Boneraiser Minions Tier List Wiki & Classes Guide 2023

Welcome to moth aunt’s article on the classes you can choose to play as in Boneraiser Minions. This Boneraiser Minions Tier List Wiki & Classes Guide will provide you with information on each class in the game, their unlockable Meta, and various synergies and strategies you may wish to employ or expand upon during play. This guide is also intended as a reference to be usable during play since the classes’ meta cannot be viewed during play and it can become easy to lose track of what you should be trying to build for next.

Hopefully, this Boneraiser Minions Tier List Wiki & Classes Guide helps you to grasp the various class identities better and unlock more of the game for your enjoyment, gain higher scores, or perhaps just have more fun in general.

Boneraiser Minions Tier List Wiki & Classes Guide

This Boneraiser Minions Tier List Wiki & Classes Guide assumes that you have at least an elementary level of knowledge about how to play the game. If you haven’t played Boneraiser Minions at all yet, don’t worry about this guide for now and go have fun; these goodies will still be here when you’re wanting more.

The Classes in General

At a base level, almost all classes play in a similar manner – avoiding enemies and their attacks, and leveraging your choice over offered boneraises, relics and spells to create a build that fights effectively to protect you and make progress through the game. However, each class features “Meta” found in the Class Heritage section of the Mausoleum’s mirror that can be unlocked with Hero Soul meta, represented by a red flame icon:

These can be collected by picking up Hero Souls during a run – they look mostly the same except they are usually pale blue, and are dropped by Champions that occasionally arrive during human waves, and by the bosses such as Elven Wayfinder and Werewolf Prince. You can collect a maximum of nine Hero Soul Meta per run, but with an upgrade in Boneraise Lore you can stock up to 69, which is pretty nice.

These Meta are essentially each class’s unique abilities and define their unique identity and capability within the game. You have to progress across each class’s grid starting from the center, and fully unlocking a class’s meta usually takes around 14 Hero Soul Meta at most, with one exception that will be covered later.

Once purchased, Meta can be toggled on and off – so if you don’t like a particular class ability, you can always just switch it back off again.

If you are starting out completely new to the game or have otherwise simply started again or wiped your save file, you will only have access to Deprived Wretch, the starter class. The method of how to unlock each class will be covered in each of their respective sections.

Boneraiser Minions Tier List Wiki & Best Classes Guide


Gold Scavenger
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou shall gain +1 gold coin each second survived (max 250).

Sleight of Hands
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou shall rise able to re-roll up to three offered relics.

Cowardly Rush
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: When hurt thou gain a temporary boost to running speed.

Re-birthday Gift
Prerequisite Meta: None
Description: Thou shall rise anew clutching a random treasured relic, but only if it is a relic thou have already discovered.

Boner Gang
Prerequisite Meta: Gold Scavenger or Sleight of Hands
Description: Thou rises anew with the company of two extra Barrow Boners.

Chestious Treasury
Prerequisite Meta: Sleight of Hands or Re-birthday Gift
Description: Treasure chests may contain spell scrolls and relics.

Excavator Squad
Prerequisite Meta: Fettler’s Eye or Boner Gang
Description: Barrow Boners may instead spawn as Barrow Diggers.

Fettler’s Eye
Prerequisite Meta: Sleight of Hands or Excavator Squad
Description: When boneraising a fresh skelly minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll when offered a relic item.

Treasured Archeology
Prerequisite Meta: Gold Scavenger or Cowardly Rush
Description: Thy Barrow Digger and Behemoth Excavator minions may find mucky Spell Scrolls and Relics when digging.

Pirate Maps
Prerequisite Meta: Re-birthday Gift or Cowardly Rush
Description: Extra treasure chests shall occasionally be unearthed.

Pincher’s Feet
Prerequisite Meta: Cowardly Rush or Lockpicker Fingerer
Description: Thou gain a permanent boost to thy running speed.

Lockpicker Fingerer
Prerequisite Meta: Pincher’s Feet or Pirate Maps
Description: Thou can unlock treasure chests at breakneck speed.

Unlock Method
Deprived Wretch is available from the beginning of a new file, and does not need to be unlocked.

The majority of Deprived Wretch’s meta set revolves around getting more spells and relics and having more ways to obtain them – while this makes them less powerful than other classes right out of the gate, with some good choices and lucky relic offers Deprived Wretch can scale up in power very quickly.

In terms of survival meta, Cowardly Rush will afford you a bit more leeway to maneuver around threats, and Pincher’s Feet will enable you to get out of being trapped and repeatedly hit as long as you know what you’re doing.

Treasure chest related metas Pirate Maps and Lockpicker Fingerer allow you to obtain chests faster, and Chestious Treasury helps you to get more out of them than other classes would – these are the bread and butter of your power scaling as Wretch.

Wretch has consistent access to more re-rolls through Sleight of Hands starting you with a few more, and Fettler’s Eye giving you an extra re-roll every time you boneraise – considering you go through quite a lot of boneraises every run, this adds up quickly and allows you to optimize your relic choices a bit more.

As an added bonus, Gold Scavenger and treasure chest related metas will enable you to gather gold coins much more quickly, allowing you to unlock things in the hub much more quickly and affording you more opportunities to construct architect on your maps.

That’s it for this article, For more guides, Head over to our Steam Games Guide tab

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