Anime Last Stand Cursed Techniques & Skill Tree Synergy

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Aaqib Javed
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Learn more about which curse techniques are the best to get ahead in the game with our latest Anime Last Stand Cursed Techniques Tier List. Anime Last Stand is a Roblox game developed by Griffon Games.

Currently, you can only obtain them through TW (Tower Wars) quests and one-time completion quests like completing waves on nightmare stages and Nightmare Infinites. These quests yield crystals, which you can then use to access curse technique rolls. Keep an eye out for any updates that might introduce new ways to farm curse techniques, but for now, TW quests are your best bet.

Anime Last Stand Cursed Techniques Tier List

Based on the unique skills, and abilities, we’ve ranked all the curse techniques into four tiers. These include:

S-Tier: The S-Tier techniques are the best you have. They are powerful to master in the game.
A-Tier: The A-Tier curse techniques are decent. If you are an early player, then these techniques are useful.
B-Tier: The B-Tier techniques are below average. They excel in certain situations.
C-Tier: The C-Tier ones are the weakest curse techniques. It is better to avoid them.

Anime Last Stand Cursed Techniques Tier List & Best Skill Tree Synergy

  • Overlord: This one’s the cream of the crop, boosting your damage by a whopping 275%, along with other significant bonuses. It’s like the ultimate power-up for your units.
  • Avatar: While not as potent as Overlord in terms of raw damage, Avatar shines in buffing your damage-over-time (DOT) units, doubling their duration and amplifying their damage.
  • All Sync: Offering a nice balance of damage and critical stats, All Sync is a solid choice for enhancing your unit’s overall performance.

S Tier:

  • Overlord: Unmatched damage boost, a must-have for serious players.
  • Avatar: Perfect for DOT-focused strategies.
  • All Sync: Strikes a good balance between damage and crit stats.

A Tier:

  • Shinigami: While not as potent as S tier, still a solid choice for boosting damage and crits.
  • Demigod: Great for damage amplification, especially if you’re running a crit build.
  • Vulture: A contender for crit-focused setups, offering a nice mix of range and crit bonuses.
  • Cosmic: Provides a decent damage boost without any standout features.

B Tier:

  • Entrepreneur: Best for boosting your in-game money-making potential.
  • Diamond: Offers a good balance of damage and range.
  • Golden: Decent damage boost, but overshadowed by higher-tier options.

C Tier:

  • Juggernaut: Offers a modest damage boost but lacks significant bonuses.
  • Hyperspeed: Mainly useful for speeding up your gameplay but doesn’t provide much in terms of combat advantages.

Skill Tree Synergy

Overlord + Damage Boosting Skills: Since Overlord provides a massive damage boost, complement it with skills that further amplify your unit’s damage output. Look for skills that increase base damage, critical damage, or attack speed to maximize the effectiveness of Overlord.

Avatar + DOT Enhancers: Avatar excels at buffing damage-over-time (DOT) effects.

All Sync + Crit Builds: All Sync provides a solid balance of damage and critical stats, making it ideal for crit-focused builds.

Shinigami + Damage and Crit Combo: While not as potent as some other curse techniques, Shinigami still offers valuable damage and crit bonuses.

Demigod + Crit-Centric Skills: Demigod excels at amplifying damage, especially in crit-focused setups.

Vulture + Range Enhancements: Vulture offers a unique mix of range and crit bonuses, making it suitable for ranged units or those that benefit from increased attack distance.

Cosmic + Balanced Buffs: Cosmic provides a decent damage boost without any standout features, making it versatile for various builds.

That’s it for this Anime Last Stand Cursed Techniques & Skill Tree Synergy

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