Argent Twilight Characters Guide 2023 – Gear, Runes, Skills

Hi there, The Argent Twilight Characters Guide is here to serve you. We will go through how to create Argent Twilight characters, their equipment, Inscribe cards, artifacts, and much more in this guide.

Argent Twilight Runes, How to Level Up Your Hero, Argent Twilight Skill Upgrade, Ascension, Awakening, and Argent Twilight Fusion are all included in this Argent Twilight Characters Guide Wiki. If you are looking for more Guides then make sure to check our Argent Twilight Beginner Guide – Guild, Quest Tips, and Argent Twilight Coupon Code Wiki

Argent Twilight Characters Guide Wiki

Hero Info

Hero List: A place where you can view your currently owned heroes.

Change Layout: You can change the layout of your Hero List. You can either display two rows on the left of the screen, or display additional screens at the center of the hero’s screen, in order to view the list of your currently owned characters.

Hero Filter: You can filter your Argent Twilight heroes through basic or advanced filters.

  • Basic Filters: Stars, Attribute, Base Star Grade, and Favorites.
  • Advanced Filters: Battle Type, Leader Skill, Buff, Debuff, Misc, and Tags.

Hero Storage: When you possess too many Argent Twilight characters, you can store them here.

You can easily view a hero’s name, Attribute, Battle Type, Fusion Details, and Stats.


You can view the currently equipped gear on the right side of the Hero Info screen.

You can view your equipment and its options by clicking on the settings icon, found to the right of the gear slot.

You can view the gear inventory by clicking on the gear slot itself.

You can view your currently possessed gear in the gear inventory.

  • Gear Filter: You can filter and view gear by Part or by Set.
  • Parts Filter: Weapon, Head, Armor, Ring, Necklace, Brooch.
  • Sets Filter: Click Set in Gear Filter to display and view various sets. Click on the set to filter.

Click on the Argent Twilight gear to display the ‘Gear Info’ pop-up and see the enhancement value, base stats, and bonuses of the gear.

Equip gear by selecting the one you want in the Argent Twilight gear inventory, and then clicking ‘Equip’ on the pop-up that is displayed.

To unequip gear, select it and click ‘Unequip’ on the pop-up that is displayed.

You can use Gold to enhance Argent Twilight gear by clicking the ‘Enhance’ button.

The main stats, at the very top, are increased when gear is enhanced.

A new bonus is gained (or an existing bonus’s effect is increased) for every three gear enhancements.

The new bonus (or increase of existing bonus’s effect) is determined randomly.

Unequipping or swapping gear costs Gold.

Inscribe Cards

Argent Twilight Gear Cards can be inscribed onto a piece of gear to improve it.

The Argent Twilight Gear Cards that can be inscribed onto gear is different for every part.

The value applied to the gear is determined randomly, by the range displayed on the card.

A Gear Card disappears after inscribing gear.


An Argent Twilight Artifact is an item that can be equipped by heroes with five or more awakenings. It can grant additional effects and increase of stats.

Argent Twilight Artifacts can be obtained through crafting, which consumes Runes. Fuse Runes in various combinations to craft the artifact you want to gain.

You can craft Artifacts by clicking the ‘Craft Artifact’ button at the lower-right of the Advanced Artifact Management window.

Tap the Artifact slot to select and equip one out of those you possess.

You can use Gold to enhance Artifacts, and Artifacts gain increased stats and bonuses when enhanced.


Argent Twilight Runes are materials used for crafting Artifacts, and can be obtained on the 11th floor (or higher) of the Giant Boss Dungeon.

There are 15 total types of Runes in Argent Twilight, and each rune has an order of grade.

You can collect and combine three Argent Twilight Runes of a lower grade to obtain one Rune of a higher grade.

Hero Level Up

You can use a hero or a Level Drink as the material to finalize a Level Up.

A hero’s stats are increased upon Level Up.

Skill Upgrade

Argent Twilight Character Skills are divided into Basic Skills, Super Skills, Passive Skills, and Leader Skills.

Argent Twilight Basic Skill: A skill that heroes use to make basic attacks, and does not have a cooldown.

Argent Twilight Super Skill: A skill that’s more powerful than a basic attack, and has a cooldown.

Argent Twilight Passive Skill: A skill that’s activated conditionally. They may or may not have cooldowns, depending on the hero.

On their third awakening, a hero obtains additional skill effects for one Basic Skill, Super Skill, or Passive Skill.

Either an Argent Twilight Skill Book or an identical hero can be used to upgrade any non-Leader Skill.

When upgrading the skill, the skill chosen to be upgraded will be selected from skills that have not reached maximum level and will be strengthened according to the number of materials used.


An Argent Twilight hero that has reached max level can use a Wings of Ascension (or a hero with the same number of Stars) to ascend.

For an Argent Twilight Ascension, the number of materials required is the same as the number of Stars the ascending hero has.
* ex) If the hero’s rank is 3★, then three 3★ heroes are required.

Max level and potential base stats are increased when a hero ascends. However, the hero’s level will be reset to level 1.

All Argent Twilight heroes can ascend to a maximum of 6★.


An Argent Twilight hero can be awakened with Star Shards, which are obtained at Starlight Lake (Awakening Dungeon).

Argent Twilight Awakened heroes have their base stats increased, and a skill effect enhanced upon their third awakening. And an artifact slot will be available upon their fifth awakening.

Upon reaching the maximum level of sixth awakening, the hero’s Potential Slot is unlocked, and their appearance is changed.

The maximum number of awakenings that a hero can have is determined by their Star rank.
* ex) If the hero’s current rank is 3★, they can be awakened three times.

Argent Twilight Awakenings can be completed by Lobby Screen → Hero → Growth → ‘Awaken’ Button.


Argent Twilight Fusion may be possible for certain heroes.

Argent Twilight Heroes with possible fusions will have the text ‘Fusion’ in their information window, and you can view their fusion details by clicking on this text.

You can enter fusion by clicking ‘To Fusion’ on the character’s Fusion Details, or by navigating to the Deck Screen -> Game Menu and clicking ‘Fusion’.

You can view the Argent Twilight Fusion Tree by selecting the hero you want to fuse. That hero will be displayed in the list of materials as long as you possess a hero that can be used as Fusion Material.

You can complete a fusion based on the rank of the hero being used as material and can obtain a rank 5 hero with a 2-stage fusion.

That’s it for this Argent Twilight Characters Guide,

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