Alchemy Stars Tier List 2022 ( Characters Tier List )

Alchemy Stars is finally released globally and here we will show you, Alchemy Stars Tier List 2022 because the tier list is the best way to start off your journey in Alchemy Stars. In this guide, We will show you a 6 star Alchemy Stars characters tier list, a list of 5 Star Alchemy Stars Tier List, 4-star characters, and a 3-star Alchemy Stars Tier List.

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Alchemy Stars Tier List 2021 ( Characters Tier List )

Alchemy Stars 6 Star Characters Tier List 2022

Characters names
Bethlehem water Northern border changer 
Heero Woods Thunder Enlightenment Federation Bommer
Garou Thunder Woods Enlightenment Federation changer
L’AS Thunder Enlightenment Federation Sniper
Karon fire Woods Enlightenment Federation Bommer
Nasilis Woods water Northern border changer
Jonah fire RW Sniper
Victoria fire water Truth Association Supporter
Uriel fire fire Byakuya Castle changer
Karen water water Byakuya Castle Bommer
Rafael water water Byakuya Castle Supporter
Gabriel Woods Woods Byakuya Castle changer
Irunti Thunder Byakuya Castle changer
Michael Thunder Thunder Byakuya Castle Bommer
Xylona water fire Enlightenment Federation Bommer
Clarin water Kage no Machi Sniper
Elsie fire water Truth Association changer
Shari water Woods Kage no Machi changer
Mijad Woods Enlightenment Federation Snipe

5 Star Alchemy Stars Characters Tier List 

Characters names Attribute Sub-Attribute Belongs Job
Watari water Kage no Machi Bommer
Robin Woods Kage no Machi Bommer
Regina fire RW Bommer
Lewis Woods Northern border Supporter
Riona fire Kage no Machi Sniper
Miya Thunder fire Powerless person Sniper
Maggie fire RW changer
Beni & Kuro fire Enlightenment Federation Bommer
Philis water Enlightenment Federation Supporter
Faust fire Truth Association changer
Vivian Thunder Enlightenment Federation Sniper
Hydry water Kage no Machi Supporter
Burberry Thunder Byakuya Castle changer
Barbara fire RW Supporter
Burton water Enlightenment Federation changer
Vise water Enlightenment Federation Sniper
Noah water Northern border Supporter
Namisys Thunder Enlightenment Federation Sniper
Dyna Thunder Kage no Machi Bommer
Solrad Thunder Byakuya Castle Sniper
Sepha Woods Truth Association changer
Scarley Woods Truth Association changer
Kleeken water Kage no Machi changer
Kusuta Woods Kage no Machi Sniper
Keetin Thunder Thunder Byakuya Castle Supporter
Oti Woods RW Supporter
Istaban fire Kage no Machi Supporter
Irina Woods Kage no Machi Bommer

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4 Star Alchemy Stars Tier List

Characters names Attribute Sub-Attribute Belongs
Chandra fire Enlightenment Federation Sniper
Hale fire RW Supporter
Wendy Woods Powerless person changer
Putty & Pashi fire Kage no Machi Bommer
Lilim Thunder Enlightenment Federation Supporter
Ms. Blanc water Byakuya Castle changer
Migenni water Byakuya Castle changer
Kafka Thunder RW Sniper
Rabbi Thunder RW Supporter
Bomber fire RW changer
Nails fire Truth Association Sniper
Nadine Thunder Byakuya Castle Supporter
Jane water Kage no Machi Bommer
Uriah Woods Byakuya Castle Supporter
Chloe water Byakuya Castle Supporter
Jura Woods Enlightenment Federation changer
Bear & Pegi water Powerless person Bommer
Tessa Thunder Kage no Machi Bommer
Anshia Thunder Enlightenment Federation changer
Leicester Woods Powerless person Bommer
Silva Woods Northern border Bommer
Constant water Powerless person Sniper

3 Star Alchemy Stars Characters Tier List

Characters names Attribute Belongs Job
Curique fire RW Supporter
Soku & Baek fire RW Bommer
Clover Woods RW Bommer
Jomu Woods RW Bommer
Tiny fire RW changer
Offira Woods Northern border changer
rear Woods Northern border Sniper
Zoya water Enlightenment Federation Supporter
Unimate Thunder Enlightenment Federation changer
Nanos water Enlightenment Federation Supporter
Seleucus water Kage no Machi Bommer
Dove Woods Powerless person changer
Peep fire Powerless person changer
Crow Thunder Powerless person changer
Corgon water Powerless person Supporter
Angel Thunder Byakuya Castle Bommer
Amy Thunder Byakuya Castle Byakuya Castle

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