Best Arena 16 Deck 2022 (Executioner’s Kitchen Deck )

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Welcome back to our Best Arena 16 Deck 2023 (Executioner’s Kitchen Deck), In this post we will show you some Best Deck for trophies push and tournaments.

In this Wiki, we have shared a bunch of popular Executioner’s Kitchen Arena decks used by pro players and big YouTubers like Orange Juice, Sirtag, etc. Also, See – Best Arena 17 Deck – (Best Royal Crypt Arena Deck)

Top 10 Best Arena 16 Deck 2023 (Executioner’s Kitchen Arena Deck)

Royal Giant Deck for Clash Royale Arena 16 

Clash Royale Pekka Deck

Clash Royale Love Conquers All Challenge DeckThe Pekka Best Arena 16 Deck primary powerhouse is Pekka. She can shred most ground pushes and support with little help, then continue on with half health to be a formidable counter-push danger. She is extremely effective against Hogs and Bridge Spam pushes. With the Magic Archer + Pekka combo, you may make a huge push in double elixir time.

Counter push with Pekka+Magic Archer and chip damage is used to destroy the opponent’s tower in this Peka Magic Archer deck. During the first minute, I don’t play this deck aggressively. You can start the game with a bandit or a ghost at the bridge in the early stages.

Play Royal Ghost at the bridge to put pressure on your opponent, make favorable Elixir swaps wherever possible, and quickly embark on counter pushes. Alternatively, you can place a Mother Witch behind your towers to spy on your opponent’s major spells.

Archer Queen Best Arena 16 Deck Clash Royale

Try putting pressure on both lanes early on in the game to deal as much damage as you can. This is crucial because, since we lack a powerful spell, it can be challenging to win games in double elixir.

As the game progresses, attempt to stack Archer Queen and put unrelenting pressure on both lanes to stop your opponent from assembling a strong push.

Clash Royale Lava Hound Best Arena 16 Deck

Lava Skeleton king Deck Arena 16

Play reactively in the early going and try to decipher your opponent’s deck. Wait for the ideal opportunity to push back and attack.

Make sure to maintain strong defense in the later stages and develop strong Lava Hound Miner Skeleton King pushes, or you can use Miner + flying machine

Skeleton Giant Best Arena 16 Deck 2022 Wiki

Night Witch Golem Best Arena 16 Deck Wiki

Miner balloon Deck 

Miner balloon Best Arena 16 Deck

That’s it for this Top 10 Best Arena 16 Deck 2023 (Executioner’s Kitchen Deck )

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