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Welcome to the Anime Champions Simulator Wiki Fandom page. In our Anime Champions Simulator Wiki Fandom we will tell you all the information about the game like Currency, features, Index, and Dungeons.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Anime Champions Simulator Wiki to learn some basics about his game because we’ve created this Anime Champions Simulator Wiki to make it easier for you.

We know that the Wiki board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Wiki and Discord. If you want free gift in the game then make sure to visit our Anime Champions Simulator Guide Page

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How to Obtain Gems and Unlock the Tower in Anime Champions Simulator (ACS) on Roblox

Gems are a coveted currency in the Anime Champions Simulator on Roblox. This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain these gems and unlock the Tower.

1. Unlocking the Hero Academy Road: To start collecting gems, you first need to unlock the Hero Academy Road. This requires some progression in the game, so ensure you have advanced sufficiently.

2. Accessing the Gem Area:

  • Once at Hero Academy Road, you’ll notice a gate blocking your path to the gem area.
  • This gate can only be unlocked after completing a specific quest given by the character “All Might.”

To unlock the gate:

Undertake and complete all of All Might’s quests.

The final quest will require you to defeat the megabot.

Upon completing this quest, the gate will unlock, granting you access to the Tower.

3. Entering the Tower:

After unlocking the gate, head to the Tower entrance.

There’s an entrance fee to the Tower: Pay 50k Yen to enter.

Once inside, you’ll notice the primary objective is to clear the Tower’s floors.

4. Earning Gems:

The Tower has multiple floors.

Example: Clearing the first floor will reward you with 500 gems.

Inside the Tower, ensure your auto-attack setting is set to target “everyone” instead of just “boss enemies” to increase efficiency.

Progress through the Tower floors to earn more gems.

5. Tips for Completing the Tower:

While inside the Tower, set up your auto-attack configuration for optimal performance.

Be patient and strategic while progressing through the floors, ensuring you gather as many gems as possible.

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Maximizing Your Drops in Anime Champions

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Start Strong:

Before diving into the main steps, ensure you have a good stock of Shard rerolls or Metals rerolls, which are crucial for re-rolling quirks.

You will be targeting collector units with these rerolls.

Navigating to the Map:

Head down to the specific map mentioned in the video to collect your units.

Ideally, aim to have nine items ready for summoning.

Focus on Traits:

Traits play a crucial role in boosting your drops.

Prioritize the following:

Collector 3: Aim for the highest tier of the collector trait for best results.

Thief: Recognized as the best drop trait in the game.

Leprechaun: This is the top-tier luck trait, maximizing your chances of better drops.

Boost Your Quirks:

Mythical fighters are valuable as they allow two quirks when ascended twice. This increases your chances of getting double benefits from quirks.

Remember: Boost doubles everything, maximizing your gains.

Raid the Right Way:

Raids, especially on medium or hard, can significantly boost your drops.

If you’re well-equipped, consider trying the hard raids. They yield more, but they’re also more challenging.

For faster results, medium raids can be just as beneficial, taking less time and providing only slightly fewer rewards.

Optimize Your Units:

Equip your strongest fighters, preferably those with traits like black hole which increases the effectiveness of other traits.

Rename your units based on their traits, like “drop” or “luck,” for better organization.

Use Drop Boosts:

Before jumping into raids, activate any drop boosts you have. This will maximize the drops you receive from the raids.

Grind and Repeat:

Once you’ve got your setup right, it’s all about repeating the process. The more you grind, the more rewards you’ll reap.

Collect & Upgrade:

As you progress, make sure to collect your rewards and consider upgrading your units to further boost your drop rates.

Champion City in Anime Champions Simulator

Introduction to Champion City:

Background: At the onset of Anime Champions Simulator, players are beckoned to Champion City. The city, under siege and aflame, requires assistance.

Narrative: After curbing the initial wave of villains in the city, you’ll learn the villain bosses have pilfered Champion City’s groundbreaking technology and spread it across diverse galaxies.

Objective: Your mission? Assemble a team of champions and embark on a journey to defeat these villains, reclaiming the stolen tech and restoring Champion City’s former grandeur.

Features and Activities in Champion City:

Rolling Quirks & Talents: Here, players can roll and refine their quirks and talents.

Summoning Champions: Champion City houses the platform where you can summon the rarest of champions.

Tower Challenge: Players can test their mettle by challenging the tower.

Raids: Engage in exciting group challenges or raids with friends, unlocking some of the game’s most prized items.

Anime Champions Simulator Wiki FAQ

Q: How free-to-play friendly is Anime Champions?

We want all of you to be able to enjoy our game regardless of how much money you spend on it. AFS was criticized for being too pay to win and we have tried to change that perception in ACS.

There was a lot of quality of life improvements that were locked behind robux in Anime Fighters: Sprint, Teleport, Magnet, Auto Attack, etc. But in ACS, you earn all of these things for free as you play the game.

We are also adding a premium currency called Diamonds which you can earn in-game and use to purchase gamepasses, upgrades as well as a special blackhole orb with unique limited-time champions.

Q: Will there be events?

Yes, we will have weekend events and special occasion / holiday events. However, we don’t want to ruin the balance of Anime Champions so we are going to focus on adding fun, unique content to these events rather than adding super high boost multipliers to them.

Q: What is the Faction system?

There are 2 factions in Anime Champions, Order & Chaos

When you equip an Order champion with a Chaos champion, you receive a team-wide harmony bonus. With each Order + Chaos pair you equip, that harmony bonus becomes stronger, offering a very powerful incentive to players to use a variety of champions on their team.

.Q: Will there be shiny units & a shiny machine?

No, and we feel that the shiny machine ruined the rewarding feeling of getting a shiny unit in the first place. We have replaced shiny units with what we call Godly champions and they will remain very rare.

Godly champions are naturally stronger, and they provide the unique ability to be equipped as a wildcard for either the Order or Chaos faction to improve your harmony bonus.

Q: Will there be any limited champions or rewards in ACS?

Yes. Black hole orb champions are only available for a limited time.

Also, in the future we will introduce tournaments where you can compete to see who can beat a certain raid the fastest, and we can setup these tournaments with specific modifiers and rules.

For example, one tournament might be a solo tournament for F2P players who have not passed world five, whereas another tournament might be for groups of four on the newest raid on the hardest difficulty and you can only use Chaos champions.

The possibilities are endless, and the top performers will earn limited rewards that could be special champions, mounts or skins.

Q: What are Ascensions?

Ascensions are a way for you to use copies of a particular champion in order to evolve it into a stronger form. Each Ascension has different powerful bonuses.

That’s it for this Anime Champions Simulator Wiki Fandom – ACS Wiki Roblox.

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