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Clash Royale Poison Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck 2020

Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12 | Posion Elixir Golem Deck

Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck 2020 Hi guys, I will show you Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck 2020 This Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck has Poison for Splash Damage to counter Skarmy, Bats and Goblin Gang, Lumberjack, Mega Minion and Night Witch for Defense, This Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck arena 12 is very good for 12 Wins Grand Challenge so come and take a look at this Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12

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Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck

Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck Card Role:

1.) Elixir Golem: The strongest tank in the Game. With this deck, the support units like Night Witch, Baby Dragon behind the Golem do tons of damage, One strong push can win you the entire match.  Push and defend for the best advantage.

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2.) Baby Dragon: Baby dragon can be used in the same way, but being an air tank has a special role. She is the card I like to use the most with the rElixir Golem.

3.) Night Witch: Night Witch is a great card with good DPS  Her spawn speed lets  them build up in hordes! Also, when she dies she produces an additional threat in the bats.Golem+Night Witch pushes With Flying Machine  really gets punished to your opponent and he has no way to answer your push or to defend at a huge elixir disadvantage

4.) Poison: Poison is one of the strongest spells in the meta right now. This is because of the dominance of cards like Guards and Bats which can be easily countered with Poison.

It is also an extremely good and definitely the safest counter to Graveyard. One thing to remember is that use Poison when you are able to get lot of value and don’t go for damage.

5.) Mega Minion Mega Minion is is your tank killer along with Night Witch and Royal Ghost. He flies, so he cannot be targeted by troops such as Royal Ghost or Other Ground Troops

He also excels against Musketeers, Baby Dragon, Ice Wizard and also Executioner with his high damage per hit Its ability to one-shot minions and lava pups make it really good against lava hound.

6.) Snowball: You can actually completely counter the minion horde with the help of your tower if you play the zap halfway when the princess is shooting its first arrow.

7.) Lumberjack: The second and last Legendary in this deck after Night Witch. The best thing about Lumberjack is his death effect, Rage, which is extremely useful in Golem push. But remember to use him as Elixir Golem support, whose role is to live as long as possible

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8.) Bats: dps air defense, zap bait, mini-tank destroyer, works well in small counter pushes.

Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck Gameplan: 

Generally, you want to open with a Bats to test and see what deck your enemy is playing.

NEVER, EVER use Elixir Golem as a starting hand as you might get punished easily. As I said above, the best time to go with Elixir Golem at the back is when you just defended their win condition with positive Elixir trade. Use Baby Dragon and Mega Minion to defend against most pushes

Once you hit double Elixir drop the big bad Elixir Golem in the back and build up your pushes. 

when the Elixir Golem crosses the river throw your Baby Dragon or Night Witch To support your Elixir Golem

Back up your Golem push with Baby Dragon and Mega Minion. When you have a strong enough push going and have extra

Remember you don’t always need the big Golem alive to tank for your Supporting Troops Nightdo a great job as well.

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think that’s all I have for this Poison Baby Dragon Elixir Golem Deck , Thanks for Reading, Have Fun

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