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Anime Fighting Simulator X Units Guide & Unit Tier List

Welcome to our AFSX Tier List aka Anime Fighting Simulator X Units Guide. In this AFSX Tier List we will talk about 2 Meta units of Anime Fighting Simulator X. If you are for the best way to Farm in the game then you check our Anime Fighting Simulator X Yen Farming Guide

In this article we will show you Anime Fighting Simulator X Secret Units, Legendary, Mythic, Common units. So come and take a look at this AFSX Tier List – Anime Fighting Simulator X Meta Units Guide. Make sure to check Anime Fighting Simulator X Guide, for beginner tips & tricks.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Meta Units Guide – AFSX Tier List Wiki

Anime Fighting Simulator X SECRET Units [x0.75]

Navi – Chakra, Speed | Adds: +50 Yen every minute

Boro – Durability, Strenght, Chakra | Adds: trains 40% Chakra, Durability, and Strenght; 15% of unleashing a devastating roar when you’re hit.

Anime Fighting Simulator X MYTHIC Units [x0.27]

Sage Naturo – Speed, Strenght, Chakra, Durability | Adds: +25% overall damage, +30% in HP; heals all players in your group by 10% every 5 seconds.

Mada – Durability, Sword and Chakra | Adds: +25% Chakra damage, +25% in HP, -20% to abilities cooldown.

Brule – Speed, Strenght, Durability | Adds: +30% in HP, 2.5% of critical attacks; when player falls below 25% of their total HP player regenerates by 5% per second.

Quake – Strenght, Durability, Sword | Adds: +15% overall damage, +25% in HP, when player falls below 25% of their total HP player does +50% overall damage.

Anime Fighting Simulator X LEGENDARY Units [x0.2]

Pain – [ALL x0.27 NOT x0.2] Speed, Strenght, Chakra | Adds: +30% Chakra damage, +25% in HP.

Dracula – Durability, Sword and Chakra | Adds: +15% Sword skills damage.

Cell – Speed, Strenght, Durability | Adds: +15% Strenght damage, +15% in HP, 10% chance of recovering HP while attacking an enemy.

Remu – Strenght, Sword, Chakra | Adds: +15% overall damage, -15% to abilities cooldown.

Itachi – Durability, Sword, Chakra | Adds: +15% Chakra damage; +10% chance to avoid damage.

Anime Fighting Simulator X units EPIC [x0.15]

Dark Swordsman (Guts) – Strenght, Sword

Maji – Durability, Chakra

Kazashu – Speed, Chakra

Fire Fist – Strenght, Chakra

Anime Fighting Simulator X RARE units [x0.15]

Trafalgar – Sword

Super Son – Strenght

Gora – Chakra


Pickle – Strenght

Suskae – Chakra

Zora – Sword

Anime Fighting Simulator X COMMON Units [x0.05]

Sunjo – Speed

Blossom – Chakra

Son / Lufe / Naturo – Strenght

Vegita – Durability


Nami/Navi’s Unique Abilities:

Nami/Navi has a passive ability to generate yen over time. This is a substantial benefit for those looking to farm yen for power upgrades.

Nami gives 50 yen/min, but if you have the shiny Nami, the rate increases to a whopping 1,300 yen/minute. That’s a game-changer for your overnight AFK farming, giving you a significant boost to your powers the following day.

Nami also provides a 0.75x boost towards chakra, which aligns with the current game’s meta.

Nami/Navi is the best unit due to her passive yen farming ability, coupled with the chakra boost that will give you an edge in the game.

The ability to farm yen passively while being AFK and wake up to substantial upgrades is unmatched.


Boros/Boro’s Unique Abilities:

Boros provides a 0.6x boost on Chakra, Strength, Defense, and has a 15% counterattack chance when being attacked. The potential of Boros lies in leveling him up; the more you level up Boros, the stronger he becomes in all aspects.

Many players in the Anime Fighting Simulator X community believe that Boros is a better unit than Nami. His balanced stat boosts and counterattack ability make him a versatile choice for any combat scenario.

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That’s it for this AFSX Tier List – Anime Fighting Simulator X Meta Units Guide

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