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Anime Tales Wiki & Trello – Transformation (Grimoire)

Roblox Anime Tales is a story-based RPG developed by Anime Tales. This Anime Tales Wiki covers details about Items, Bosses, Stats System, Maps, Quest, and more.

The best way to improve your gameplay is to visit our Anime Tales Wiki to learn some basics about his game because we’ve created this Anime Tales Trello to make it easier for you.

We know all that the Trello board and Discord Server contain a lot of information shared by pro players or content creators, so to help you get started, we’ve fetched a list of the most useful information from official Trello and Discord. If you want free gift in the game then make sure to visit our Anime Tales Codes Page

Most Roblox games have a Trello and These Roblox Game Trello & Wiki helps players understand a game’s basics and cover every aspect of it.So come and take a look at this Anime Tales Wiki.

Welcome to Roblox Anime Tales Wiki Fandom

Anime Tales is a Roblox game published by Anime Tales. It is an MMORPG + SIMULATOR game created for Anime Fans.

In “Anime Tales,” players dive into a captivating Roblox Anime Simulator/RPG Game that offers a vast world to explore, thrilling combat, and an array of exciting features.

The game encompasses various elements, including world exploration, Anime Character gacha, competitive combat, challenging boss battles, quests, accessory upgrades, and general simulator gameplay.

If you want information related to Families and Clans we recommend you visit our Anime Tales Beginner Guide and Anime Tales Power Tier List

Anime Tales Wiki Guide

Transformation (Grimoire)

Yuno Special = Wind Grimoire

(Transformation spawns an entire fairy armor on character)

Swift White Bow (Wind Magic: Gale White Bow)
The user pulls back their right arm with an open palm, generates a large bow made of wind, and creates six large arrows that are fired at a target.

Towering Tornado (Wind Magic: Towering Tornado)
The user generates a tornado near the target. The tornado’s destructive power is enough to send the target flying a considerable distance without letting any chance of a counterattack.

Noelle Special = Water Grimoire
(Transformation spawns an entire water armor on character)

Sea Dragon’s Roar (Water Creation Magic: Sea Dragon’s Roar)
The user points their arm at a target, manifests the head of a sea dragon with sharp teeth, and fires it at the target.

Sea Dragon’s Nest (Water Creation Magic: Sea Dragon’s Nest)
the user crouches, places both hands near the ground, and then manifests a dome composed of multiple whirlpools, which covers the user’s surroundings. The user is capable of freely moving and stunning anyone to touch this dome.

Yami Special = Dark Grimoire
(Transformation spawns a dark-cloaked Sword on right hand)

Lightless Slash (Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash)
the user channels darkness into their sword and releases that darkness with a slash that flies at the opponent.

Dimension Slash (Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash)
The user channels darkness into a sword and, with a downward slash, releases that darkness which flies at the opponent. The slash is able to cut through almost everything

Asta Special = Demon Grimoire
(Transformation spawns a dark-cloaked Sword on right hand)

Black Meteor (Anti Magic: Black Meteorite)
After coating their body with Anti Magic, the user charges towards a target, dealing a powerful slash once they are in range.

Black Hurricane (Area of Effect)
The user spins rapidly and is pulled toward magic spells. This spell is capable of nullifying any damage and magical traps in an instant.

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Training Stats & Currency

Training Stats



Guild Tokens
Arena Tokens

Basic Forms of Combat

Basic Combat

Light Attack (M1)
Heavy Attacks / Knockback (M2)
Dash (Q)
Block (F)


Guard break/ Knockback – (M1 x 5)
Up-tilt – (M1 + M2)
Down-tilt (Air) – (M1)
Knockback (Air) -(M2)
Perfect Block (Timing) – (F)


Yo Mama (Big Mom)

Anime Tales Boss

Information: Yo Mama’s Boss Arena opens up every 15 minutes.
Yo Mama has 3 boss patterns + 1 Enrage Mode’

You can refer to our Anime Tales Beginner Guide for more in-depth information

Dragon Emperor (Kaido)

Anime Tales Boss Dragon Emperor

Information: Dragon Emperor’s Boss Arena opens up every 45 minutes.
Dragon Emperor has 2 boss patterns + 1 Enrage Mode

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(General Quest) Anime Tales

General Quest NPC

Information: This Npc is the first one you’ll spot when joining the game. The slime represents the mascot of Anime Tales and will provide many general quests for the player to unlock powers and rewards.

(Rank Up) Ogre Commander

Rank Up NPC
Information: This NPC allows you to increase your rank when you’ve met the requirements to do so.

Rank 1 (Hp 1000/ Energy: 1000/ M1 Dmg 30)
Rank 2 (Hp 1200/ Energy: 1100/ M1 Dmg 35)
(req 1,000; Str, Def, Energy, 500 Coins, 100 Fame)
(Power Dmg/Energy +10%)
Rank 3 (Hp 1400/ Energy: 1200/ M1 Dmg 40)
(req 10K; Str, Def, Energy, 1.5k Coins, 200 Fame)
(Power Dmg/Energy +10%)
Rank 4 (Hp 1600/ Energy: 1300/ M1 Dmg 45)
(req 100K Str, Def, Energy, 4.5k Coins, 300 Fame)
(Power Dmg/Energy +10%)
Rank 5 (Hp 1800/ Energy: 1400/ M1 Dmg 50)
(req 1M; Str, Def, Energy, 13.5k Coins, 400 Fame)
(Power Dmg/Energy +10%)
Rank 6 (Hp 2000/ Energy: 1500/ M1 Dmg 55)
(req 10M; Str, Def, Energy, 40.5k Coins, 500 Fame)
(Power Dmg/Energy +10%)
Rank 7 (Hp 2200/ Energy: 1600/ M1 Dmg 60)
(req 100M; Str, Def, Energy, 121.5k Coins)
(Power Dmg/Energy +10%)

(Fishing NPC) The Fisherman

Fishing NPC

Information: Located at the docks of various islands, the Fisherman provides many services in relation to fishing, such as quests, upgrading your fishing rod, selling your fish and a unique fishing shop. His currency is Yen.

Fishing Quests: There are 3 types of fishing quests: Repeatable, Daily and Weekly. Ranging from Repeatable to Weekly, the difficulty and rewards scale up, providing better rewards the more and rarer fish that you catch.

Fishing Rod Upgrade: You are able to upgrade your fishing rods here.

Fisherman’s Shop: The Fisherman’s shop provides lucrative items, skin stones and abilities you can obtain in exchange for Yen.

(Boat NPC) Straw Hat Boy

Boat NPC

Information: Located at the docks of various islands, you can spawn boats here to travel to other islands without having to wait for the arrival of ships.

You can also upgrade your current boat in exchange for certain amounts of Wood, Gems and Fame, except for one exception: the striker.

The different types of boats currently in the game are:

Dinghy – Your starter boat

Mini Merry –

Dinosaur Boat –

Submarine –

Striker – Gamepass 349Robux

(Weapon Side Quest + Weapon Mastery Quest) Lost Swordsman

Quest Name (Objective/ Rewards)

Information: The Lost Swordsman only accepts those that have proven themselves by reaching a certain rank or completing up to a certain tier of quests. From here, you are able to receive quests to earn new abilities, as well as start a mastery quest to obtain a powerful sword.

That’s it for this Anime Tales Wiki Fandom – Transformation (Grimoire) & Bosses Guide

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