Autumnus Lucky Board Guide – How to Obtain Dice

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to Autumnus Lucky Board Guide, This is a brand new event in and Today we will tell you some basic tips to complete this challenge and everything about Special Tiles and How to Obtain Dice in Autumnus Lucky Board Event.

The Autumnus Lucky Board is a 6-day event in where players throw dice to move squares on a board, aiming to claim rewards.

Missions: Completing in-game tasks like playing main chapters, defeating monsters, quick patrols, and opening chests, among others.

Dice: Players earn dice by completing missions. There’s also a special ‘Magic Dice’ that allows players to select a specific roll.

So come and take a look at this Autumnus Lucky Board Guide. Autumnus Lucky Board Guide

Chests: Avoid using gems, S keys, and EDF keys initially. Wait until the last day to decide if you wish to use them. For now, utilize the Key Army or ad keys from the pet, which will net you up to 6 chests daily.

Tasks: Complete them daily for consistent rewards. Specifically, for killing monsters, you’ll want to play Chapter 4 and use purple+ Shiny Wristguards.

Dice Mechanic: Rolling the dice will land you random rewards. For those looking to ensure a specific outcome, the MagicDice allows players to choose the dice roll’s outcome, although it’s considered a pay-to-win option.

2. Special Tiles and Their Effects:

:Event_Star: Grants 2⭐ each time you pass it. Once you cross this tile, all other board rewards will change randomly.

:Event_Jail: A risk that can be highly rewarding. You’re given 3 chances to roll two dice. If both have the same number, you’re free to move and get the sum of both dice in :Event_RandomDice:.

:Event_Switch: A tile you’d preferably want to avoid. Landing on it makes you take a longer route.

:Event_CrystalBall: Transforms a random box into a 3⭐ reward. This box remains until you land on it.

:Event_Train: Grants all rewards in its line. Extremely beneficial if you have a substantial amount of :Event_RandomDice: in tow.

3. Strategies and Tips:

For F2P players, reaching 150⭐ is achievable. Remain patient and keep grinding the missions. Depending on your luck with :Event_RandomDice:, you might want to spend gems or keys.

Save your :Event_MagicDice: for situations where it can maximize benefits, especially when there are many :Event_RandomDice: or precious rewards on the :Event_Train:.

:Event_CrystalBall: combinations:

  • With :Event_Star: = +4 :Event_Star:
  • With :Event_Jail: = guarantees same dice number when rolling
  • With :Event_Train: = automatically obtain 5 rewards when passing
  • With :Event_Switch: = reverses lanes
  • With another :Event_CrystalBall: = 3⭐ all over the board

4. Mission Caps (Assumed):

  • Kills: 1.5M
  • Chests: 300 (However, don’t open more than 100 unless you’re a big spender)
  • Chapters: 40
  • DC: 20

Note: Simply entering and then exiting a chapter counts as a played chapter.

5. Troubleshooting:

If the event disappears unexpectedly, it might be due to regional restrictions, a bug, etc. Here’s what you can try:

  • Tap the “fix errors” option in the game
  • Use a VPN to access the game
  • Reinstall the game (ensure your progress is saved on Game Center or Google Play Games first)

6. Ranking Rewards:

While detailed images weren’t provided, always keep an eye on ranking rewards to strategize your gameplay based on the potential rewards.

That’s it for this Autumnus Lucky Board Guide.

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