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Apex Legends Guns Guide 2020 | Best guns in Apex Aeason 3

Apex Legends Guns Guide 2020 Hi Guys Today I will tell Apex Legends Guns Guide 2020 | Best Gun to Use in Apex Legends Season 3 and Each weapon will get a quick description describing their pros and cons so you can make an educated guess when you pick your weapon.

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Apex Legends Guns Guide 2020 | Best Gun to Use in Apex Legends

Snipers: Snipers excel at long range, but falter when the action comes close to home.

Kraber: The Kraber is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. However, the gun is hampered by slow bullet velocity, high bullet drop and a low ammo count of just twelve rounds in total. Requires skill to use effectively.

Longbow: Arguably the best sniper in the game, the Longbow has many advantages over the Kraber. It has higher bullet speed and lower bullet drop, the ability to take barrel compensators, extended mags, optics and sniper stocks, and it takes heavy ammo, which can be replenished. Best used at medium to long range.

G7 Scout: While possessing the highest rate of fire and magazine size out of all the snipers, it suffers from low damage ( 30 to the body, 60 to the head ) as a result. Most effective at medium range, as the low damage allows enemies to seek cover after getting shot at long ranges.

Triple Take: This sniper posses the lowest bullet drop and highest bullet speed out of all of the snipers. However, the triple take fires three projectiles that spread apart from each other, which leads to low damage at long ranges. The precision choke allows you to charge up one solid projectile, so seek this out if you plan to use the triple take at long range. Also, takes energy ammo, which is harder to find than other ammo types.

Assault Rifles: AR’s are the most versatile weapons in the game, however that means they do not excel in any particular area without proper attachments.

Hemlock: Three round burst rifle that is tied for highest damage in the assault rifle class. Burst means the Hemlock is less effective in close range than other rifles. Single shot mode gives you lower recoil, and with a barrel stabilizer allows you to reach out to medium and even long range.

VK-47: Lowest DPS in assault rifle class. Higher than average recoil means that engaging at medium range is tougher than usual, especially since you cannot equip a barrel stabilizer. Use only if you have no other option.

R-301: High rate of fire with low damage, the most versatile assault rifle, the 301 excels at both close and medium range. Low recoil even without a barrel stabilizer allows you to engage targets at a variety of ranges with no problems.

Havoc: Without the turbocharger or select fire, the Havoc does not have much use, as it suffers from a long wind of time and high recoil.
With the turbocharger, the Havoc has the highest DPS’s out of all of the rifles, while the select fire turns the Havoc into a hitscan laser rifle with high damage.

LMG’s: LMGs excel at suppressing enemy’s, keeping them in one spot while your teammates get into better positions.

Spitfire: The The spitfire has the highest magazine size out of any weapon in apex legends, has high damage and DPS, and suffers little recoil. Powerful at pinning down enemies at medium range.

Devotion: A energy weapon, the Devotion has a large wind up time before the gun reaches its full rate of fire. The turbocharger alleviates this a bit, but the Devotions high recoil limits the weapons usability at medium range. Generally weaker than the Spitfire.

SMG’s: SMG’s find their niche in close range, but lack in damage and range in most other situations.

R-99: With the highest DPS in the SMG category, the R-99 turns enemies to red mist in close quarters. However, the R-99 is lacking at range with its high recoil, low damage, low bullet speed and high bullet drop.

Prowler: Without the select fire hop up, the Prowler is decent for close quarters as the five round burst can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. With the selectfire, it becomes a versatile SMG usable at both close and medium range. Highest magazine size out of all the SMG’s.

Alternator: With low damage, DPS, rate of fire, high recoil, small magazine size and poor ballistics, the Alternator is only decent as an early game weapon.

Shotguns: Shotguns dominate close quarters, but outside close quarters they are about as useful as throwing nerf darts at your enemies.

Mastiff: The best shotgun by far, the Mastiff has the ability to one shot a person through most helmets. While suffering from a limited ammo capacity, the Mastiff is the uncontested dominator of close quarters.

Peacekeeper: The peacekeeper is a good close range shotgun that deals good damage in close quarters. With the precision choke, the Peacekeeper can even reach out to medium range.

EVA-8: While The EVA deals good consistent damage in close quarters, the spread pattern means this shotgun has limited range. Most effective in the early game.

Pistols: With the exception of one, pistols are only good early game.

Wingman: With low recoil, high damage and good DPS, the Wingman can be used all the way up to the late game at most ranges with no problems.

RE-45: Full auto pistol. Low damage and poor ballistics make this weapon only effective in the early game.

P2020: Poor damage and low rate of fire makes this weapon only barely usable in extremely early game.

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And that’s all for now Apex Legends Guns Guide 2020 | Best Gun to Use in Apex Legends. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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