Bless Global Classes Tier List Wiki 2023

Hi guys, welcome to our Bless Global Classes Tier List Wiki, In this Bless Global Classes Tier List wiki we will tell you about All available classes on Bless Global. There are five classes on Bless Mobile and each class has its own unique abilities and Skills.

So come and take a look at this Bless Global Classes Guide.

Bless Global Classes Tier List Wiki


Rangers can slay nearby enemy with melee weapons or dispatch enemies at a distance with bows and arrows. They are expert marksmen with unique and adaptable combat skills. They are adept at moving fast through woodlands while shooting adversaries from a distance, and they can also use daggers to close the distance and defeat foes.

Rangers are essential because they spread the harm within their teams. In order to maximise the damage taken and improve battle effectiveness, they excel in dealing sustained damage at any range while demoralising their opponents.


These two-handed axe-wielding meat grinders charge forward and brutally destroy enemies. Varg Berserkers are reliable protectors and excellent melee fighters that can resist direct hits from opponents thanks to their hefty armour and bulky build.

They can quickly group adversaries and deal stunned and bleeding damage to targets thanks to their protection and AoE attacks. To increase the team’s overall damage in the decisive battle, they can prevent adversaries from casting skills and lower their healing.


These elemental masters command all types of AoE magic with elegance and can easily wipe out herds of foes in an instant. With long staffs in their hands, they can constantly adjust positions in battle, making it difficult for enemies to locate them.

Their strong spiritual power can also increase the damage of their teammates and significantly improve the entire team’s strength! Mages’ skills deal great damage and exert various control effects in a second, which will hold the enemies off and end the battle as quickly as possible.


They are blessed by the Holy Light. Crusaders protect allies and enforce justice to enemies with their exceptional attack and defense abilities.

As men of liberty and glory, they are fully armored with a war hammer and a shield. Flexible in battle, they can help the team survive by launching attacks, guarding, and healing teammates using the power of the Holy Light.

Crusaders’ skills are well-balanced between melee, guard, and heal. Adjusting battle stances will allow them to maximize the team’s potential with optimal tactics.


Allies can be healed and enhanced by priests using only natural power. When foes underestimate them, their capacity to do DoT damage might get them into a lot of trouble. The majority of them are nimble female characters that stay close to nature and wield magic sabres.

Priests are able to repel any assaults by appropriating the power of plants and animals. They frequently remain in the very back of the formation, ready to aid injured or dead teammates if necessary. They are unquestionably the group’s Guardian Angels.

Priests prioritise support and healing primarily. They have the ability to heal the team collectively and lessen harm. But by switching fighting positions, they can also become high-damage support and boost the team’s overall damage.

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