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Clash Royale Battle Ram Pekka Magic Archer Deck 2020 ( Bridge Spam )

Pekka Magic Archer Deck 2020

Hey, guys to we bring you this amazing Battle Ram Pekka Magic Archer Deck 2020 guide for you all! Today, I will show you Battle Ram Pekka Magic Archer Deck and is very good for grand challenges and Arena 11+.

Also, you can use this deck in Bridge Spam Challenge, so let’s take a look at this Battle Ram Pekka Magic Archer Deck Guide

Battle Ram Pekka Magic Archer Deck 2020

Battle Ram Pekka Magic Archer Deck 2020

Pekka: The Main Powerhouse of the deck. She is Primary Defense and Win Condition an absolute beast on ground defense, she can shred most ground pushes and support with little help, then go on with half health to be a major counter push threat. She is very good against Hogs, Bridge Spam pushes.

Magic Archer: He is a Legendary Splash troop with low damage but Long-range so  he has the highest damage range of all troops. So he has Long-Rang that means magic archer will directly hit troops within 7 tiles, but due to his arrow that can pass through anything, he can indirectly damage troops up to 11 tiles.

He is also very powerful with Tornado as you can pull troops near the Crown Tower and attack all of them and the tower together.

Poison: Poison is one of the strongest spells in the meta right now. This is because of the dominance of cards like Guards and Bats which can be easily countered with Poison. Use Poison to clear out the area in this deck.

Use it destroy buildings, glass cannons, swarms and finish of towers. It is also an extremely good to counter Graveyard

Battle Ram: The Battle Ram is your primary win condition in this deck. A tourney standard ram can nearly take out a tower on its own if left alone and you would be surprised how often this actually happens. It is still a good card to use as a tank for Surviving Troops On Counter Push

Royal Ghost: Easily one of the most favorite cards as of now, this Card is insane. The royal ghost can be used on defense because he does a decent amount of damage. He must also be responded to on offense, Air troops can’t take him out if he is in Invisible mode Don’t hesitate to play him on defense against cards like Hog or Miner.

Bandit: The Bandit has quickly become one of the stronger cards in Clash Royale If you don’t believe me just use the Bandit and learn for yourself. In this deck, the Bandit offers incredible versatility.

The Bandit can be placed behind a Battle Ram or paired with a miner for a surprisingly strong push. She can also be used on defense to clean up medium health units. She is now much more viable against enemies and efficient at chip damage

Electro Wizard: This card is very unique in the game, and is a huge part in defending mass air pushes everywhere in the game. This is my personal preference for defense. He can handle hog riders well and can also be put down on top of swarms to slow down an enemy push.

His spawn zap is just as good as an equivalently leveled zap, so you can use it to eliminate everything you would use zap on, This card is also an effective counter to the balloon

Zap: Zap is another great spell costing very little to reset/get rid of swarms. Pretty basic function that all of you know how to play. The only tip I have for you is to use it in the right situations.

Battle Ram Pekka Magic Archer Deck 2020 Gameplan:

Early game you can start out the match with a bandit or a ghost at the bridge you can Play Royal Ghost at bridge and apply pressure on your opponent and make positive Elixir trades whenever possible and go on counter pushes immediately after. or you can also play a magic archer behind your towers to see what big spells your opponent is playing.

Ensure you protect your magic archer throughout the match and always use his long-range to your advantage.

Double elixir you can start using this deck a lot more aggressively in both lanes and using your spells to support your pushes. Remember this is a dual lane deck.

Also, keep in mind that It is absolutely crucial that you don’t use Pekka push without knowing your opponent’s deck ( all 8 cards ) as if your opponent has the right cards they can counter your push very cheaply

Thanks for reading, see you in the arena…

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Thanks for reading this Battle Ram Pekka Magic Archer Deck All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome

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