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Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide 2020 Season 3 Full Guide

Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide 2019 - Apex Legends Gibraltar Tips 2019

Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide 2020 Hi guys Handsome_Claptrap  here with Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide 2020 – Apex Legends Gibraltar Tips 2020 and Today I will Show you Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide 2020 – Apex Legends Gibraltar Tips 2020 so I decided to make a guide for each legend, starting from Gibraltar, since he is often misused and underappreciated. I use all legends, but i have the most wins with him, so you could call him my main.

Let’s be clear: he isn’t a competitive legend. If you want to get some sick 1 vs 3, John Wick clips, don’t pick him. He is made more for tactic, team play and careful gameplay.

Most legends are versatile and can adapt to different game styles, Caustic is less versatile, as his skills only work at close range, Gibraltar is even less versatile, as he has peculiar perks.

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Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide 2019 - Apex Legends Gibraltar Tips 2019

Perk: Fortified

His hitbox is huge, making him easier to hit: to compensate that, he receives 10% less damage from any source. This makes it unfeasible to rely on mobility, it’s very effective to run, slide, strafe, jump and so on if you are a tiny woman, not so much if you are 2 meters tall.

You can exploit this by keeping your distance. If you avoid super close range, ADS becomes fundamental, which means slower speed, which means strafing and small hitboxes matter less. If you need to dive onto your opponents, try to coordinate with a friend and make him go first, immediately following him.

Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide 2019 - Apex Legends Gibraltar Tips 2019

Passive: Gun Shield.

Gun Shield can give you a big edge in fight, as it absorbs up to 75 damage before breaking. It seems to break easily, combined with the Fortified perk, this effectively translates into around 300 maximum health, 50% more than other characters.

The issue is Gun Shield activates only while aiming down sights. This is highly restricting, as it means hip firing is not an option, deeply changing gamestyle and weapon choice.

Peacekeeper and Eva-8 are ill suited, as they don’t get any benefit from ADS, Mastiff is still valid since the spread tightens when aiming. For hip-fire accurate weapons such as RE-45, Alternator, R99, Prowler and Hemlock, you have to take it out of the equation, the last three are still good weapons but for other reasons.

Fight in a way than exploits the shield the most, which means always having cover nearby. If you have cover, you can pop out with your shield already up.

Try to stay still: when still, Gibraltar covers his own head with the shield, while moving, he lowers it a bit. Crouching can also be nice to minimize damage that bypasses the shield.

It’s a good asset for sniping: the shield takes 2 Longbow hits to go down and it makes your head harder to hit.

Always remember that it’s bright as hell, so turn it off when you are just looking around or enemies haven’t clearly spotted you.

Tactical: Dome of Protection

At range, the Dome is straight forward to use, toss it on yourself and have a perfect piece of cover to heal, revive, reload, escape, whatever. What is more advanced is that you can also pop in and out of it, if you do it slowly and carefully, your legs will be inside, while your torso, protected by your Gun Shield, will be outside. At range it’s also hard to determine when his body is in or out, plus a single step back will put you into safety again.

At mid range, the Dome can be used as an escape tactic: deploy it and run away from your enemy, just remember you opponent can exploit the Dome once they get into it.

At close range – not too near – it can be used for cool tactics, the best one is to wait for them near the back of the dome, with your Gun Shield up. Shoot them as soon as they get inside, you can even pre-aim your head, if you lose aim, back down out of the dome and repeat when they follow you. It’s effective because BOTH of you can pre-aim, but you can take more damage than him.

I said Peacekeeper isn’t recommended for his Gun Shield, but it can be very effective with his Dome. Done right, you have the chance to safely rechamber twice: once when you back down from the front of the dome, once when you back down from the rear. Unless your aim sucks, 3 Peacekeeper shots can end anything.

Getting to the downsides, it’s bright as hell, plus it can get in the way of your teammates too, so try to not use it when you are in frontrow and don’t use it if you have like 50 health and you’ll get wrecked, because your opponents will then exploit it more than you.

Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide 2019 - Apex Legends Gibraltar Tips 2019

Ultimate: Defensive Bombardment

Arguably the most powerful ultimate in the game, it can turn the tides of a fight.

It can deal some serious damage and kill anyone that doesn’t manage to flee, however, escaping isn’t that difficult, so, it’s better to exploit the area denial effect: opponents will NEED to run and you can exploit this.

  • Defensive usage: throw it between you and your opponent, this will earn time to heal, revive or retreat.

  • Offensive usage: throw it straight on them or even behind them. They will be forced to run to the sides or towards you and will likely scatter. If possible, coordinate with mates to fire at the same one while they run.

  • Building Protection: when a building is nearby, using the bombing on it will either force opponents to run away (giving you time) or to get inside, where the whole team can gather to cross-fire. Remember it will blast all doors.

  • Trapping: watch the surroundings when using it, in some situations, you can trap your enemies, expecially late game, when the ring is shrinking.

  • Chaos: the more chaotic the situation, the more effectie your bombing will be. Casting the ultimate on two fightning teams is awesome and has the bonus of finishing off any downed enemy.

  • Dome Synergy: you can toss the bombing and later toss the dome to create a safe haven, or you can toss the dome and then the bombing to create a deadly trap, as the dome will deactivate before the bombing ends.

Remember it’s loud as hell, it can be heard from a greater range than gunshots, plus it can be seen, it’s much like a Lifeline drop.

Ultimate Accelerants are awesome with Gibraltar, if your Ult isn’t ready, pop them. If it is ready and you have spare space, pick them up and use them as soon as it is safe after you used the Ult.

Recommended weapon set-up.

My general theory is that you need a long-range weapon (Kraber, Longbow, Triple Take, G7, Hemlock, R301) and a high DPS gun (in order, Turbo Devotion, R99, Turbo Havoc, R301, Auto Prowler, Flatline, Spitfire, shotguns are a bit harder to rank but they are in.) I’ll talk about the few weapons that work great with him.

The proper snipers are all great, they work well with his gun shield and dome, so go for Kraber, Longbow or Triple Take with Choke.

Close range, mag size is vital, reloading mid fight will screw you. Note that “large mag” doesn’t just refers to nominal mag size. At most, R99 has 30 bullets in the mag, R301 has 28, but R301 mag is still larger, since it deals more damage per bullet (12 vs 14), R99 has 360 damage in a mag, R301 has 392. This is also why full auto Prowler is great, with 35 rounds and 14 damage, it deals more damage per mag than a R301.

A notable mention goes to Havoc: it can pack 576 damage per mag even without any attachment, plus the delay impact is minimized if you stick with Gibraltar ideal playstyle, so always rack up energy ammo when you can

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