Anime Last Stand Traits Tier List 2024 – Update 2

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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If you just started playing Roblox Anime Last Stand, You will realise that traits are amazing passives that can change the outcome of a fight. Not just any traits, though. Getting the best traits in Anime Last Stand is very important.

We’ve played the game and looked at the community to create a Roblox Anime Last Stand Traits Tier List that will help you understand the best traits you want to get for your character. Here are the best traits in Roblox Anime Last Stand.

Roblox Anime Last Stand Traits Tier List Guide Update 2

Source Discord: ALS TIERLIST

Anime Last Stand Units Traits Guide 

All Celestial traits

All seeing – 15% Damage,10% SPA,55% Range w/ Crit chance (35%) + Crit Damage (80%)

Shinigami – 35% Damage, 15% SPA,10% Range, w/ 50% Crit Damage

Overlord – 275% Damage , 27.50% SPA, 15% Range w/ 75% Crit Damage Only 1 Placement

Entrepreneur – 15% Damage , 5% Spa, 10% Range,35% Money! (More money with farm units)

Avatar – 35% dmg, 5% spa, 15% Range, [Status effect deal 250% more damage and last 2x longer] [One placement]

Crit Chance- The chance to crit

Crit Damage- The multiplier of Crit

That’s it for this Anime Last Stand Traits Tier List guide.

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