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Best Barrels o’ Fun Challenge Decks 2023 December

Welcome to our Barrels o’ Fun Challenge Decks guide. In this article, we will show you the best decks for brand new Barrels o’ Fun Challenge in Clash Royale.

So come and take a look at this guide

DECK 1: Best Barrels o’ Fun Challenge Decks

Best Royal Giant Evolution Challenge Decks
Best Royal Giant Evolution Decks

Royal Giant: The Royal Giant will be your main win condition in this deck. Deploy him behind your King Tower, and when he reaches the bridge, support him with other cards to take down enemy towers.

Phoenix: The Phoenix (assuming it’s a flying troop) can be used for both defense and offense. It can target air and ground units, making it versatile. Use it to take out enemy troops, especially air units, and support your Royal Giant push by clearing the path.

Royal Ghost: The Royal Ghost is a versatile troop that can be used for defense and offense. Deploy him to counter or distract enemy units. Additionally, he can assist the Royal Giant by providing a sneak attack and dealing damage to the enemy tower.

Fisherman: The Fisherman can be used for various purposes. You can use him to pull enemy troops towards your towers or away from your Royal Giant, disrupting their strategy. He can also be used defensively to control the battlefield and create advantageous positions.

Fireball: The Fireball is a powerful spell that deals area damage. Use it to take out swarms of troops, weaken defensive buildings, or finish off weakened enemy units. It can also be utilized to support your Royal Giant push by damaging and weakening enemy defenses.

Skeletons: The Skeletons are cheap and versatile. They can be used to distract enemy troops, kite them away from your towers, or support your Royal Giant by distracting enemy units targeting him. They are particularly effective against single-target troops.

Electro Spirit: The Electro Spirit provides utility in both defense and offense. Deploy it to stun enemy units, reset their attacks, or disrupt their strategies. It can also be used to support your Royal Giant by stunning or damaging defensive troops or buildings.

The Log: The Log is a spell that can be used for crowd control and clearing the path for your Royal Giant. It can push back and damage enemy troops, making it useful against swarm units and resetting their attacks.

Best Royal Giant Evolution Decks Gameplan:

Start by defending and gaining elixir advantage. Use your defensive troops like Royal Ghost, Fisherman, and Skeletons to counter enemy pushes while saving elixir.

Once you have enough elixir, deploy the Royal Giant behind your King Tower. Support him with troops like Phoenix, Electro Spirit, and Royal Ghost. The Phoenix can clear any aerial threats, while the Electro Spirit can stun or damage defensive units. The Royal Ghost can deal additional damage and distract enemy units.

Use the Fireball to weaken or eliminate defensive buildings or swarms of troops that can hinder your Royal Giant’s progress.

Maintain a defensive mindset while pushing with the Royal Giant. Continuously assess the opponent’s troops and react accordingly. Utilize the Fisherman to pull and disrupt enemy troops, creating favorable interactions for your troops.

If your opponent plays defensively, chip away at their towers with spells like Fireball and The Log. Keep cycling your cards efficiently and apply constant pressure.

Remember to adapt your strategy based on the opponent’s deck and playstyle. Defense is crucial, so ensure you have enough elixir to defend against potential counter-attacks.

Repeat the above steps, adjusting your strategy as needed, and aim to destroy the opponent’s towers while defending yours effectively.

DECK 2: New Barrels o’ Fun Challenge Decks

This deck excels in the Barrels o’ Fun Challenge due to its key strengths. Firstly, it centers around the Royal Giant as the primary win condition, allowing you to build a focused strategy around deploying and supporting this powerful unit.

The inclusion of a versatile mix of defensive and offensive cards ensures that you can effectively counter your opponent’s attacks while maintaining a strong offense.

The deck’s crowd control capabilities are notable, thanks to cards like Zappies, The Log, and Fireball. These cards enable you to manage and neutralize enemy swarms, clearing a path for your Royal Giant to reach the opponent’s towers with minimal resistance.

Furthermore, the deck capitalizes on synergistic combinations such as the Fisherman and Mother Witch. The Fisherman’s ability to pull enemy troops can disrupt your opponent’s strategy, while the Mother Witch’s transformation of enemy troops into Hoglets provides additional distractions and damage output during your Royal Giant push.

Defensively, the deck offers solid options for mitigating enemy threats. The Tombstone provides a distraction for enemy units and can draw them away from your towers, allowing you to neutralize them effectively.

