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Top 17 Best Brawler For Brawl Stars Championship Challenge

Best Brawler For Brawl Stars Championship Challenge Hi guys I will show you Best Brawler For Brawl Stars Championship Challenge and Brawl Stars Championship Challenge are spread over 5 game modes (Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Bounty, Heist & Siege) so you need to get 15 wins before 3 losses and In this post, I will show you Top 5 Best Brawler For Brawl Stars Championship Challenge For game modes  and Every map of Brawl Stars Championship Challenge so come and take a look at this guide

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Best Brawler For Brawl Stars Championship Challenge


Top 5 Brawl Stars Gem Grab Brawler:

1.) Nita: Nita is very good brawler for every game mode specially Sheis a great front liner in Gem Grab because of her super attack. She’s good here because she can be decent at taking out enemy brawlers and keeping them at bay.The bear can serve as a meat shield while Nita and her teammates secure the gem mine. Her basic attacks also deal a considerable amount of damage, making her a decent threat on her own Take a look at Full Nite Guide Here »

2.) Colt: The second brawler we’ll be talking about will be Colt. The key to playing Colt is predicting your opponent’s pathing. This allows to land most of your shots, dealing a ton of damage to your opponents. With Colt, you want to be staying back assisting your allies, while destroying opponents with your punishing damage.
Colt is good because he has that high DPS and super that allows him to break any walls enemy brawlers may be hiding behind. In Gem Grab Colt can be used as a Gem Carrier but he’s better being support. Always remember to aim your shots while using Colt unless enemies are at point blank range. It’s very easy to miss with auto-aim because his shots are very narrow Take a look at Full Colt Guide Here »

3.) Spike: Spike is one of the strongest brawlers that can dominate in almost every mode. He shines the most in Gem Grab,Brawl Ball, Bounty,, Spike is a low-health Brawler and can be taken out in 2 shots by Piper or Brock. Although he is a legendary and does decent damage, he has very low health.

however, as his ability to pressure tight areas and the gem mine far exceeds those of other brawlers. His basic attack alone can provide suppressing fire to anyone who tries to get close to the gem mine Take a look at Full Spike Guide »

4.) Leon: Leon is fantastic at quickly picking enemies off and slipping away. Smoke Bomb can be an amazing tool both in staying alive and approaching enemies for an ambush. Leon thrives on maps with either lots of walls or a medium amount of walls.

For Leon, more grass is better because that’s more places for him to activate his Super. Of course at the time of writing this guide, Leon is incredibly strong.

Top 5 Brawl Stars Bounty Brawler

1.) Brock: – Brock can deal high, long-distance damage with his rockets and His Super can instantly eliminate multiple enemies with powerful rocket barrage in a wide area. Brock’s Rockin’ Rockets can blow enemies to pieces with a few well placed hits. Additonally, Rocket Rain can either catch enemies behind cover or simply blow the cover away for a clear shot.

2.) Bo: Bo does well on maps with lots of choke points to put down his Super, also with maps that have a medium amount of walls so he can take advantage of his range.

If you do have him maxed out and have his star power then he also thrives very well on maps that have a lot of bushes.

3.) Piper: Piper does her very best on very wide open maps with a few choke points that will make it easier for her to hit enemy brawlers.

Piper’s ability to safely pick off enemies makes her a fiend in Bounty. She can lurk at the back of he map to pick enemies off from a distance. Should someone manage to get close, she can take to the skies with Poppin’ and float to safety.

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4.) Leon: Leon is fantastic at quickly picking enemies off and slipping away. Smoke Bomb can be an amazing tool both in staying alive and approaching enemies for an ambush. Leon thrives on maps with either lots of walls or a medium amount of walls.

For Leon, more grass is better because that’s more places for him to activate his Super. Of course at the time of writing this guide, Leon is incredibly strong.

5.) Penny: Penny does best on wide open maps that have lots of choke points and those choke points are very important because then it makes it a little bit easier for her to aim her shots and hit a brawler.

Her long range allows her to harass foes well, but more than that she has Old Lobber as back up. With how cautious enemies have to be, it can be very difficult to approach Old Lobber to take away it’s presence. Therefore, Penny can reliably keep it out and make the battletield a terrifying place for her enemies.


