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Anime Universe Simulator Trello & Wiki (December 2023)

Welcome to our Anime Universe Simulator Trello, In this Anime Universe Simulator Trello, we will tell you about Animon Damage Output Ranked, Evolution Machine, and curses Buff / Debuff. As of now, an official Trello is not created for this game so we have collected some information from the official Discord of the game.

Anime Universe Simulator is a new roblox game developed by AspireWorks-Simulators. In this game, You are an Animon Trainer and You have to save the Anime Multiverse from the destructive Team Profit. While playing this game you will enjoy an adventure through various anime universes.

Since Animon is the characters in Anime Universe Simulator, You can collect and train different Animon to become master trainers, and level up and customize your Animon to create the best team. It’s up to the players to restore balance to the Anime Multiverse and defeat Team Profit.

Anime Universe Simulator Trello

Anime Universe Simulator Trello & Wiki

Anime Universe Simulator Trello is somehow similar to Anime Universe Simulator Wiki, Where you can find information about, Bosses, Clans Information, Grinding Tips, Stats, GUI, NPC, Trainers, Clan Trainers and Other useful information that help you level up your gameplay.

Since the official Trello is not out yet, you can great guide about Animon Damage Output Ranked and Evolution Machine Tips.

Animon Damage Output Ranked:

Shiny Secret > Shiny Craftable > Secret > Shiny Mythical > Craftable > Mythical

Evolution Machine:

Where is it at?

Arena plaza.

How does it work?

1 common – 3 mythics – 100 evolution crystals = normal crafted
2 shiny commons – 6 shiny mythics – 300 evolution crystals = shiny crafted

How to get Evolution Crystals?

Evolution crystals are obtainable by competing in a cursed arena. A cursed arena has a 25% chance of happening and you can get evolution crystals the same way you get arena gems, if it’s cursed!

How to find out if an arena is cursed or not?

– It should pop up and say that the arena is cursed.
– You will also obtain evolution crystals.

Buff / Debuff

Brainic I- x0.8 XP to level / x0.8 Movement speed
Brainic II- x0.6 XP to level / x0.8 Movement speed
Brainic III- x0.4 XP to level / x0.8 Movement speed

Thief I- +0.1 Yen / XP to level x1.25
Thief II- +0.2 Yen / XP to level x1.25
Thief III-+0.25 Yen / XP to level x1.25

Fragger I- x1.25 Dmg to minions / x0.9 Dmg to boss
Fragger II- x1.5 Dmg to minions / x0.9 Dmg to boss
Fragger III- x2 Dmg to minions / x0.9 Dmg to boss

Sniper I- x1.25 Dmg to boss / x0.9 Dmg to minions
Sniper II- x1.5 Dmg to boss / x0.9 Dmg to minions
Sniper III- x2 Dmg to boss / x0.9 Dmg to minions

Tiny- x3 Movemente speed / Damage x0.85
x2.5 Attack speed
x0.75 Size

Giant- x1.75 Dmg / x0.75 Movement speed
x1.25 Size / x0.75 Attack speed

Egoist- x2.25 Dmg / x0.9 Team Dmg
x1.35 Attack Speed

Assassin- x1.75 Dmg / -0.05 Yen
x1.25 Dmg to boss

Colossus- x1.75 Dmg / x0.85 Attack Speed
x1.25 Dmg to minions/ x0.5 Movement speed
x1.5 Size

Supersonic- x5 Movement speed / x2 XP to level
-1 Ult charge
x2 Attack speed
x1.75 Dmg

That’s it for this Anime Universe Simulator Trello. You can also check out Anime Universe Simulator Codes and  Page

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