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Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge Guide 2020 | How to Get 20 Kill Badge

Apex Legends Pushing Guide 2019

Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge Guide 2019 | How to Get 20 Kill Badge   Hi guys free-bobby-now here I will show you Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge Guide 2019 | How to Get 20 Kill Badge so  Recently, I have been farming the 20 kill badges for all of my characters. I consider myself a decent player at the game with several 3k badges and a 4K badge, but in no way shape or form would I consider myself very good. The method I’m going to outline for you will mostly be bullet points and not a step by step guide. This strategy has gotten me 3/4 of my 20 kill games (Pathfinder, Lifeline, Bangalore). My other one was with Wraith, who is my main, and I did that solo. So perhaps this guide will be helpful if you’re trying to get it on characters you aren’t super familiar with!

Apex Legends Pushing Guide 2019

20 Tips to Get Apex Legends 20 Kill Badge Guide 2020

  1. You will need 1-2 friends that are pretty decent, just like you. You need to be able to kill a squad full of 3k badges with these friends. You won’t always win these fights, but if you can at least win some of them, then you know this is the right squad.

  2. You have to be willing to help your friends get their badges as well if the next condition applies.

  3. Go by the pop-off rule. If one of you starts with 4-5 kills, then that’s the person that will be the focus of the game/strategy.

  4. If pop-off rule applies, make sure that there are still enough people in game to reasonably get the 20

  5. This is consistent with other guides: make sure that you land hot drops/skull/artillery/other highly populated areas. You don’t have to land right with each other, and if you get lucky enough, all three of you will get decent guns to start getting some easy early game kills.

  6. Loot quickly. The only place you should be looting is where you land. The rest of the loot needs to come from death boxes only. As I like to put it, why open a supply bin when a death box has everything you’ll ever need. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to make quick little pit stops at buildings for ammo/heals. Just be smart and fast about it.

  7. Push every single fight you hear. But do it smartly. Always try and find the best angle to approach from as a team, and don’t be afraid to back off from a fight if you know there is better positioning for you close by. For example: if you are downhill fighting a team that’s uphill, don’t waste your time unless they are bots. Find a flank if possible. Or, if that’s unavailable, just dip. You really need to stay alive and it’s likely that team isn’t going anywhere for the rest of the game.

  8. The two friends need to lead fights. They will be in charge of all call outs. If they get someone close to one-shot, you need to be right behind them ready to finish guys. That being said, feel free to go off and do a lot of damage/killing yourself. For two of the games I used this strategy, I had 3k damage and basically doubled my teammates. TL;DR still make sure you play well

  9. Max out your heals. You always need 2-3 batteries and 1-2 medkits at your disposal bcs you can’t predict surprise pushes.

  10. Stay calm, even as you get close to 20. I messed up my first ever potential 20 (at 19 kills) because I got too antsy and pushed a team without my teammate. The two folks I typically run with messed up theirs because they made dumb plays towards endgame. Just keep playing smart throughout the game and you’ll be golden.

  11. If you need to stretch a team, do it. I only needed this strategy once, but basically all you need to do is kill two players in a trio and let the third respawn them. Preferably, this should only be done very late game and against a team of bots. Can get you from 15 right to 20 though.

  12. Don’t get overheated if you get close and mess up. If you get close once, it’s a sign you are getting better and the 20 is inevitable. I had a 16 and a 15 kill bomb with lifeline that could’ve easily been 20s if I didn’t die (one was as a solo), and then I got a 21 bomb 30 minutes later. Trust in your abilities and don’t get too frustrated.

  13. If your friends don’t at least have the 2.5k badge, it’ll be really difficult to do this strategy.

  14. Play games normally and to win if someone doesn’t pop-off.

  15. If you start the game with 2-3 kills and then you squad wipe or kill 2 in the next squad, inform your team. It’s possible to get a 20 if and only if there are 30-38 people left in the lobby at that point (roughly 12-14 squads after eliminations).

  16. Don’t rush out of the center of the map. As an example, if you land cascades and hear fighting at artillery, don’t push. That team will have to come to you eventually anyway. Instead, push more towards center (bunker/bunker hill) and you’ll most likely hear some better more centered fights to push. It’s even better if the fights are happening at a place that’s easy to 3rd party, because you’ll have a constant stream of teams to shoot at.

  17. Consider the trajectory of the drop ship when deciding where to rotate.

  18. Always give loot priority to the one who you guys are trying to help out. This means gold backpacks and purple armors especially. I would also advise heavy/light extended mags.

  19. Stay chill with each other. It’ll be tantalizing to blame failed runs at 20 on mistakes your teammates made, and while sometimes it will be their fault, most of the time it just wasn’t the right game to do it.

  20. As always, have fun while doing this. I find this method to be a feasible, relaxing way to get a 20 compared to the stress of doing it solo. Some characters kits just aren’t built for doing it solo unless you’re a god. But hey, this guide isn’t for gods 😉

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I hope this guide was helpful for you, and gets you to your first 20 bomb. Feel free to ask any questions regarding/add-on to/improve upon what I’ve presented here.

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