Top 5 Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Brawler

The surest way to win a game of brawl ball besides simply being good at the game mode is to create a strong team composition with teammates before the game.

While there are plenty of team comp strategies with very specific synergies between brawlers, I’m going to focus on two basic archetypes to keep things brief. I’ll call them aggressive and control.

The composition of the team should be 2/3 close range brawlers and 1/3 long range. The roles they generally should have are that of the ball carrier, obstacle destroyer, and ranged support. Here are some examples of my personal favorite brawlers for each role.

  1. Ball carrier: Bull, Daryl, Mortis, Rosa, Primo
  2. Obstacle destroyer: Shelly, Frank
  3. Range support:Tara, Rico, Spike

The next team comp is control which focuses on long range brawlers and defensive control. These teams thrive in long range scenarios so they are good in longer range maps and OT.

The comp for this team is 2/3 ranged brawlers and 1/3 close range defender. I also suggest using one range as a power range for high dps and the other as a utility range for their unique and useful abilities. Here are some examples for each role.

  1. Defender: Bibi, BullShellyDaryl
  2. Ranged power: ColtRico, Brock
  3. Ranged utility: Jessie, Tara, GeneSpike


Top 5 Brawl Stars Heist Brawler

Dynamike: Heist is Dynamike’s best mode by far. His powerful splash damage from his dynamite and his Super gives him strong area control and damage.

  • On Attack, most enemies will hide in bushes near the chokepoint. You can use your dynamite to flush them out or kill them while staying behind cover. Once you get through the chokepoint, you can hide out of the line of sight of the defender while dealing massive damage to the safe. Use your super to clear terrain and create sightlines and pathways for your team. You can also use it to damage the safe, kill defenders or both!
  • On Defense, Dynamike can sit behind cover while threatening huge damage on any enemy who rushes the safe. If you see an attacker running for the chokepoint, throw a few preemptive dynamites to damage them when they reach it. This will force the enemy to retreat and heal up or die to your teammates. If you can’t seem to stop the attackers with your basic attacks, toss out your super and watch as the enemies are melted by the blast. Overall, Dynamike is very powerful in Heist and can win a game for your team.

2.) Bull: Bull Supers allow him to get close to the enemy safe quickly. With their high health and damage output, they can deal a lot of damage to the enemy safe.

  • Offense: Bull is a pretty good choice for Heist. He is able to charge straight into the battle if he is able to get his super up. The initial push for his super is a bit hard do to the fact that you need to either destroy the explosive box to attack the enemy, or you will have to run at Dynamike/Barley to do any damage, and they aren’t easy to evade and get close to. Because of these things you will often find yourself not doing much damage early game as well. But if you can get yourself a kill, you will open up a hole in the enemy defense. With your team supporting you will be able to use your super straight in, while the enemy team is weak without a player. Take out your opponents if they don’t run away, and then you can go for the safe.
  • Defense: In my opinion Bull is actually better at defending. The fact of the matter is that when defending, your opponents are forced to come to you to get to the safe. As Bull thrives off of Bush ambushes, he is naturally good at defending. Essentially dodge bullets while in the bush, then pounce on anybody who tries to enter through a chokepoint.

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3.) Jessie:  The turret from her Super can protect the safe from enemies or can be placed near the opposing safe to do a lot of damage over time.

Just like in Showdown, Jessie is next to useless in Heist, mainly due to her low health and low attack damage, paired with the vulnerability of her turret.

When attacking, she should try to be sneaky, poking enemies from afar. Once she can use her turret, she should try to secretly get past the enemy line of defense (which is extremely hard and unlikely) and drop her turret near the safe for a few seconds of damage. Even if the enemy somehow doesn’t notice you drop your turret, they will once the safe’s health starts dropping and would quickly destroy the turret.

Jessie fares a little better on defense, with the terrain advantage she can effectively utilize her turret to most of its potential. Though it may be hard to keep it alive since Heist is riddled with Dynamikes and Barleys, who can safely destroy it from behind a wall. Jessie should not be used in Heist, unless looking to lose trophies.

4,) El Primo: Like Bul , his Super also him to reach the safe easily but he’s not as effective as Bull.