Additionally, the Fisherman’s pulling ability can be utilized defensively, diverting dangerous enemy units and reducing the impact of their attacks. This defensive strength can quickly transition into a counter-push, leveraging the surviving troops alongside the Royal Giant to catch your opponent off guard.

DECK 3: Royal Giant Barrels o’ Fun Challenge Decks

In the Barrels o’ Fun Challenge, this deck can be effective with a well-executed game plan. Here is an in-depth guide for playing this deck in the challenge:

At the beginning of the match, focus on defending your towers efficiently while gaining an elixir advantage. Use cards like Skeleton Army, Princess, Dart Goblin, and Bats to counter your opponent’s pushes while preserving elixir.

Once you have gained an elixir advantage, prepare for a Royal Giant push. Deploy the Royal Giant behind your King Tower, allowing elixir to accumulate while the Royal Giant progresses towards the bridge.

Depending on the situation, you can choose to support the Royal Giant immediately or wait for a counter-push opportunity.

Mega Knight: Use the Mega Knight to clear out enemy defenses and swarms that can hinder your Royal Giant’s progress. Drop the Mega Knight near the Royal Giant to create a strong combination and to eliminate enemy troops effectively.

Prince: Deploy the Prince alongside the Royal Giant to provide additional firepower and tanking ability. The Prince’s charging ability can quickly eliminate defenders and clear a path for the Royal Giant.

Goblin Barrel: Utilize the Goblin Barrel as a surprise attack to distract your opponent’s defenses and deal damage to their towers. Time the Goblin Barrel deployment to catch your opponent off guard while their attention is focused on countering the Royal Giant.

Skeleton Army: Use the Skeleton Army to counter high-damage units or distract tanks from targeting your towers. Deploy it strategically to surround and quickly eliminate enemy threats.

Princess and Dart Goblin: Place the Princess behind your towers and Dart Goblin at a safe distance to provide continuous ranged damage to enemy troops and buildings. This chip damage can weaken enemy pushes and help defend your Royal Giant.

As you successfully defend against enemy pushes, look for opportunities to launch counter-attacks. Use surviving troops from defence to support your Royal Giant or combine them with a Goblin Barrel for a dual-lane pressure strategy.

X-Bow Siege Barrels o’ Fun Challenge Decks

  • X-Bow: Your main win condition. Place it on your side of the arena to target enemy towers.
  • Tornado: Use it to pull and activate your King Tower, or to group up enemy troops for efficient defense.
  • Archers: Ranged units for both defense and supporting your X-Bow.
  • Ice Spirit: Provides freeze and cheap cycle potential.
  • Tesla: Defensive building that distracts and damages enemy troops.
  • Log: Pushes back and damages troops, clearing a path for your X-Bow.
  • Fireball: Deals area damage to clear enemy swarms or damage towers.
  • Skeletons: Cheap cycle cards for distracting and cycling through your deck.


Start by cycling cheap cards like Skeletons or Ice Spirit to gain elixir advantage and learn your opponent’s deck.

Defend with Tesla, Archers, and Ice Spirit, while using Tornado to pull troops into the X-Bow’s range.

Play the X-Bow when you have enough elixir and a good defensive setup. Support it with Archers and Ice Spirit.

Use Tornado to disrupt enemy pushes, pulling troops away from your X-Bow or activating your King Tower for added defence.

Tesla is your main defensive building. Place it strategically to lure and distract enemy troops, protecting your X-Bow.

The log can be used to push back enemy units and clear a path for your X-Bow or to chip away at weakened towers.

Fireballs can be used to clear swarms, damage towers, or finish off low-health units.

Maintain a cycle of cheap cards to continually defend, apply pressure, and maintain elixir advantage.

Golem Beatdown Barrels o’ Fun Challenge Decks

  • Golem
  • Baby Dragon
  • Mega Minion
  • Night Witch
  • Lumberjack
  • Lightning
  • Tornado
  • Skeletons

Golem Skeleton Evolution Challenge Deck Strategy: Build a strong Golem push by supporting it with Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, and Night Witch. Use Tornado to pull and group up enemy troops, while Skeletons provide cheap distraction. Lightning can be used to clear defensive buildings or weaken enemy units.

Miner Control Barrels o’ Fun Challenge Decks

  • Miner
  • Inferno Tower
  • Mega Minion
  • Poison
  • Log
  • Electro Dragon
  • Guards
  • Bats

Strategy: Control the game using the Miner as your main source of damage. Defend with Inferno Tower, Mega Minion, and Guards. Poison can be used to damage enemy units and weaken defensive structures. Electro Dragon and Bats provide additional defense and support for your Miner pushes.

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