Atelier Resleriana Memoria Guide – SSR, SR, and R

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Hi guys, Today we will tell you about Atelier Resleriana Recommended Memoria and the Complete ranking of  Atelier Resleriana Memoria.  So Memoria is like your secret weapon in the game. They’re these awesome picture cards that make your characters super powerful. Imagine having a treasure chest full of superhero cards – that’s Memoria.

When you’re playing the Atelier Resleriana, you’ll get a chance to pull for both characters and Memoria. It’s like opening surprise gifts, and who doesn’t love surprises, right? These Memoria cards have amazing drawings telling cool stories from Atelier history.

So, why are Memoria cards so cool? They turn your characters into ultimate alchemic champions! You know, like giving them superhero upgrades. Some Memoria cards are game-changers. They’re like the MVPs of the game. Some budget-friendly ones are super cool without breaking the bank. And of course, the strategic must-haves – these are like your secret plans for winning!

Atelier Resleriana Memoria Guide – Tier List

S+ Tier:

  1. It’s the first sale!
  2. It’s study time!
  3. Further away
  4. Momentary intersection
  5. Welcome to the party!
  6. Time just the two of us
  7. An afternoon moment
  8. Look up at the fireworks
  9. A continuation of that summer
  10. Puni puni raise

S Tier:

  1. Dance in the new year
  2. Colorful scenery
  3. What is reflected in those eyes
  4. Thing that weaves history
  5. Increase altitude
  6. Treasure discovered!
  7. Partner
  8. A jet-black shadow acting behind the scenes on a moonlit night
  9. Those who follow their destiny with the guidance of the stars
  10. Following in the footsteps
  11. Aiming for a city in the sky
  12. The place I want to protect
  13. Embraced by the twilight sea
  14. Walking on the land of twilight

A Tier:

  1. Alchemist of twilight
  2. Premonition of “the other side”
  3. In a world of fantasy
  4. Under the starry sky
  5. By the cool river

B Tier:

  1. Ride with your best friend
  2. Angel’s Mercy
  3. Flowers nestling together
  4. Doll’s dream
  5. Premonition of a new adventure
  6. My atelier

Atelier Resleriana Memoria Guide

Atelier Resleriana Best Memoria Guide – SSR, SR, and R

Alchemists of Dusk – SSR

  • Recovers HP for Wind attribute characters.

A Moment in the Afternoon – SSR

  • Increases skill damage when attacking weaknesses.

Angel’s Compassion – SSR

  • Deals extra damage to burned targets.

Anticipating the “Beyond” – SSR

  • Gains a skill damage buff after taking a physical hit.

Chillin’ by the River – SSR

  • Recovers more HP when hit.

Costumed Outing – SSR

  • Increases the effectiveness of buffs you give.

Cuddling Flowers – SSR

  • Recovers HP for Ice attribute characters.

Gaining Altitude – SSR

  • Increases skill damage for Slash attribute characters.

Go Further Beyond – SSR

  • Increases skill damage for Wind attribute characters.

Hyakka Ryouran Attack – SSR.

  • Grants a skill damage buff to allies after getting attacked, but only if you’re a Lightning attribute character.

I’m Working Right Now – SSR

  • Increases break damage for area attacks.

In A Dream-like World – SSR

  • Increases skill damage.

Iridescent Scenery – SSR

  • Increases skill damage for Fire attribute characters.

Jet Black Shadow Moves Discretely Beneath the Moon – SSR

  • Boosts HP, AGI, PATK, PDEF, MATK, and MDEF.
  • Increases break damage for all allies if you’re a Breaker.

Our Moment – SSR

  • Boosts HP, AGI, PATK, PDEF, MATK, and MDEF.
  • Increases skill damage when HP is 70% or higher.

Aim for the City in the Sky – SR

  • Increases physical skill damage by +3% to +15%.

Anticipation of a New Adventure – SR

  • Boosts all allies’ break damage for Supporters by +1% to +6%.

Embraced by the Dusk Sea – SR

  • Increases physical break damage by +2% to +15%.

Following in Her Footsteps – SR

  • Increases magical skill damage by +3% to +15%.

Looking up at the Dusk Sky – SR

  • Inflicts debuffs on enemies after attacking their weakness.

My Aspiration – SR

  • Increases skill damage for Slash attribute characters by +3% to +17%.

My Atelier – SR

  • Increases skill damage when there’s only one enemy by +4% to +24%.

School Friends – SR

  • Increases skill damage when HP is 50% or lower by +4% to +24%.

That Summer’s Adventure – SR

  • Increases break damage for Pierce attribute characters by +3% to +17%.

The Place I Want to Protect – SR

  • Increases skill damage when attacking weakness by +3% to +17%.

The Power to Change the World – SR

  • Inflicts debuffs on enemies after attacking as a Wind attribute character.

The Story We Wove – SR

  • Inflicts debuffs on enemies after attacking weakness with an Impact attribute.

Walking on the Dusk Earth – SR

  • Increases skill damage for Lightning attribute characters by +3% to +17%.

Wide Open World – SR

  • Recovers HP for Impact attribute characters by +3% to +17%.

Alchemist Marlone – R

  • Increases skill damage when attacking weakness by +2% to +12%.

And that wraps up our guide on Atelier Resleriana Memoria. You can find more content related to the Atelier Resleriana game below.

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