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A.V.A Global Guide Wiki – Weapon, Clan & Camp

We have received a lot of questions about the differences between Camps and Clans
so here is some info on the differences between the two.


Once you enter a Camp, you may not leave the camp until you have joined a clan.
Camps are public and users within the camp will be able to talk to each other.
Playing as a squad in a camp, the camp does not receive ‘Clan RP’.
You may join a camp without approval.


Once you enter a Clan, you automatically leave the camp.
Clans have ‘Clan master’ and ‘Staff’ who manage the Clan.
Clans may receive ‘Clan RP’ when playing.
Joining a Clan will need the ‘Clan master’ or ‘Staff’ approval.
Clan emblems (badge) are managed by the ‘Clan master’.

A.V.A Global Weapons Wiki

– Super V
– x-TPS
– Bahamut
– SD5
– Desmodus
– 870
– Raven

– X4A1
– EL85
– Cannon
– MA-47
– X36
– X16A4
– XAKO XK.95

– XN Ballista
– Zebra
– SR-F2
– M1903
– Silver Arrow
– X24

– HG21C
– H&G 1911
– B-92
– Lu-08
– W-18
– XZ75

– Peking Pan
– Prisoner’s Foodtray
– Anaconda Kukri
– Ice Pick
– Shovel
– Famer Sickle
– Tri-Edge Dagger
– Dotanuki
– Superior Officer’s Slippers

A.V.A Global  Characters Wiki

– Ahmed
– Lei
– Lili Marleen
– Priest
– Shenah
– Vasily Zaytsev
– Ginny
– Marek R Reznak
– Anastasia


– M67
– MK.3A2
– M116A1 Flash Grenade III
– M18 Gray Smoke Grenade II
– RED Smoke Grenade
– AN X14
– T13 Smoke
– BLUE Smoke Grenade
– PURPLE Smoke Grenade
– YELLOW Smoke Grenade

– CU686 Goggles

A.V.A Global Gamemodes

– Cold Case
– Dock
– Shali
– Chromite

– Fox Hunting
– Hammer Blow
– Dual Sight
– Cannon
– India
– Aslan
– Factory
– Radar


– Casablanca
– Fury

Inventory Menu

To start, the inventory menu is organized with the BASE item on the left-hand side. You can press the BASE item to see the available skins in your inventory on the right-hand menu.

This applies to character items as well.

AVA Global Guide Wiki

“Weapon Not in Possession“ Message
If you see the message “weapon not in possession,” then it means that you do not have the BASE item. You must obtain the BASE item before using the skinned item. You can do so either through the shop or Battle Pass.


Attachments will need to be obtained separately for each skin.
For your information, all attachments will be 1Euro(in-game currency) to add.


A.V.A Global’s Supply Corps Commander would like to introduce in-game currencies to you!


– This is the main currency, free to obtain after games. Mercenaries can use this currency in the in-game shop to obtain weapons and utilities, as well as the option to try and obtain a beautiful skin via the Capsule Shop.

AVA Medals:

– This is the premium currency, obtainable through Steam wallet. Mercenaries can use this currency in the in-game shop for skins, the Battle Pass, and the Capsule Shop.


– This is a new currency. Once a skinned weapon is sold, mercenaries will obtain Titanium. Depending on the rarity of the skin, mercenaries will obtain between 5 to 75 Titaniums. Using titaniums, mercenaries can purchase a titanium box that contains high-end skins.