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Welcome to the Anime Fighting Simulator X Wiki Fandom page (AFSX Wiki). In our Anime Fighting Simulator X Wiki Fandom, we will tell you all the information about the game like Currency, features, Index, and Dungeons.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Anime Fighting Simulator X Wiki to learn some basics about his game. We’ve created this Anime Fighting Simulator X Trello to make it easier.

We know that the Trello board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Trello and Discord.

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Anime Fighting Simulator X Wiki – AFSX Wiki Fandom

How does the Fast Travel Gamepass work in AFSX?

A: You must open your mini-map and click on the Green Bus Station Icon according to the location you want to go to, then click “travel”.

Alternatively, you could also go up to a Bus Station and interact with it to cycle between all Bus Station Locations.

What are the codes forAFSX?


RELEASE – 5K Chikara
SubToToadBoiGaming – 2K Chikara
SubToMrRhino – 2K Chikara
subtigretv – 2K Chikara
SubToVanilla – 2K Chikara
subtodwax – 2K Chikara
bugsFixes – 1 Stat Boost, 3 Shiny Rocks
OMG20KLIKES – 2 Shiny Rocks

For more codes you can head over to our Anime Fighting Simulator X Code Page

How do I fly in-game?

A: Certain mounts (e.g. Flame Flight) allow you to fly. To equip a mount on PC, use the left control key. To alternate between ground and flying modes, use the space bar.

What are Shiny Rocks in AFSX?

A: Shiny Rocks is a material that is required to evolve your Champion into a Shiny one. It costs 10 Shiny Rocks to upgrade one and it provides a stat increase, as well as increase your Champion’s Special Ability if it has one.

You can obtain Shiny Rocks by completing specific quests, defeating Overworld Bosses, or the Pain Boss at spawn.

What are Shiny Rocks?
Source: Discord

Champions bought with Robux are not eligible to be upgraded.

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How do you use One Tail Shards in AFSX?

A: One-Tail Shards are used to upgrade the One-Tailed Transformation (Half-Form) Special which is obtained from Shukaku.

Source: Discord

You can use the Shards by interacting with Gora. It costs 10 One Tail Shards to upgrade your special.

What Stat is my Special Based Off in AFSX?

A: Opening your Specials Menu will show you all the abilities that your special has. Each ability will have a specific Colour to them which corresponds to the stat it’s based off. Damage is based on your stat level, not amount.

Red = Strength
Purple = Chakra
Green = Sword

 What Stat is my Special Based Off?
Source: Discord

Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss Spawn Time

Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss each boss on the map spawn

All the times for boss spawns are listed below. “XX” represents any given hour.

XX:00 – Hand Demon
XX:10 – Great Ape
XX:20 – Arlong
XX:30 – Armored Titan
XX:40 – Shukaku
XX:50 – Frieza

You can find more info on Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss Drops List & Location page

What is the spawn time for fruits in AFSX?

There is no fixed spawn time for fruits nor its location. They can spawn randomly and anywhere on any of the islands.

How do I reset my devil fruit in AFSX?

You have to talk to rayleigh. Rayleigh is located behind the gym.

You can find more info on Anime Fighting Simulator X Boss Drops List & Locationpage

How do I use mounts in AFSX?

To use a mount you open your inventory and then go to mounts. You can equip your desired mount. After you equipped it you can press ctrl if you are pc or the upside-down U near the jump button if you are mobile.

Anime Fighting Simulator X (AFS X) FAQ:

1) What is AFS X? When will AFS X come out?

A: AFS X is a new simulator game developed by BlockZone and the sequel to AFS. The release date is July 29, 2023 at 12:30 AM (2 days ago).

2) Which platforms does AFS X support?

A: AFS X is supported on PC and mobile. Unfortunately, there is no support for Xbox/controller.

3) Does progress in AFS transfer to AFS X? Gamepasses?

A: No. AFS X is a new game separate from the original AFS, and hence all progress (stats, powers, currencies, etc.) will not transfer to AFS X.

AFS gamepasses also do not transfer to AFS X; however, all gamepass owners will be given compensation in AFS X.

4) What is the compensation for having AFS gamepasses?

A: At this time, exact compensation hasn’t been determined yet, but will consist of in-game rewards. The amount of compensation is proportional to the number of gamepasses you have; the more gamepasses you have, the greater the compensation you will get.

To clarify, each gamepass has its own compensation value based on the Robux cost. The more Robux the gamepass costs, the more compensation that will be given in accordance with that specific gamepass.

Compensation will automatically be issued upon entering the game for the first time.

5) Can compensation be issued to another account if I lost/no longer use the account with the AFS gamepasses?

A: Unfortunately, no. In-game compensation can only be claimed by the account possessing the gamepasses.

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