Aether Gazer Mimirs Guide – List of All Mimirs

Welcome to our Aether Gazer Mimirs Guide, In this Aether Gazer Mimirs, we will tell you about Mimirs and What they do in Aether Gazer. Mimirs are a type of sigil in the game Aether Gazer. They can be equipped to your character to provide bonus stats and in-battle effects.

Mimirs are specifically designed to enhance gameplay and offer various advantages to players in combat situations. So come and take a look at this Aether Gazer Mimirs – List of All Mimics

Aether Gazer Mimirs Guide – List of All Mimirs


Recommended if you need your teammates alive for Ultimate Skillchains/to tank hits for you.

When an AI teammate takes a fatal hit, they are healed to max HP instead, but their damage dealt and healing effectiveness are decreased by 25% until the end of the battle.

This effect can trigger up to 2 times. Revives can trigger indefinitely.


Recommended if you lack combat resources.

When an AI teammate triggers the Dodge effect, the team leader recovers 20 points of their combat resource (Rage, Energy, Divine Grace) or 1 Trace.


Recommended for boss fights.

Extends the duration of Modified Mode by 3 seconds.


Recommended if you’re a no-hit god.

While the Modifying Level (Battle Rank) is Ω, increases all AI teammates’ Crit Rate by 10% and recovers 1% Ultimate charge on Crit.


Recommended for extended fights where you expect to take periodic damage and if you know how to dodge.

When the Dodge effect is triggered, all team members recover 3% of their max HP.


Recommended if you like your teammates dead (jokingly expressed as “4Head”).

During battle, AI teammates will no longer dodge or rebound but will gain immunity to Stagger.

That’s it for this Aether Gazer Mimirs Guide – List of All Mimirs

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