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Archero Rings Guide 2020 | Archero Rings Upgrade & Damage Tips

Archero Rings Damage Guide 2020

Archer Rings Guide 2020 Hi guys I will show you Archero Rings Guide 2020 | Archero Rings Upgrade & Damage Tips This Guide is shared by Andro on Reddit and This is very useful Archero Rings Guide 2020 | Archero Rings Upgrade & Damage Tips so come and take a look at this guide

Archero Rings Damage Guide 2020

Archero Rings Guide 2020


Gives you 7% dodge, and damage to ranged units.

-If you wish to play dodge build, this is necessary, no discussion. If not, it is still a nice adittion to some builds so you have a small chance of dodging.


Gives you 5% crit chance, and damage to melee units.

-This ring is the best for achieving maximum damage, if you sutterstep (like most players i guess). This also gives you a small damage advantage if you use only one, although not very noticeable imo


Gives you 5% attack speed, and damage to airborne units.

-If you dont stutterstep, 10% attackspeed is pretty decent, so you can try doubling them. If not though, they arent very useful, as they give you about 25% of an attack speed boost major. Also, there are a lot of ground units in the game, so its damage can be rendered useless at times.


Gives you 5% health and damage to ground units.

-This ring animal isnt very good, since if you double them, you get half of an HP boost, which is a skill you already wouldnt pick over dodge master, or attack speed boost or crit major, right? If you use one of them only, then it wont provide much value, since 5% hp isnt very much. If you have 10000 health, you get 10500. Does that seem preferable over a 7% chance to take 0 damage instead of like 3000. Probably not. However it provides damage to ground units which are most enemies and bosses, and can be used to speed up the clearance of rooms, giving it some value.

Ring damage

You shouldnt use a ring just because its your highest rarity one. Is it worth losing a ring skill to get 90 damage? It is not! Choose rings based on their abilities, and not on the damage. 90 Damage can save you, but 7% dodge can too, and more often.

Upgrading rings

If you have the gold, why not? If the 30/40/50/60 levels of upgrading in gold is worth for the damage you get is all about your opinion.

Conclusion: Ring rating should go, from best to worst, Serpent, wolf, falcon, bear, being the last three almost equal in what they give in value. But despite this, dont use the rating to choose rings. Use the information to make the ring improve your full build!

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