map, Int. Treasure Map and Adv. Treasure Map

After world progress phase 10, maps of lower quality can be crafted into maps of
higher quality. For example, 5 basic maps can be crafted into one Int. map

Treasure Map Activation

Click your map to activate your treasure, it will appear random place in all unlocked

The treasure will exist for 1 hour. Please dig them ASAP

Treasure Digging

It takes 7 min to dig up a treasure;

You can garrison in digging teams of friend

You can garrison in digging teams of friendly empires and raid digging teams of enemy empires. When ownership over the treasure changes, the new owner will need to dig for another 7 minutes in order to receive the treasure;

Treasure Raiders may appear after you successfully dig up the treasure. You troops will automatically fight with the raiders, and will earn an extra reward after victory. If the raiders are not defeated, the troops will be returned and you can send a new
army to defeat the raiders;

If a player digs up 14 treasures without encountering raiders, raiders will appear on
the 15th time.

Rewards Preview

You have a chance to get the following rewards:

  • Small AP Supplies *6
  • Friend Points *300
  • Cultivate Attributes *3
  • Honor *80
  • 5min Speedup *10
  • Manor Lord Recruiter *1
  • Barrier Officer Recruiter *1
  • 1d Adv. Construction Queue *1
  • Commander’s Sea *40


Faction Official Perks

All the officials in each faction or all the candidates. Don’t forget to use this permission. It will be useful in stronghold assembly!

Detail: you can use the permission to invite 4 lords of your faction to come to your region. If any one accepts your invitation, their cities will be teleported in your region.

𝗙𝗔𝗤 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗙𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻

Q: At which level can I choose faction?

A: At Lv 25
Q: Why there is a recommended faction?

A: To balance the number of players in each faction. If you choose the recommended faction, you can get a 100-diamond gift.
Q: Can I choose or change my region?

A: No
Q: Can I help other members in faction to attack the stronghold?

A: As long as you are in the same region and the marching time does not exceed the preparation time.
Q: At which level does the faction function unlock?

A: At Lv 40
Q: Where can I upgrade my nobility?

A: In Faction (Such Franks)-Title.
Q: How can I get merit which is used to upgrade my nobility?

A: Join faction expansion, attend stronghold clash, tribe wars, or disassemble equipment(not recommended).
Q: Why we need to upgrade our nobility?

A: Get more troop bonus.
Q: What can we get from faction level-up?

A: More EXP and merit for each donation.
Q: What long do the faction quests refresh one time?

A: Three hours per time

How to get EXP:

1. Main Quest

2. Construction quests in Side Quest (Normal construction cannot gain EXP)

3. Campaign. You can get a lot of EXP from campaign sweep. Tips: The higher campaign you sweep, the more EXP you will gain. Don’t waste your action points.

4. World Boss (3 times at most per day)

5. Event’Rebel Suppression’ (As ranking rewards)

How to get Action Points:

1. Initial points: you have 100 AP from the beginning

2. “Small AP Supplies” and “AP Supply Chest” can give you more


1) Small AP Supplies give you 5 AP. There is no time limit to use it;

2) AP Supply Chest gives you 20 AP. You can use it only 20 times er day.

3. You can also buy AP with diamonds. 100 diamonds each time and the limit is 14 times;

4. When your AP reaches 100, you cannot buy AP with diamonds any more. But you still can add AP with AP items;

5. As Upgrade Rewards;

6. From Daily packs, VIPpacks or other time-limited packs;

7. As ranking rewards in time-limited events such as world boss.

we hope that with this 4x My Empire Beginners Guide, we were able to help out you. Comment down below if you find this helpful.

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