Top 4 Best Elixir Marathon Deck 2022 | Elixir Marathon Challenge

Clash RoyaleElixir Marathon Challenge is going to start on 2022, and this Elixir Marathon Challenge has Ramp Up Challenge, Double Elixir Challenge, Triple Elixir Challenge, and Infinite Elixir Challenge ( 7x Elixir Challenge ). In this guide, I will show you to top 10 best Best Elixir Marathon Deck 2022 which will help you to complete this Best Elixir Marathon Challenge. So come let’s get started.

1.) Best Deck for Elixir Marathon with Mega Knight 

Best Deck for Elixir Marathon

When we talk about trophy Pushing in Clash Royale, then It is a must to talk about Mega Knight Decks, for Lowers trophy player, Mega Knight is a powerful card and Mega Knights decks are good for them, and I must say this is the Best Deck for Arena 12 with Mega Knight in clash royale. You can use this deck for Trophy pushing also you can play with this deck in Classic Challenges. 

Battle Ram This is your win condition, and emergency defense. Put behind Mega Knight and have some spell in your hand and prepare to deal massive damage. As some of you may know, Pekka will be extremely prevalent in this Meta. The best way to deal with her in most situations will be Inferno Dragon.

Mega Knight is usually best held for defense. His entry damage is very good for winning group fights that have just crossed your bridge, which is very common in this challenge—but be careful to lure the enemy into your base a bit because his knockback can force troops to retarget in ways that are hard to plan around (and which may be bad for your troops).

If you have a bad hand and the game is quiet, it is okay to start a push with Mega Knight behind your king tower: it will probably lure out the opponent’s Pekka

2.) Hunter Giant Elixir Marathon Challenge Deck 2022

Clash Royale Meta Decks September 2020

This Night Witch Skeleton Dragons Giant Deck is so strong on both offense and defense. On offense, you have the Giant and the night witch, on defense you have the Hunter and the Skeleton Dragons.

This deck relies on Counter push with Giant and chip damage to destroy the opponent tower. I don’t play this deck aggressively during the first minute, I would like to maybe play Skeletons at the back, or Giant at the back first.

If Giant is not in My Hand I go for mini-pushes like Miner+Skeletons, If your opponent puts an Elixir Collector in the middle, you can split Guards and Skeleton Dragons to push both lanes and Miner to their Collector. It wins confuse them so he won’t be able to guess which lane you are going to push

3.) Royal Hog Best Deck for Double Elixir Challenge 2022

Electro Spirit Hunter Royal Hog Deck 2021

This is one of the best trophy decks in clash royale 2021, If you are in arena 12, you can play with this deck and lots of trophies, the game plan is very simple od this deck, The royal hogs provide you a quick element of surprises like thee barbs and hog. These four cards will be your main source of tower damage in most matchups.

you shouldn’t just spam them at the bridge, you need to ensure that their key counters are out of cycle or you have units ready to deal with them, for example playing an earthquake on the bomb tower. In a single elixir, you will mainly use these guys on a counter push, however, in a double elixir you can start to use them to apply opposite lane pressure or even split lane push.

The magic archer will support your Royal Hog and mini Pekka pushes after a successful defensive sequence. Placement is the key, Magic Archer can earn you many elixir trade-offs, and Placing him correctly can give you an insane amount of value especially if you can chip away at their tower while damaging their units.

Mini Pekka will be your main defense against tanks and also bridge spam units, she is great at taking down battle rams, hog rider, etc and she also provides you with a counter push

4.) Fisherman Elixir Golem Deck for Elixir Marathon Challenge 2022

3.) Fisherman Elixir Golem Deck for Elixir Marathon Challenge 2021

This Elixir Golem Deck is very good for arena 12 players, in 2022 this Best Trophy Pushing Decks 2022 will help you to reach arena 13 very easily.

Elixir The win condition of the deck, obviously. You always want to place Graveyard so it doesn’t activate the king Tower, Never rush your opponent with Graveyard. I definitely use it early in the match, but only if I can get the Elixir Golem+Graveyard+Poison combo altogether. The graveyard is pretty much useless if your opponent has three Minions or Archers, so you want to make sure you have Poison ready.

Baby Dragon Secondary tank and main air defense. It doesn’t do a lot of focused damage but if your Elixir Golem makes it to the bridge with a decent amount of health make sure to support it with a Baby Dragon. Can also be used as a flash graveyard substitute for the Elixir Golem

Poison: Your only damage dealing spell. I try to only use it aggressively with the graveyard, but it can be used defensively in dire situations such as an enemy graveyard (most notably against mirror decks). Since you have other specialized troops to take care of the minion horde, for example, I would avoid casting it on the

Thanks for reading, these 4 decks are very good for Elixir Marathon Challenge 2022