  • Offense: El Primo is pretty bad when playing offense. Brawlers can easily avoid your short ranged attacks, while still chipping away at you. The Heist meta really does hate El Primo as well, as the most common cards you will see, like Dynamike and Barley, can really shut down El Primo when they don’t need to get close to him. If you really want to play El Primo, your best chance would be to get your super as soon as possible. Although it is hard to get your initial super, upon getting it you can cause a lot of chaos. In Heist, defenders will often bundle together, which leaves them vulnerable to your super. Killing 2 Brawlers, or even just 1 can destroy a defense, so some good coordination all around can lead to a break in the defense, which means massive damage on the safe. It is important to note that you will probably only have 2 or 3 openings to destroy the safe due to the fact that half the game you will be running around dodging attacks, so make the most of each one.
  • Defense: EL Primo is terribly bad at defense as well. You can hide in the bushes at the beginning, but once the enemy team finds out that there is an EL Primo on the other team, they will be checking every bush before they pass it, so again you will be chasing or running, not killing. You will slowly be chipped away by the enemy. If I can give you any tips, it’s just that you shouldn’t bring El Primo to Heist.

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5.) Colt used to be a necessity in Heist in order to be successful, but with the recent range nerfs we have started seeing Brocks, and, to a certain extent, Ricochets being used as substitutions for Colt. If you want to use Colt, you also need a Dynamike on your team.

  • On Defense, you want to use your Supers to destroy walls as usual, and the sole purpose of your main attack is to keep opponents back. It doesn’t matter if you don’t regenerate health because not attacking for 5 seconds to regenerate, gives you opponents 5 seconds to go up the map. The reason for not stopping to regenerate is to keep your opponents back, as mentioned above because it gives your opponents a choice of either hiding or receives a punishing amount of damage. You want to be careful in tanks charging in, as Colt is the one who can deal with them best, due to his DPS.
  • On Offense you want to break open specific walls in order to open up extra choke points, making it easier for your team to advance up the map. While breaking those walls, you want to make sure you’re hitting the safe as well. An easy tactic with Colt can be waiting for your opponents to get distracted by your teammates, then sneak up one of the sides and start shooting the safe as much as possible. Depending on the map, every round of ammo by Colt can do about 7-9% damage to the safe, so even getting just three rounds of ammo on the safe can deal between 21-27% damage, which is a lot.

Brawl Stars Heist Tips

  • While teams are on offense, they should stay together to ensure that they can push through to the safe without getting picked off too easily.
  • Many Brawlers’ Supers can be used to destroy walls. Clearing the walls makes the enemy safe easier to reach and destroy. Be careful though, you may destroy the walls around your own safe too!
  • If you die, then before going for the enemy safe, make sure no one is approaching your safe!


Top 5 Brawl Stars Siege Brawler

1.) Frank: With his Super, Frank can stun the enemy IKE turret and other enemy Brawlers. Also, while on defense, Frank can stun the enemy siege robot! Although Frank is good for defending and attacking, try to aim your Super so it doesn’t destroy walls on your side as it will leave your IKE more open to attack.

2.) Penny: Penny is really strong and her turret is absolutely incredible. One of the reasons why she’s so good is because you can actually take her turret and place it behind a wall on your side of the map. So that her turret is within range of your IKE and then if enemy Brawlers try to get anywhere close to it, then they’ll get absolutely blasted.

3.) Jessie: She can attack an enemy brawler, she can attack an enemy turret from, she can attack the enemy safe, turret, IKE or whatever you call it. If you have her Star Power throwing out her turret when you’re going on an offensive push with your robot, and then attacking that turret, it will heal itself up and continue dealing more damage to other players. It’s just an insane way for you guys to deal a ton of damage to the enemy turret, and really solidify a solid victory.

4.) Rosa: If her Super is charged/active, the IKE will do minimal damage and Rosa can deal heavy damage with ease. She can also prevent enemies from grabbing the bolts with her Super.

5.) Bibi: Bibi is very useful in both defense, offense, and collecting bolts. Her Super out-ranges the IKE turret and her main attack when her Home Run bar is charged can easily push away enemy Robots so your team has more time to defeat it before it reaches your IKE turret. The attack can also be helpful to push away any opponent that tries to collect a bolt.

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