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Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide Wiki & Walkthrough

Here is a Complete Anime Fighting Simulator X beginner guide Aka AFSX Guide for new players

Welcome to our Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide Wiki & Walkthrough, In this article we will show you Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide that will help you to understand the game basics and Tips for Training Stats.

So come and take a look at this Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide Wiki & Walkthrough

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Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide Wiki & Walkthrough (AFSX Guide)

As you start the game, you have 4 different categories to farm, chakra, strength, speed, and sword. It’s important to select which one you want to focus on if you want to become stronger or go for leaderboards.

The first step to becoming skilled is farming the questline by boom (bang) but here’s a short ver to speedrun the early stages:

U may obtain boosts via trophy quests (achievements) in the top right

That’s pretty much it for an early game guide, make sure to complete ALL quests before continuing to farm, feel free to use stat boosts if you think progression is too slow but DO NOT use all of them, they’re useful for after you complete everything too.

Ps: If you decide to summon units, make sure to save at bare minimum 100k Chikara, it sounds like a lot, however it’s worth it since you get more out of your luck boost, also be sure to summon only when Broly is in Banner since he’s extremely good later on.

What to do later in the AFSX game?

Now that you did all the quests and have pretty much all you need to just start open farming, you’ll need stuff to help you get more power efficiently, the most obvious choice is units in the banner, which you most likely summoned some of by now.

Well anyway, the most meta unit in the game right now would be Nami or “Navi” in game, however this unit is a secret and takes long to get, so first you want to farm Chikara by fighting bosses or farming the “pain” raid boss, next you should save something like 300k chikara for the most optimized path, then summon with luck boost, Nami is the best possible unit for you to get but Broly is an alternative if you cannot get that yet.

Here is Nami’s buffs (shiny)

Navi Buff AFSX

Now the “50” yen they say you get is actually 1300 when the unit is shiny, therefore is practically free progression when you overnight afk, which you should’ve been doing by now hopefully.

If you can get Nami then you’ll be set to keep upgrading your powers to keep progressing, the best method to farm yen currently is to go to Saiyan island then go get the “Captain Saiyan” quest and finally go fight the boss, that is the best method to manually farm yen currently.

Well anyway now all you need for leaderboards is solid afk time and keep farming Captain Saiyan until you upgrade your powers.

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Hardcore Game Info For Confused Players

(This section gonna be long and might be hard to gather the information you need, however the info will most likely be here)


(you obviously can go over your moves in the powers tab so I won’t be including those)

Movement Ability: Ctrl


You can find different color crates around the map ranging from gray->blue-purple which can all give you different amounts of yen.

Grey gives you a small amount of yen, blue gives more yen, and purple gives even more yen

Boss Spawns: (min/hour)

Monkey: 10 mins
Arlong: 20 mins
Armored Titan: 30 mins
Shukaku: 40 mins
Friezy: 50 mins
Hand demon: 60 mins (Just xx:00)
Ex: 10 mins= 1:10

Boss Spawn Locations:

Armored Titan: Ice island
Arlong: Ice Island
Friezy: Volcano Island
Oozaru: Saiyan Island
Hand Demon: Forest Island
Shukaku: Desert Island

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In game perks:

When you go to the upgrade section you may see “Show perks” well you get these perks by your unit, and also any accessory you equip.

Shiny rocks:

Use them to make your unit shiny at the Bulma building, go out the front of spawn, dawn the steps and take a right then go straight down that street to find the building.

Devil fruits EXTRA:

No fixed time for spawn time nor location, they spawn randomly and at random times (estimated to be 30/45 min), very hard to find.

You can also check our guides on How To Find Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X

One tail shard:

A boss drop you get from Shukaku which you can use to complete gaara questline after you get the shukaku transformation which is a low chance boss drop.

Devil fruit reset:

Talk to Rayleigh behind the gym to reset your devil fruit.


Stands IMO aren’t the best, however if you want the most meta ones, it’s obviously going to be star platinum or the world, Magicians red is pretty good and if you can’t get anything other than commons just use The hand.

TIP: Different color on a special move is what it scales off of, so.

Purple= Chakra
Red= Strength
Green= Sword

And hypothetically Yellow would mean speed and blue would be durability.

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Anime Fighting Simulator X Champions

Locate the Champion Pod: In Anime Fighting Simulator X, the Champion Pod is positioned behind the bank. This is your primary destination to obtain Champions.

Summon the Champions: To summon a Champion, you need to spend 1,000 Chikara per summon. The Champion Pod will then reveal the Champion you’ve obtained.

For more info check out Anime Fighting Simulator X Champions Guide article.

That’s it for this Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide Wiki & Walkthrough, All information is taken from Doc file and credit goes to PEOPLE WHO HAVE GIVEN ME INFO:
Dark_rises1212 (s____________)

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