Anime Last Best Units 2024 – Best Mythic & Legendary

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Aaqib Javed
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Choosing the correct units to add to your team is important in Anime Last Stand. If you’re looking for the Anime Last Best Units Tier List in terms of units and rarity, we’ve listed them all below.

We’ve also prepared a comprehensive Anime Last Best Units guide to help you strategize your gameplay and use the strongest units available. This units tier list ranks characters across multiple categories, including  Celestial Units, Mythic Units, Ground DPS, Utility, and Support.

Anime Last Best Units Tier List – Update 1

Getting Started:

Upon entering the game, utilize the available redemption codes to acquire free gems and other valuable resources.

Navigate to the summoning feature and aim to obtain a Mythic unit, which boasts incredible power and abilities.

Summoning Strategy:

Focus on summoning Mythic units by repeatedly utilizing the summoning feature until you acquire one. Mythic units offer unparalleled strength and versatility.

If unsuccessful in obtaining a Mythic unit, log out and switch accounts to try again. Persistence is key in securing these powerful units.

Mythic Units Overview:

  • Sukuna: A formidable Mythic unit known for its healing abilities and effectiveness against aerial enemies.
  • Yummy: Ideal for AFK farming, this Mythic unit enables players to effortlessly accumulate resources.
  • Itachi: A powerful damage dealer capable of decimating opponents with its devastating attacks.
  • White Beard: While not discussed extensively, White Beard is a Mythic unit with unique capabilities and strengths.

Utilizing Other Units:

  • Riku: An epic unit renowned for its stunning abilities, making it a valuable addition to any lineup.
  • Nami: A rare unit specializing in aerial combat, essential for overcoming airborne adversaries.
  • Resource Management:
  • Save emeralds acquired through gameplay for future use, particularly for summoning on the second banner.
  • Completing quests and earning rewards will provide additional resources to enhance your progress.

That’s it for this Anime Last Stand Anime Last Best Units

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