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Archero Chapter 14 Guide – How to Complete Archero Chapter 14

Archero Chapter 14 Guide

Archero Chapter 14 Guide Hi guys This Archero Chapter 14 Guide – How to Complete Archero Chapter 14 Guide is shared by Minkemink and recently He completed Archero Chapter 14 on Reddit and He said, First of all I want you to know that this is the hardest challenge I’ve ever played (harder than 7 pre-nerf) and I can not guarantee you will ever beat this at the current state, even with a guide.

Chapter 14 is super hard. Chances are, as F2P you won’t be able to complete it as of now. Even as P2P you will struggle here. If you love the challenge, go for it. But there’s absolutely no shame in waiting for a buff for you or a nerf for the chapter if you just wanna have some fun and get easily frustrated.

Will they nerf 14? I’m almost certain of it. The way I see it, habby wanted to give us something we could get stuck on and try hard, so the crazy endgame players don’t get bored while habby is working on stuff like coop and endless mode. After they finished this stuff though, they will want to release new chapters, new content etc. This means that you A. will automatically get buffs over time, making 14 slightly easier each update and B. will see nerfs of chapter 14 before they release chapter 15. After all, there’s no point in dropping new chapters if only 10 players or so reach it.

What gear will I need to complete 14?

The best gear you can get. Any little sliver of DMG will help you beat this chapter.

I needed 4,1K / 14K. However if you have more tries than me and are a better dodger (I’m by far not one of the best), then you can do it with less. Attempting below 3K damage however sounds like suicide to me, but I’m happy if someone could prove me wrong.

Archero Chapter 14 Full Guide

Which setup should I choose?

Thats a tough one tbh. There are many setups that I’ve tried and I will list my thoughts here.

  • Armor: I used Phantom Cloak. The freeze doesnt help a lot, but it sometimes saved my ass. 10% projectile reduction is okay, but at 6K dmg per hit in later stages, it doesnt do much. Dex vest is a good alternative, I would say they rank equally here

  • Rings: After discovering that dodge is multiplicative, I don’t like a full dodge build anymore, because it provides less security than we thought. However, since skill choices are very limited, you might not get dodge master or agility. In that case, serpents might really help. Other than that, Wolf rings are obviously a good choice for DPS and Falcon rings provide speed if you use a slow weapon (they also help on flying bosses, but there are almost none here) Bear Rings only give HP, so even though they give bonus dmg against ground bosses, that dmg wont possibly reach the DPS increase if other rings. I personally used Falcon + Wolf

  • Pets: As always they dont matter much. I use bat + elf

  • Bracelet: I used Freeze, as it’s the only one I have leveled. It helps with the adds as well. If you dont have freeze, go for blazing imo

  • Locket: Angel Locket might work really well, mine isnt leveled though, so I used my Agile locket

  • Last but not least, Weapon: My clear favorite is Staff. It has insanely high DPS with the right RNG, which are definetly needed. The problem of crowded Screens also is less of an issue in Ch.14. After that I would rank the weapons as follows: 2. Spear (is really strong. Havent tested much, as mine is only PE, but could work really well) 3. Tornado (high Single target DPS, Piercing, good speed, makes dodging easier) 4. Bow 5. Scythe (HS and Knockback are almost irrelevant here)

Best Hero For Archero Chapter 14 ?

I personally dislike Meowgik here. You need godlike RNG anyway and meowgik requires even more luck. So Helix will be the go to hero for most of us. However, if you are willing to drop the cash and have the ressources to level him properly, Sylvan even outranks Helix in my opinion. I haven’t done any math on him yet to be honest, but here’s why I like him

  1. High base stats, only second to Rolla in Damage (10 less at lvl 80)

  2. Ranged Unit Bonus against Ads

  3. Possibility to get rage as well

  4. Really good special ability I won’t dive into detail too much, as I haven’t gotten numbers yet, but just consider this: Poison only needs to proc once Blaze needs to proc once every 2 seconds. With values fron teeds first impression (3 random procs on 5 Hits) that means blaze procs roughly once every 7 hits. Getting 7 hits into 2 seconds is easy. This means you basically get full enhanced blaze and poison in one skill. On top of that you get some freeze and lightning and remove all 4 skills from the pool. This ability is strong!

Ability Focus:

Multishot, Ricochet and diag or front depending on weapon. Wingman is really good as well here. Any serious DPS Boost helps. Avoid wall or water walker.


There are a lot of different bosses in this chapter and I havent invested the time yet to analyze what kind of boss you meet when. But here are my thoughts on them:

Easiest to hardest:

  1. Dessert wizard (Ice Version)
  2. Double Plants
  3. Double Dessert Wizard
  4. Fire Ball (Ice version)
  5. Scarecrow
  6. Ice Spider
  7. Laser Pig
  8. Double Medusas
  9. Double Bees
  10. Double Snakes
  11. Double Pigs
  12. Ice Guardian
  13. Double Tree Stumps
  14. Double Ice Spiders
  15. Double Scythe Mages

Did I forget someone?

This is based on personal feelings with them. It may vary depending on the additional mobs on solo bosses and the RNG at the time (bees are super easy with high DPS + Ricochet etc.) Also, the later a Boss appears, the less practice you get on it, making it harder ofc.

I wont do full pattern analysis etc. but list some tips.

If you can always focus on the additional mobs first.

  1. Desert wizard. Keep your distance, dodge in smal sidesteps and you should be fine
  2. Double Plants. If there is a wall between you and them, it’s super hard, otherwise it’s easy. Do sidesteps when they throw waves at you and hug the bottom wall to avoid their Split projectile
  3. Double Desert wizard. Same as solo, just two of him
  4. Fire Ball. Keep your distance, stay close to a wall. If he shots the big splitting balls, stay as close to them as you can without getting in their way. Once they hit a wall, they’ll fly right past you
  5. Scarecrow. Just like chapter 7, dodge with sidesteps
  6. Ice Spider. If he jumps, run. If there are Single Block walls, you can hide behind them to destroy those big balls before they reach you. Staying in a corner also helps, if the Spider isnt close
  7. Laser Pig. Dont dodge too early. Patience is the key here
  8. Double Medusas. Get as much range as possible, so you can spam attacks and see their first dash before you have to dodge the second one
  9. Double Bees. Pray for good RNG before you meet them. Those fuckers are basically a DPS test
  10. Double Snakes. Remember chapter 7 final Boss? This is the same, just a little harder because the blue snake shoots fan-like waves and summons smaller ones. Also, big balls split again. Just like Ch.7, hug walls with about 2 squares distance from them
  11. Double Pigs. Their HP is low compared to the other bosses. Try to nuke one as fast as possible before they overhelm you
  12. Ice guardian. No idea honestly. Pray he doesn’t spawn on top of you and keep moving
  13. Double tree stumps. If they jump all the time, all you can do is get 1-2 attacks in before dodging and cheese your way through
  14. Double Ice Spiders. Same as solo, but no walls to save you. Dodge and pray they dont jump that much
  15. Double Scythe mage. Get as many attacks in as possible while they move. If they attack, Focus on dodging

Anyone who can beat this chapter without rerolling deserves loads of respect, no matter their gear.

Good luck everyone and as always, good Arching

Shared by: Minkemink 

Thanks to Minkemink for sharing this guide with Archero Community Archero

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