Top 9 Ramp Up Challenge Deck 2023

Hi, Guys Ramp, Up Challenge is back again in the game. In this guide, I will show you the best Ramp Up challenge Decks, we all know that Ramp Up Challenge becomes more and more hectic throughout each battle. 1x, 2x and eventually 3x Elixir, Each battle starts at 1x Elixir, then becomes 2x Elixir and eventually 3x Elixir

so come and take a look at this guide

Lumberjack Balloon Best Deck for Ramp-Up Battle

Ramp Up Battle Deck 2021

It is better to wait for your opponent to make the first move. Play passively for the first two minutes and counter push, try not to rush.

Once it is a double elixir, you can start playing much more aggressively. The chances are that you end up with at least one tower by the first two minutes

Best Deck for Ramp up battle

Hunter Balloon Deck for Ramp Up Challenge 2021

In the early game, your first and only priority is to figure out what deck your opponent is running, and what their counters to your Balloon are.

Don’t go all out immediately, instead start off small with an Ice Golem and Balloon at the bridge.

Respond to your opponent’s counter accordingly, either with a Miner or Snowball.

Best Balloon Ramp-Up Challenge Deck

Overall, you will want to be playing this deck very aggressively, or else you won’t be getting much Tower damage.

Balloon Clone Freeze Deck Best starting moves:

  1. Either Spirit at the bridge (if they reach the Tower)
  2. Ice Golem+Balloon or Balloon+Ice Spiriys (if opponents pump up or play heavy tank)

If the Balloon doesn’t get a hit, it’s OK. As usual, the Bomb hits the Tower, and the Bomb itself deals

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