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Brawl Stars Best Takedown Brawler 2020 – Brawler for Takedown

Brawl Stars Best Takedown Brawler

Brawl Stars Best Takedown Brawler 2020 Hi, guys, Brawl Stars Best Takedown Brawler 2020 I will show you Brawl Stars Best Takedown Brawler 2020 – Best Brawler for Takedown 2020 so Takedown Mode is a free-for-all means random people will play with you and whoever does the most damage to the bot in the middle wins the game so come and take a look at this Brawl Stars Best Takedown Brawler guide

Top 4 Best Takedown Brawler for Brawl Stars 2020

1.) Spike: Spike is very efficient in Takedown and Spike is a Legendary Brawler in all aspects. As a support type Brawler, Spike can demolish enemies very easily with his timely thrown cacti.

Spike has low health but high damage. His attack involves him throwing a cactus at the enemy that burst upon contact, releasing spikes everywhere. If the cactus doesn’t hit anything, then it explodes after reaching the maximum distance. Check Out Here Full Spike GuideBrawl Stars Spike Showdown Tips 2020

2.) Colt: Colt is A great brawler for Takedown Because Colt is a semi-long range Brawler with a relatively quick reload speed, high damage, and mediocre health. Colt may be one of the worst Brawlers when the user is underskilled, but he is one of the best when the user knows how to play him.

The key to playing Colt is predicting your opponent’s pathing. This allows to land most of your shots, dealing a ton of damage to your opponents. With Colt, you want to be staying back assisting your allies, while destroying opponents with your punishing damage.

Even though Colt is best used at long range, he still manages to shine up close as it gets easier to hit all your shots. Colt is one of the strongest counters to Brawlers like Shelly or El Primo, as they need to get close to deal damage to you, and the closer they get, the easier it gets to land a lot of shots. Most of the time, you will be able to almost kill them once they get close to you.

Check Out Here Full Colt Guide:Brawl Stars Colt Tips & Tricks 2020

3.) 8 Bit: 8-bit is little arcade machine that will run around the battlefield shooting a laser and he’s super tanky

He wields a laser gun that he fire lasers at enemies. His Super allows him and his allies to gain damage boost in the radius of his station.

His super is really neat he’s got a turret he can throw on the battlefield and any brawler on your team within this turrets range gets a damage boost 8 Bit is one of best brawler for takedown game mode

4.) Shelly: Shelly, the fighter, the shotguner, the runner, and lastly, the showdown master, is one of the most used character in the game. She is your first unlockable character in this game.

Her main role in a team clash is usually as a main DPS and Ganker role. DPS means that she will deal as many damage as possible in this game to kill enemy team.

Ganker means that she acts as a Main Squishy backline killer like Colt, Ricochet, and Brock. Shelly can also 1 v 1 both tanks in this game, this is due to her overpowered 4th shot that can easily charge up when at a fight.

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