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Ashura United Trello Wiki – Faction & Quirks Tier List

Welcome to our Ashura United Trello Wiki – Best Faction & Quirks Tier List, In this Ashura United Trello Wiki we will tell you about How to Level up in Ashura United and Some other beginner guides.

Ashura United is a Closed Community-Fighting game. The game consists of multiple quirks that can either be used for Upfront battles or Support. The game also consists of punishable deaths and a Prison system for those who decide to break the law. So come and take a look at this Ashura United Trello Wiki

Ashura United Trello Wiki

Level Up/Getting Stronger

To get stronger, the user must first get enough money to buy Push-Ups at the gym. The player must create a party either by themselves or inviting someone who wants to help. After that click find to get a mission.

Obtaining Lore Characters

To Obtain any Lore, you must be a dev that actually contributes to the game. Other than that win one from a giveaway for a custom, or do tournaments.


Here is a List of All Faction in MHA Ashura United


Ashura United Trello

All players spawn in as a Civilian.

Max Rank 15
Can become any Faction
Protected and help by Heroes and Police


Ashura united Civilian

To even become a hero, civilians must complete the Entrance exam, however, this can be put aside since a total of 15 Heroes must be at the start of the game.

Once you’ve passed the Entrance Exam you will be made a 1st Year Student, which class may vary on your results or the max number of people in that class.

Becoming a 1st Year Student gives you these benefits.

Max Rank 23

Safety by the Pro heroes

Cheaper Training

Allowed to help heroes fight If the school is directly under attack

After becoming a 1st Year Student, students must do exams to become a 2nd Year Student.

Becoming a 2nd Year Student gives you these benefits.

Max Rank 27

Allowed to help Pro Heroes in raid events

Allowed to join hero associations

Allowed to ask teachers for personal training exams

Allowed to have Hero names

Completely the hero provisional hero exam, students will now be made into Pro Heroes.

Becoming a hero gives you these benefits.

Max Rank 30

Have their own Hero name

Access to the Prison

Access to host Hero events

Access to Raid other faction’s bases for rescue missions, or to try to put an end to that faction’s schemes. (Only allowed with solid evidence)

Access to become a teacher at U.A

Access to spy on other factions

Access to make public ads


Allowed to Infinite Carry until Police arrive to arrest the villains

Overall Flaws

Must follow the laws

Must not kill, unless it is completely needed to.


To become a Villain, you must meet All For One. To join the League of Villains you must complete the trial.

Villains get these benefits

Max Rank 27 (30 If in LOV)

Can bypass the law

Able to grip whoever (Not in missions)

Able to rob the bank for 10K Yen

Can infiltrate U.A

Can take in hostages

Overall Flaws

Unable to reach rank 30 without joining the LOV (Unless you make your own official Leauge)

Targetted by Pro Heroes, Police, and Other villains constantly

Able to be jailed for up to 2 Days. (All For One can be detained for a week)


To become a Yakuza, you must meet with Overhaul.

Yakuza gets these benefits.

Max Rank 30

Can Kill if threatened on their Property without punishment

Cannot be jailed instantly without being charged by a true crime

Cheapest Items

Can ally with any faction

The Downsides for Yakuza

Their stuff is soley off their leader.


To join the Police, You must speak with the Commander In Chief, and complete an Exam.

The Police Faction is not limited to one rank they have 3 ranks actually.


Max Rank 23


Level 1 Keycard

Tartarus Guard

Max Rank 30


Level 2 Keycard

Commander In Chief

Max Rank 30


Level 2 Keycard

Access to everything

Able to proceed with search warrants

Able to assign people to certain ranks.

The Downsides however.

Regular Officiers are not allowed to use their quirks.

Need to actually complete in certain meetings and such for rank up to Tartarus Guard

Must be sure to write a police report on why was whoever arrested failure to do so will mean for their release.

Ashura United Quirks Tier List Wiki

We will update very soon Ashura United Quirks Tier List

Ashura United Codes

As of now there is no code available for Ashura United.

That’s it for this Ashura United Trello Wiki – Best Faction & Quirks Tier List

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