Airship Knights Team Comp 2024 – Best Team & Build

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hello, I’m cl6ud & I made this Airship Knights Team Comp – Best Team Guide & Build tips guide because I couldn’t find anything like this when I was first starting out and I had to learn over time from more experienced players, and I’d like to impart whatever I have learnt here.

If you’re completely new, this Airship Knights Team Comp – Best Team & Build tips guide will definitely benefit you. And even if you’re an intermediate to late game player, I’m sure you’ll find something useful in this guide for you too!

This guide is being constantly updated with the latest information (whenever possible), and I hope more players can and will help provide updated information for me to constantly update this guide as more content is being released. Have fun on your journey with Airship Knights!

Airship Knights Team Comp Guide – Best Team Guide & Build Tips

Team Positions

A team consists of 1 Captain, and 6 Knights. The Front row has 3 slots, and the Back row has 3 slots. Your Captain is situated in the middle of your team.

There are 4 roles in this game – Tank, Melee, Ranged, Support.

Indicated by a Shield , Sword , Bow , Cross Icons respectively.

You can only assign the Tank & Melee role to the Front row, and only Ranged & Support role to the Back row


There are currently 4 Elements in this game:

Fire , Water , Earth , Wind

Each element has its own attribute and playstyle, with its own unique knights (of differing roles) and abilities

Currently, there are 44 unlockable knights in this game (As of 14/3/2023)

Fire Element


  • Maxim
  • Albi

Melee Dealer

  • Narin
  • Jacques
  • Victor

Ranged Dealer

  • Miranda May
  • Laurent
  • Samantha


  • Favian
  • Gloria

Water Element


  • Eleanor
  • Bernardo

Melee Dealer

  • Suwol
  • Marcelo
  • Drake
  • Igor

Ranged Dealer

  • Seola
  • Naul
  • Dana


  • Maurice
  • Fatima

Earth Element


  • Jake
  • Benjamin

Melee Dealer

  • Christine
  • Horang
  • Rashid

Ranged Dealer

  • Ramses
  • Carlo
  • Wilbur
  • Dayden


  • Ana
  • Maru

Wind Element


  • Aurelia
  • Silvia

Melee Dealer

  • Cnut
  • Ludwig
  • Bao
  • Yui

Ranged Dealer

  • Celine
  • Flora
  • PQ


  • Beatrice
  • Sunwha

That’s it for this Airship Knights Team Comp – Best Team & Build tips

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