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Welcome to the Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Wiki Fandom page. In our Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Wiki Fandom we will tell you all the information about the game like Currency, features, Index, and Dungeons.

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Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Wiki Fandom

Roblox Group:

@Enclamatic Simulators





Owner: Enclamatic

Developers: eduardobrg and ForgottenXIII


Located in Pirate Town

Easy Dungeons occur during xx00 and xx30

Insane Dungeons occur during xx15 and xx45

  • Insane dungeons drop auras at the following rooms: 25, 50, 75, 100.
  • Easy and Insane dungeons reach up to 100 rooms.
  • Dungeon Shop: (Reset 8h)


Located in all Worlds

Occurs after 30 minutes of server uptime

Battles drop a random amount of materials for whatever world it occurred in. The raid portal can be found at the spawn of the world, and replaces the fountain temporarily until the battle is complete

Note: Battles have a rare chance for becoming “Insane”, all loot dropped from Insane battles are 5x better than original Battles.


The common currency used in Anime Warriors 2 is Yen.

Special Features

  • Daily Wheel Spin (12h)
  • Daily Beginner Rewards (24h)
  • Group Chest (12h)
  • VIP Chest (12h)


Shiny Machine (Alien Planet)

To use this machine, you need the material from the same world of the Warrior you wish to make shiny.

Note: Selected pet to craft to Shiny will keep Level, Trait, and RNG stats.

Trait Machine (Land of Demons)


Index Rewards

Increased boss/mini-boss drops (materials) only affect the world where you completed the reward.


Information on Worlds, including the price, any notable locations, NPC’s, and eggs. Sorted from first to last.

Pirate Town

Pirate Town (Free)

Notable Locations: Leaderboards, Group Chest, Dungeon Entrance, DPS Test Dummy

  • NPC’s : Semi TS
  • Eggs : Contains 1 Secret

Alien Planet

Alien Planet (15K Yen)

Notable Locations: Shiny Machine, VIP Chest

  • NPC’s: Patient
  • Eggs: Contains 1 Secret

Grass Village

Grass Village (150K Yen)

  • NPC’s; Sensei
  • Eggs: Contains 1 Secret

Land of Demons

Land of Demons (1.5Mil Yen)

Notable Locations: Trait Reroll Machine

  • NPC’s: Butterfly
  • Eggs: Contains 1 Secret

Endless Domain

Endless Domain (17.5Mil Yen)

  • NPC’s: Whisperer
  • Eggs: Contains 1 Secret

Hero City

Hero City (175Mil Yen)

  • NPC’s: Protector Weakend
  • Eggs: Contains 1 Secret

Ant Hideout

Ant Hideout (1.75Bil Yen)

  • NPC’s: Soar
  • Eggs: Contains 1 Secret

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