Top 30+ Best Rage Challenge Deck 2022

Hi guys, Today I will show you the best Rage Challenge Deck 2022, In this rage challenge Rage spell has taken over the Arena. Every card dropped on the Arena will be under Rage spell.  If you need a deck for Rage Challenge keeps reading this article till the end.

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Best Rage Challenge Deck 2021

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Skeleton Barrel Rage Challenge Deck 202

Skeleton Barrel Rage Challenge Deck 2021

The general method of playing this Skeleton Barrel Mega Knight Firecracker Deck Arena 10+ is first defending, then counter push, Skeleton barrel is the best opening card you can play when using this deck. It can show you what small spells they have or it can force them to waste elixir cycling to find a good counter too.

You can also cycle Goblin Gang at the bridge or play miner into the safe spot on the opponents’ tower. Focus on defending enemy threats then supporting your own troops to counter push with Mega Knight+Firecracker+Skeleton Barrel Continue Reading »

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Pekka Bridge Spam Decks for Rage Challenge 2022

Pekka Bridge Spam Decks for Rage Challenge 2021

This is a Pekka bridge spam deck, This deck is very effective in Rage Challenge 2022, also it is a very popular deck in clash royale, so many pro players use this deck in challenges and get 12 wins in grand challenge very easily. Pekka is the primary defense and wins condition of this deck and we have Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Magic Archer to support your Pekka with the help of poison.

The Battle Ram will be your second win condition in this bridge spam deck. A tourney standard ram can nearly take out a tower on its own if left alone and you would be surprised how often this actually happens. It is still a good card to use as a tank for surviving troops on counter push.

Then we have Royal Ghost which can be used on defense because he does a decent amount of damage. He must also be responded to on offense. Air troops can’t take him out if he is in Invisible mode but doesn’t hesitate to play him on defense against cards like Hog or Miner. Remember to always try to use the poison to defend against elixir pumps in a single elixir and you can also use poison to take out swarm units like minion hordes, Goblin Gangs, Skeleton Army, or even a split three musketeers.

Your bridge spam units are battle ram, bandit, and even the Royal Ghost, all these can be used aggressively at the bridge to apply pressure to your opponent and force them to respond. Ensure you protect your magic archer throughout the match and always use his long-range to your advantage Continue Reading »

Lumberjack Bandit Rage Challenge Deck 2022

Ram Rider Deck for Ram Rage Challenge 2021

This Ram Rider Lumberjack deck is Perfect for Rage Challenge, and you can cycle your cards very easily. Inferno Dragon, Magic Archer, and Bandit are 3 of the best cards on this deck for defense.

This deck is pretty similar to the other bridge spam deck, In the early game Check out your opponent’s Cards and Let them make the first move, and get the counter ready for their troops. Always Hold Your Cards like Inferno Dragon or the magic Archer as they are prime defenses for this Royal Ghost Bridge Spam Deck

Mega Knight Rage Battle Deck 2022

Mega Knight Rage Challenge Deck 2021

This Mega Knight Ram Rider Deck avg elixir is 4.1 and It has a 52% win rate. you might have seen this deck on tv royale because it is very popular in arena 13. This deck relies on counter push with Ram Rider, Mega Knight, Bandit, and E wiz to constantly apply pressure.

Inferno Dragon and Magic Archer will be used for defense in this deck and sometimes you can use zap to reset your opponent ram rider charge.

If you love mega knight in clash royale then I will recommend you to use this deck in Rage Challenge

Bandit Pekka Ram Rider Deck for Rage Challenge 2022

Baby Dragon Pekka Ram Rider Deck

It will take up some time to build up an elixir to use Lightning, so this is usually used in your full push when it’s double elixir or when you’re confident Lightning will take out the only counter your opponent has for P.E.K.K.A. Also great for finishing off <350 HP Towers Continue Reading »

Hog Rage Battle Deck 2022

Clash Royale Mini Pekka Hog Rage Challenge Deck 2021

One of the best clash royale cycle deck of clash royale, in this deck, Hog rider is your main win condition in this deck, Can be used as the opening play. This is the card you will try to get as much as possible damage with. You can always mix him with Bats if your opponent doesn’t have a proper answer or with the Ice Spirit. this will allow your hog rider one extra hit on their tower or temporarily freeze any defensive units they play.

