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Arcane Lineage Classes Tier List Wiki 2023 December

Ready to dominate in Arcane Lineage? Look no further because, with our Arcane Lineage Classes Tier List, we’ve got you covered! Our Arcane Lineage tier list will help you to find the best classes in the game.

There are many classes in Arcane Lineage, so come and take a look at this Arcane Lineage Classes Tier List – Best Class Guide

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Arcane Lineage Classes Tier List
[THE GREAT BALANCE PATCH] Updated Tierlist | Arcane Lineage by Ikkazun

Arcane Lineage Classes & Subclasses

In this game, the classes are further divided into subclasses as the player character becomes stronger. To start with, the player can choose their first weapon from a variety of options: Sword, Dagger, Spear, Staff, or Fists. Each weapon choice leads to a specific subclass.

Sword: Choosing the Sword leads to the Berseker subclass, which emphasizes brute strength and powerful melee attacks. Alternatively, players can choose the Paladin subclass, which focuses on defensive techniques and righteous abilities.

Dagger: Opting for the Dagger opens up two subclasses. The Assassin subclass specializes in stealthy and precise strikes, perfect for taking down enemies quickly. The Rogue subclass focuses on agility, evasion, and tricky maneuvers to outwit opponents.

Spear: Selecting the Spear offers two subclass options. The Impaler subclass excels in long-range attacks and impaling enemies from a distance. On the other hand, the Saint subclass leans towards supportive abilities, offering healing and protection to allies.

Staff: Choosing the Staff leads to two subclasses. The Necromancer subclass harnesses dark magic and specializes in summoning undead minions and debuffing enemies. The Elementalist subclass wields elemental forces, casting powerful spells and manipulating the environment to their advantage.

Fists: Opting for your Fists grants access to the Dark Wraith subclass, which harnesses shadowy powers and deals devastating melee damage. Alternatively, the Monk subclass focuses on martial arts and mastering inner energy, combining strength with spiritual abilities.

Arcane Lineage Classes Tier List – Best Class in-game

  • Dark Wraith – S Tier
  • Necromancer – S Tier
  • Assassin – A Tier
  • Elementalist – A Tier
  • Berserker – A Tier
  • Impaler – A Tier
  • Paladin – B Tier
  • Saint – B Tier
  • Monk – C Tier
  • Rogue – C Tier

Dark Wraith – S Tier

As a Dark Wraith subclass, you have access to a set of powerful skills and passives. Here’s a summary of your abilities:

Dark Smite (2 energy cost, 4 seconds recharge time): Strike the ground with darkness, creating a rift above a target. This ability bathes the target in black light and provides a bonus critical chance.

Summon Darkbeast (2 energy cost, 16 seconds recharge time): Unleash the darkness in your arm to summon a malignant beast of darkness. The Darkbeast can be controlled by you and has its own set of active abilities.

Pounce: The Darkbeast performs a basic attack.

Void Bite (2 energy cost): The Darkbeast executes an empowered bite, dealing heavy damage to the target and healing itself.

Darkcore Eruption (1 energy cost, 5 seconds recharge time): This ability allows you to consume all your darkcore stacks to create a dense release of darkness. When you reach the maximum number of stacks, the eruption becomes empowered, inflicting even greater damage.


Darkborne: Critical hits you land create darknovas, increasing your speed. This passive enhances your mobility and agility whenever you achieve critical strikes.

Spirit Wraith: When your health is low, your summons, including the Darkbeast, become empowered. This passive boosts the strength and effectiveness of your summoned creatures when you are in a precarious situation.

In total, you have five skills at your disposal, with each skill costing 400 gold. The cumulative cost of all these skills amounts to 2000 gold. Master the darkness, unleash your Darkbeast, and harness the power of crits and low health to dominate your enemies as a formidable Dark Wraith.

Necromancer – S Tier

As a Necromancer subclass, you possess a range of skills and passives that tap into the powers of death and summoning. Here’s a summary of your abilities:

Call Skeleton (2 energy cost, 12 seconds recharge time): Raise a skeleton from the ground to aid you. The skeleton acts as your summoned minion and can carry out specific actions.

Smack: Command the skeleton to smack an enemy, dealing damage.

Bone Spray: Instruct the skeleton to shoot an undodgeable bone projectile toward an opponent, ensuring a hit.

Darklight Drain (2 energy cost, 6 seconds recharge time): Grasp an enemy’s soul, crushing it and dealing undodgeable damage while simultaneously healing yourself. This ability enables you to drain the life force of your foes for your own benefit.

Raise Dead (2 energy cost, 999 seconds recharge time): Revive a fallen ally from the ground, restoring their health and energy. This ability grants them the ability to fight once again, bolstering your forces.


Summoner: As a Summoner, you have the capacity to have two summons active in the field simultaneously. This passive enhances your summoning abilities, allowing you to control multiple minions at once.

Death Siphon: After eliminating an enemy, you regain life and receive a speed boost. This passive rewards you for taking down foes, granting you additional sustain and agility.

In total, you possess five skills, each with a cost of 400 gold. The cumulative cost of acquiring all these skills amounts to 2000 gold. Embrace the dark arts of necromancy, summon skeletons to serve your bidding, drain the life force of your enemies, and bring fallen allies back to fight alongside you as a formidable Necromancer.

That’s it for this Arcane Lineage Classes Tier List – Best Class in-game

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