Best DRG Builds 2024 – Best Deep Rock Galactic Build 2024

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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This Best DRG Builds 2024 guide will be focused on different builds of the characters, either for specific missions, general use or for each person’s taste, some will be subject to change due to updates, so they will continue to be updated or maintained depending on the change in the game.

The passive or use skills can be changed as they see fit, they should not necessarily use the ones that appear there.

Best DRG Builds 2024 – Gunner (Artillero)

Build Sabotage or Destroyer of Robots This build is focused on support against robots either in the sabotage mission or rival raid. Its use is simple, the primary weapon will be used to cause more damage by shooting the weak points of the machines, while the secondary will be a lifesaver since the charged shot produces combustion in the robots causing instakill, but it must be taken into account that patrol bots move around a lot. -Primary: Hurricane Guided Missile Launcher:Missile belt, anti-tank missiles, improved feed mechanism, shrapnel rounds, nitroglycerin compound. -Hack: Homemade mix of rocket fuel. -Secondary: Armskore Coil Gun:

Best DRG Builds Gunner (Artillero)

Larger battery, improved power system, concussive shock wave, blast wave, electrical wake.
-Hacking: Hellfire.

-Utilities: Incendiary grenade. Incendiary Minigun

This Deep Rock Galactic build can be of general use, it can control hordes in a decent way for incendiary damage if they get too close, in fact the effective use against heavier enemies such as Praetorians and oppressors, would be to set them on fire with the shot of the primary and then re-kill him with the revolver that does lethal damage to burning enemies (Combustion only occurs if the elemental state reached its highest point). It is recommended to do this also against special glyphs and other threats (grunt guard, warden, etc)

-Primary: Lead Storm Machine Gun:
Improved motor, high velocity ammunition, piercing rounds, lighter barrel mount, fiery bullets.
-Hacking: Burning hell.

-Secondary: Bulldog Heavy Revolver:
Perfect weight balance, increased caliber rounds, hollow point bullets, high velocity ammunition, accurate.
-Hacking: Volatile bullets.

-Utilities: Incendiary grenade. Area Machine Gun

Best DRG Builds 2024 – Scout (Explorador)

This Deep Rock Galactic build is very versatile in most missions, the drak to kill individual targets works well and in case there is a horde thanks to the overclock you must overheat the weapon to give an area flame attack that does quite a bit damage to enemies, with a cryogenic grenade finisher it will give a good thermal shock.

As for the crossbow, it will serve to attack weak points of annoying enemies such as macteras and large bugs. -Primary: Drak-25 Plasma Carbine:High Volume Plasma Feeder, Larger Battery, Hot Feet, Overcharged PCF, Thermal Power Cycle. -Hacking: Violent Purge-Secondary: Nishanka Boltshark X-80:

Best DRG Builds Scout

Special Bolt: Pheromone, Increased Quiver Capacity, Grasp Stabilizer, Battle Frenzy, Magnetic Shafts.
-Hacking: Triple Barrage

-Utilities: Cryogenic Grenade.

That’s it for this Deep Rock Galactic Build Guide 2024. Shared by Daniel

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