Mini Pekka can be used to help take down tanks and also bridge spam units like the ram rider, battle ram, hog, or ghost. She can also be used to catch miners. Try to counter push behind this unit if it has over half its HP remaining. Never use this card at the bridge it should only be used as a defensive troop.

Best Clash Royale Hog Firecracker Deck Combo:

  1. Hog + Ice Spirit (great, cheap combo, usually used at the start of the game)
  2. Hog + Ice Golem (great at tanking for the hog and killing cheap troops such as skeletons)
  3. Hog + Firecracker (two very fast cards that synergize well with each other)

Hog + The Log (The log can be used to take out cheap troops such as skeletons, you can also send in pre-logs which provide area denial for the time that the log is rolling Continue Reading »

Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck for Rage Challenge 2022

Battle Healer Elixir Golem Deck for Rage Challenge 2021

My Best Clash Royale Deck for Grand Challenge, Elixir Golem is the Best Tank in the game for 3 Elixir don’t be too aggressive with your elixir golem, try to play him in front of your counter push units or behind your king tower if you have a Barbarian hut down. It’s the elixir golem blobs that do most of the damage especially if they’re in the healing radius of the battle healer or Heal Spirit

Heal spirit is not only a cycle card but it is also a counter to spells like poison or fireball which can deal a ton of damage to your support cards. It can help your units win a 1v1 battle at the bridge as well.

Electro dragon is a good defensive unit that provides you with a good counter push card. It can help slow down heavy units and its chain lighting ability means it can also counter support cards or swarm units like minions.

Best splash unit to carry in an Elixir Golem deck as it deals a more amount of damage than the baby dragon, If possible, try to use it with the Elixir Golem in a push. Use it against swarms like Goblin Gang or Minion Horde. It can counter Musketeer very well. The Skeleton Dragons are used to take out ground/air swarm cards for positive Elixir trades/counter push potential Continue Reading »

Miner Balloon Rage Challenge Deck 2022

Balloon Rage Challenge Deck 2021

In the early game, you can use this deck as a miner chip while focusing on making positive elixir trades through your defense. Miner or cycling zap are great first plays,

This deck is very fun to play but you need to have a good awareness of what cards your opponent has in the cycle and what they will use to defend your push and your balloon, keep in mind that In this deck you don’t have much direct damage cards so you will often rely on the balloon death damage and miner chip damage unless you make a solid connection to their tower Continue Reading »

Best Rage Battle Decks 20222 For Rage Challenge

Prince Firecracker Log Bait Deck Arena 10

Early game you can start out the match with a princess behind your king tower or you can also cycle Goblin Gang at the bridge. Don’t play your prince until you know what your opponent is playing in case you need him for defence. If they start out with an aggressive hog rider then you can use play goblin gang to counter the hog. Try to always get chip damage throughout the match with your spells and troops like Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel because it’ll increase your win rate Continue Reading »

Pekka Skeleton Dragons Deck Rage Challenge 2022

Ram Rider Deck for Ram Rage Challenge 2021

In an early game, you need to know your opponent’s win conditions and keep hard counters in hand. If you know the current meta you should have a good guess as to what deck they’re playing by the first 3-4 cards. For example, if someone plays Battle Healer, Night Witch, then Baby Dragon, I immediately know that for sure he is playing an Elixir Golem deck or Golem Deck.

In a double elixir game, you just have to Support your P.E.K.K.A by using Skeleton Dragons + Electro Dragon to deal with supporting troops while damaging the tank, or just cut them off with Bandit or Barb Barrel Continue Reading »

Thanks for reading, have fun

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