Anime Tales Guide – Character, Leveling Up Tips

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Welcome to Anime Tales Guide, In this Anime Tales Guide, we will tell you about the basic of Anime Tales and free Character Skins available in the game. You can visit Anime Tales Wiki for more information

So come and take a look at this Anime Tales Guide – Character Skins, Leveling Up Guide. If you want information related to Families and Clans we recommend you visit our Anime Tales Beginner Guide and Anime Tales Power Tier List

Anime Tales Guide – Character Skins, Leveling Up Tips

The Menu

The Menu can be accessed on the right side of the screen, clicking on the button labeled Menu.

The Menu UI displays a multitude of information ranging from the News bulletin where the developers of Anime Tales can release information in regards to the game, ending with the UI where you can enter codes to redeem in-game rewards.


A space for the Developers of the game to post Update details, Announcements, Events or Dev Messages.


The Inventory menu contains 6 different tabs: Skins, Weapons, Accessories, Artifacts, Mounts, and Gifts. Your currency is also displayed on the bottom left of the menu. You can switch the way your inventory is displayed by clicking on the blue circle at the bottom of the UI. This changes the grid shape to cover most of your screen, hiding your character preview.

Skins: This displays the skins you currently own, as well as the details of your skin on the right side of the screen.

Weapons: This displays the weapons you currently have unlocked, as well as their stats on the right.

Accessories: This displays the accessories that you currently own, as well as their stats on the right.

Artifacts: This displays the Soul Stones that you currently have, as well as Wood and Fish that you have caught.

Mounts: This displays the mounts you currently own.

Gifts: This displays the Gifts that you have received from people.


The Abilities tab displays all the abilities that you currently own. At the top, you can also access and equip Abilities that can be used in Arenas.


The Quest tab displays all the quests that you have currently accepted. There are different Quest tabs that you can access on the left: General Quests, Side Quests, Guild Missions and Repeatable Quests. Clicking on a quest allows you to see it’s details, as well as the quest rewards it will give. You can claim quests via the button on the bottom right.


In the Summon menu, you will be able to spend your Gems in exchange for summoning Soul Stones. These Soul Stones can then be used to craft skins.


The Bosses tab displays the Bosses that you are able to fight when the spawn timer ends. The queue will then open, allowing you to join up to fight the Boss, in the hopes of obtaining Lucrative Rewards. You are also able to see the drop rates of items in the bottom right tab labeled Details.


The Arena tab is where you will be able to queue up for 3 different Arena types: Unranked, Ranked and Free For All. The Arena currency is also displayed on the bottom left, with the Arena Loadout and Arena Shop on the bottom right,


In the Guild section, you can get an overview of the Guild that you are either apart of, or have personally created. There are 7 tabs: Hall, Members, Research, Shop, Info, Leaderboards and Disband Guild.

Hall: Here, you are able to see an overview of your Guild, such as the Guild Level, how many Members you currently have as well as the Guild Notice, which only the Guild Leader can edit. The Guild Board will provide missions for your Guild Members to participate in and execute. When finished, it will provide them with Guild Tokens which can be used to purchase items from the Guild Shop.

Members: This displays all the members in your Guild as well as the exact date and time they joined.

Research: This displays the different types of Research Tasks that your guild can perform to give Guild Wide boosts to all of its members.

Shop: This displays items that you are able to buy with Guild Token.

Info: This gives an overview of your Guild, ranging from the Total Kills your guild has gotten to the Boosts it gives and even Wars that you have won.

Leaderboard: This takes you to the Guild Section of the Leaderboards tab, comparing your Guild’s placement to the ones that other people have made.

Disband Guild: This will merely ask if you would like to Disband your guild entirely. Once done, it cannot be reverted, so think carefully before disbanding your guild.


The Party menu allows you to create a party and invite anybody that is currently in your game server. You are able to Invite, Kick, and Disband the party at any given moment.

Once in a party, you will NOT be able to damage each other, and a colored icon will be displayed above them, showing you your party members location at all times.


The Shop shows you the different Gamepasses, Currencies and Boosts you can purchase with Robux. It consists of 5 different tabs: Recommended, Gamepasses, Coins, Gems and Boosts.

Recommended: This will give you recommendations for what to buy in terms of their value, or for people that have a hard time deciding what to buy.

Gamepasses: This shows all of the Gamepasses that you are currently able to buy as well as their price.

Coins: You are able to buy coins in exchange for Robux here.

Gems: You are able to buy Gems in exchange for Robux here.

Boosts: You are able to buy training boosts that last for a certain amount of time in exchange for Robux here.


The Leaderboard menu displays the top 50 players in 9 different categories, ranging from Strength, Defense, Energy, Weapon, Speed, Fame, Gacha Rolls, Kills and Total Time Played. There are also 4 different tabs for different types of Leaderboards, being General, Arena, Guild and Bosses.


The Tutorial menu is where you will begin your journey, teaching you the basics of the game and even rewarding players if they choose to complete them all.


The Settings menu is where you can adjust the settings of the game to your liking. These include music volume, hiding your skin, and changing your keybinds to your personal preferences.

Anime Tales Character Skins Guide


The Character menu contains 5 different categories that correspond with your character.

Stats: The default menu. This showcases an overview of your character, which includes your Training Stats, the different types of Currencies you currently have, your Rank, your overall Power as well as being able to buy Upgrades to your training stats, multiplying their effects to make your journey smoother.

Player Info: The Player Info tab displays a more detailed view of your character, ranging from the date you joined the game, your Training Multipliers, your Combat Stats and even the Guild you are a part of.

Equipment: The Equipment menu displays your current Skin, Weapon, and Accessories.

Achievements: The Achievements tab displays the current achievements in the game, as well as your progress in completing them. Upon completion, some of these achievements give in-game bonuses or rewards to help you along the way.

Boosts: The Boosts tab will direct you to the shop, where you can buy a boost to help you on your journey, making it easier to progress.

That’s it for this Anime Tales Guide – Character Skins, Leveling Up Tips

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