Aether Gazer Reroll Guide – How to Reroll in Game

Welcome to the comprehensive Aether Gazer Reroll Guide! If you’re seeking to master the art of rerolling in Aether Gazer, this guide is here to help you kickstart your journey with optimal strategies.

Rerolling is a valuable technique that allows players to secure powerful characters right from the beginning, giving them a significant advantage in this captivating game. So come and take a look at this Aether Gazer Reroll Guide – How to Reroll in Game.

Aether Gazer Reroll Guide – How to Reroll in Game

Step 1: Install Aether Gazer

Download and install Aether Gazer from the official app store on your device.

Step 2: Start the Game

Launch Aether Gazer and proceed through the initial setup, including any necessary account creation or login process.

Step 3: Play through the Tutorial

Follow the tutorial and complete the initial stages of the game. This will introduce you to the game mechanics and basic features.

Step 4: Summoning Resources

After completing the tutorial, take note of the resources you have available for summoning new characters. Some games provide a certain amount of premium currency or summoning tickets for free at the beginning.

Step 5: Perform Initial Summons

Use the available resources to perform the initial summons. This is where you’ll have the chance to obtain new characters for your roster. Make use of the free or low-cost summoning options provided by the game.

Step 6: Check the Results

Check if you get the character you want, If not

If you want to reroll, move on to the next stage. try the characters you obtained from the initial summons.

Step 7: Reroll Process

If you wish to reroll, you have a couple of options depending on the game mechanics:

Option 1: Account Reset

Some games allow you to reset your account data from within the game settings. Look for an option to delete or reset your account progress. This will clear all your progress, including characters and resources, allowing you to start fresh.

Option 2: Clear App Data or Reinstall

If there is no reset option in game, you can delete your app’s data or uninstall and reinstalling the game.

By doing this, you essentially start the game as if it were your first time playing, giving you another chance at obtaining good characters from the initial summons.

Step 8: Repeat Steps 2-7

Repeat the process from Step 2, starting a new game and progressing through the tutorial. Use the initial summoning resources again and evaluate the results.

If you’re still not satisfied, repeat the reroll process until you obtain the desired characters.

Best Aether Gazer Reroll Characters Guide

  • TYR
  • Osiris
  • Zenkibo
  • Apollo
  • Buzenbo Tengu
  • Leviathan

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Remember to refer to the specific mechanics and resources provided by Aether Gazer to optimize your rerolling process.

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