Blob Hero Wiki Guide – Skills, Build, & Weapons

Hi guys, welcome to our Blob Hero Wiki Guide, In this article, we will tell you about Blob Hero’s Best build and Skills. In this game Skills are divided into active (red) and passive (blue) with four slots available for each.

So come and take a look at this article.

Blob Hero Wiki Guide – Skills, Build, & Weapons

Skills :

Tornado (or Meteor)

-Huge support + dps

-Good early + late game


Frost Aura

-Nerfed but still best skill by far

-Radius decreased massively

-Tick speed seems to have decreased

-More dps

-Main dps/self-preservation

Soul Harvester

-Boss killer + self-preservation

-Minor support skill

Any support skill of your choice

-Recommendations : (mainly crowd killers)


-Lightning orb

-Blob sentinels


-Notes :

-Rock hail is bugged as of this patch (new patch, might be fixed, haven’t tested yet)

-Might be really good crowd killer

-Long duration + short cooldown

Passives :

Dmg increase

-Pretty self-explanatory, more dmg = gooder

Dmg resistance/HP increase

-Huge for late game swarms + bosses

-Unless you’re running a full glass cannon build, either one of these skills are a given

Projectile increase

-Good support passive for your main skills; most skills affected by this passive

Cooldown decrease (preference)

-My preferred 4th passive, at max -40% decrease in skill cooldown

-Not necessary, but good to have

-Can be swapped out for your preferred 4th slot passive

Active Skills

Frost Aura – “Continuous damage to nearby enemies”

This is a continuous AOE skill that is not limited to damaging a set number of enemies and is best upgraded through damage, not range.

If this is not your first or second active skill unlock, it’s best to reset (die and start over, or close and reopen the app) and retry the chapter.

Homing Blob – “Hits nearest enemies”

In my opinion the best single target skill for clearing the “end of chapter” boss.

Blorbball – “Explodes on hit”

This is a good addition to Homing Blob, or as a substitute if your luck was bad with the randomness of skill unlocks

Blorbs – “Rotates around the hero”

This is a good forth slot filler but is not a viable replacement for Frost Aura.

Passive Skills

In my experience the following three passives will be very high in their ability to allow yo to successfully complete a chapter:

Damage Boost – “Damage: +10%”

Damage Reduction – “Damage reduction: +5%”

Health Regeneration – “Health Regeneration: +1%”

The following three are all good forth slot additions”

Health Boost – “Max HP: +10%”

Projectile Count – “Projectile Count: +1”

Cooldown Reduction – “Cooldown Reduction: 4%”

That’s it for this Blob Hero Wiki Guide – Skills, Build, & Weapons

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