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Hi Guys, Today we will show you the Anime Showdown Guide and In this Anime Showdown Guide explain Some basic combat features that will help you to understand the basic of the game. You can refer to our Anime Showdown Tier List, In which we have explained the ranking of characters.

So let’s check our Anime Showdown Guide Wiki. You should also check our: [BETA] Anime Showdown Codes Wiki

Anime Showdown Guide Wiki


The basic currency used in game, used to buy almost every character available.

Obtained by playing the game normally.


Currency obtained by leveling up (5 per level) or obtaining a new rank on the leaderboard.

Currently used to buy:

  • Rimuru
  • Asta
  • Ippo



Obtainment Method:

Skins can be obtained from the Lobby by speaking to Kurenai.

Skins can either be purchased with coins, or with gems for both better rates and higher pity gain.

The Pity system

Pity is a system as to where rolling duplicate skins grants .3% pity for commons and rares, .6% for Super Rares and .9 per cent for Legendaries. The pity gain is tripled if you roll with Gems. Once your pity reaches 100% you are guranteed a new skin.


The current gamemodes in Anime Showdown are:

  • Public servers ( includes Free-For-All, Lives, Two Teams, Four Teams )
  • Ranked ( 1v1 (2v2 and 3v3 are coming in the future)
  • Casual
  • Training mode
  • Private servers
  • Lives

ELO System

ELO is a system that ranks you up based on your number of battles won. Every two months your rank is reset back to Unranked.

[Unranked] = 0

[Bronze III] = 85
[Bronze II] = 150
[Bronze I] = 300

[Silver III] = 400
[Silver II] = 500
[Silver I] = 600

[Gold III] = 700
[Gold II] = 800
[Gold I] = 900

[Platinum III] = 950
[Platinum II] = 1000
[Platinum I] = 1050

[Diamond III] = 1100
[Diamond II] = 1150
[Diamond I] = 1200

[Master III] = 1250
[Master II] = 1300
[Master I] = 1400

[Champion] = 1500

Combat Feature Explanation

Here’s a basic rundown explanation of how some of the combat features work since I am noticing some confusion

Having hyper armour/super armour doesn’t necessarily mean you will have hyper armour or super armour break. Some moves have no armour and break armour (Skull Crusher on Jotaro has no armour but breaks Hyperarmor)

You don’t need to charge with C, you get more energy back when landing M1 attacks

Not every move can be perfectly blocked, very few moves in this game can be. Perfect blocking doesn’t really let you get a combo off as it stuns for a pretty short period of time. It’s only ever useful to just straight-up cancel your enemy’s move.

Evasive gain is exponential, the more you’re attacked the more it will multiply the base evasive gain a move that hits you has

White flashing on someone means they have iframes, red flashing on someone means they have super armour (move doesn’t cancel unless hit with super/hyper break otherwise absorbs 50% dmg), purple flashing means they have hyper armour (almost like iframes unless hit with a hyper break only aka super armour break won’t work)

Counters can be bypassed by grabs

That’s it for our Anime Showdown Guide Wiki – Combat Feature Explanation.

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