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Baby Dragon Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck Arena 12+

Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck 2020

Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck Hi guys, I will show you Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck Which is used by so many pro players in Grand Challenges and Top Ladder 200, This Baby Dragon Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck is a new meta and  which currently has the highest win rate in the entire game. This deck has 70.9% Win rate, the best way to play this deck is very passively and focus on punishing them on the counter push so come and take a look at this guide

Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck

Baby Dragon Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck:

1.) Night Witch: Night witch is the most used card with elixir golem in the whole game! She is the best support card there is out there for heavy tanks. When starting out a push playing her in the back first allows her more time to spawn bats which will potentially force a small spell from your opponent’s hand. If they have lightening or rocket don’t play her to close to your towers

2.) Elixir Golem: This card is incredibly strong and is often underrated just how much damage the blobs can do.  Elixir golem should only really be used at the bridge to tank damage for your surviving defensive units. Try to support him as much as possible and end the game in one push.He can be used to kite units into the opposite lane if required too. He shouldn’t be used defensively unless it’s your last resort

3.) Tornado: Tornado is one of my favourite spells in the entire game because it can be used to activate king tower and it also has great synergy with the baby dragon. Tornado has great synergy with the baby dragon and magic archer. Use it to help protect your units on offence. On defence, it can be used to activate your king tower or pull all their units into the splash radius of the baby dragon. It’s a great defensive tool against hog rider and balloon as well.

4.) Magic Archer: The magic archer will support the Elixir Golem and is excellent to lock on to pesky units like the wizard and can clear through the spawn skeletons of the witch and do damage against her and even the tower depending on the placement. When using him of defence he can be played opposite lane and on offence strategically placing him at the bridge will allow you to get some extra tower chip. A lot of pros will play magic archer high to support their pushes and keep him out of spell range to their princess towers.

5.) Baby Dragon: This Baby Dragon has been extremely strong for months, his splash damage allows him to protect his brothers from swarm units like minions and bats. You can support your Elixir Golem with Baby Dragon

6.) Battle Healer: Battle healer is incredibly broken, she doesn’t die to rockets or lightening. She synergies very well with almost any unit in the game and also acts as a mini tank for almost all your pushes.

7.) Barbarian Barrel: Self Explanatory

8.) Poison: Poison: Your moderate spell and It can be used for two main things: Killing glass cannons (and Pumps) along with swarm clear. It prevents swarms from attacking your Elixir Golem and chips the tower as well. Use on minion hordes, glass cannons, whatever comes your way. Elixir Golem+Night Witch+Poison is a good push if you have a big elixir lead.

Baby Dragon Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck Gameplan:

In single elixir play patiently and passively to learn what deck the opponent is playing, also try to activate your king tower as early as possible especially against hog rider, balloon, bait, bridge spam or graveyard with your Tornado. Always assess what deck your opponent is playing and learn what counters they have to your elixir golem and what their big spells are. You can apply pressure when you get a good opportunity or after a successful defence. Don’t over commit and leave yourself with no elixir

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