Anime Adventures Trello 2023 – Traits Tier List

Hi guys, Welcome to our Anime Adventures Trello 2023, In this Anime Adventures Trello,  we will share some Anime Adventures Beginner Guide and FAQ.

So come and take a look at this Anime Adventures Trello 2023 & FAQ. Also Read our Get Buff Simulator Codes and
Control Army Guide 

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Anime Adventures Traits Tier List Trello

Traits can be gained through Star Remnants or Chance when summoning.

Superior 1 – Increases damage by 10%
Superior 2 – Increases damage by 12.5%
Superior 3 – Increases damage by 15%

Range 1 – Increases range by 10%
Range 2 – Increases range by 12.5%
Range 3 – Increases range by 15%

Nimble 1 – Increases ATK Speed by 5%
Nimble 2 – Increases ATK Speed by 7.5%
Nimble 3 – Increases ATK Speed by 12%

Culling – Increase’s damage dealt to low HP enemies

Adept – unit levels up much faster.

Sniper – Increases range by 25%.

God Speed – Increase Attack speed by 20%.
Reaper – Increases DMG done especially to bosses, 10% increase in DMG to regular enemies.

Golden – Increases money gained from unit’s by 5%.

Divine – Increases DMG by 20%, Range by 20%, and Increase ATK Speed by 10%.

Unique – increases damage by 50%, Range by 15% and Increases attack speed by 10%.

information gained from Oh Hanzo Gaming, proof checking later.

Find codes for a variety of other games on our Roblox Games Codes page.

Anime Adventure Solo Infinite Loadout 

The 4 best units for Solo Infinite will be:

  1. Dio: His timestop will slow the enemies down

  2. Broly: The main dps attacker and nuke

  3. Diavolo: Boss killer single target and his ability to freeze almost the whole map with his ability.

  4. Speedwagon/Bulma: Money making unit, both make good money does not matter which you have.

This team is most efficiently played on Namak Infinite Mode since the map has an area where broly full aoe circle can take up the whole thing. Plan is to have broly as the main dps, while having diavolo as a boss killer and timestopper, dio slowing enemies down at every corner for more coverage and Speedwagon/Bulma for the money income.

Anime Adventure Duo Infinite Loadout 

Each player will have 4 units

Player 1:
Dio: Timestop will help in slowing down enemies
Madara: Main dps and coverage
Bulma: Money Income
Erwin: Attack buff and summons for coverage

Player 2:
Diavolo: Boss killer and time erased ability
Bulma: Money income
Broly: Main dps and coverage
Pain: His ability will help push back enemies

Designed so all units have coverage over each other and mainly to provide broly and madara all the dps they can. Pain and dio will stop enemies letting broly and madara to do dps. Diavolo and Erwin for when enemies get past the main dps. They will stop them in their tracks.

Anime Adventures Trello 2023 & FAQ

How do I get more gems in Anime Adventures?

Current ways to get gems:

– Daily/Story/Event Quests
– Daily wave rewards for infinite mode (there is one for each world)
– Completing story mode stages
– Completing challenges
– Replaying story mode levels/challenges
– Codes
– AFK in the time machine (beside Trunks in the lobby)

Q: This Anime Adventures story level/ Anime Adventureschallenge/Anime Adventures infinite level is too hard!

Unlike other games, your unit level matters a lot. This is to prevent a new player from getting a Mythic on the first summon and rolling through all the stages (we want to reward people for spending time in the game instead). Units gain levels from feeding them XP food items, or by finishing levels.
You can see the recommended unit level on each world in level selection.

Q: Why do I get items from the Anime Adventures banner? Does this mean I didn’t get a unit?

No, items are rare drops from the banner *in addition,* to units. You always get at least one unit for each summon.

Q: How does the Anime Adventures banner/ Anime Adventures summon system work? Why does it switch every hour?

The Anime Adventures banner randomly selects 6 units from a global pool every hour. These units are only available during this time (until they are randomly selected again), so be sure not to miss out on any units you want to get!

Anime Adventures Trello 2022 & FAQ

Q: The Anime Adventures game is too laggy, what can I do to reduce lag?

In lobby, go to settings -> hide other pets. In game, go to settings -> turn off attack effects

Q: What codes are there?

You can enter codes through the Codes area (beside spawn and Genos).
Use code `RELEASE` for 50 free gems, the rest of the codes you can find through Content Creators on Youtube/Twitch/other platforms.

Q: What are Anime Adventures shiny units?

Anime Adventures Shiny units are basically very rare skins for units and are purely cosmetic. You have a small chance to get an Anime Adventures shiny from each summon.

Q: What are Anime Adventures traits?

Anime Adventures Traits are modifiers that apply to your unit, like more damage to bosses, more range, etc. When you summon a unit, it can come with a trait or you can reroll traits through the use of Star Remnants.

Q: How do I play Anime Adventures infinite mode?

Finish all levels of a world to unlock its Anime Adventures infinite mode. Each world’s infinite mode has its own leaderboard, and you can gain gems by reaching certain waves per day for each world’s infinite mode. Also, visit our Roblox Game Trello page.

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