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Brawl Stars Crow Showdown Tips 2020 | How to Play Crow

Brawl Stars Crow Showdown Tips 2019 | How to Play Crow 2019

Brawl Stars Crow Showdown Tips 2020 | How to Play Crow 2020 Hey everyone, I will share Brawl Stars Crow Showdown Tips 2020 | How to Play Crow 2020. u/toxicatt_ here and  I’m a crow main with only 800 trophies on him atm. I’ve been desperately trying to find good giudes about him, Crow advanced guides, but didn’t really find anything apart for beginners. So I’d like to share with you some Brawl Stars Crow Showdown Tips 2020 | How to Play Crow 2020 on him that helped me reach 800 trophies on crow in a showdown.

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Brawl Stars Crow Showdown Tips 2019 | How to Play Crow 2019


Legendary brawler (lvl 9 stats) Hp -3360 Attack – 420×3 Super – (420×14)x2 Passive – his daggers poisons the enemy for 4 sec, each second dealing 25% of a single daggers dmg (105dmg).

Super charge after 15 daggers hit in total. 4sec of poison count as 1 dagger hit.

Star powers:

Extra toxic – poison reduces enemy dmg by 10%.

Carrion Crow – crow deals + 100dmg from daggers (attack + super) to enemies with 50% or less hp.

The tips apply to any crow ( doesn’t matter if you are lvl 9 or lvl 1).

The Star power I use is Carrion Crow because I love all the extra dmg I get from it. Extra Toxic just doesnt cut it for me, I don’t really feel the 10% dmg reduction since I tend to avoid dmg all together. Also note that if you pick Carrion Crow then when enemies hp is below 50%, their hp bar will turn pink, indicating that they will receive + 100dmg from a dagger (300 if all 3 hit). Your 1 CC dagger will hit for 520 dmg meaning your poison will tick 4 secs with 130 dmg/sec.

I’m talking only about showdown so crow that in mind. This applies to solo and duo. And everything I say here is from my personal perspective.

Every brawlers super is imporant to him, but crows super is his lifeline. Remember to first charge it instead of trying to kill an enemy. Just harass until you have it and then you can truly utilize crows potential.

Core tips:

• Poison give vision for 4 seconds over the enemy, this is a very strong control tool as others can also see the poisoned enemy. This needs to be abused so you know where are the enemies.

• Never approach a melee/short range fighter thinking you can out run them. You need to realize you barely have 3k hp (and there is nothing worst than a rosa hitting you with the tip of her attack and finishing you). Always keep a safe harass distance. Keep harassing them while not allowing them to approach you. If a brawler is hiding behind a wall, don’t try to approach, just hide nearby.

• Don’t think you can dodge long range brawlers easily. Brock or piper, even penny will eat your hp for breakfast, especially in high elo where they honed their aim.

• Charge your super first, before going into a fight. If you think you’ll be able to charge the last 10% during a fight, chances are you’ll die smashing that super. Also note your super isn’t gonna shoot the second you press it, you do have to release the button as well, which takes 0.1 sec, the same amount of time it takes most brawlers to kill Crow.

• Understand that you are not a nuker, you are a dot (dmg over time) user. You harass enemies until they are low enough for you to jump on them. And by low enough I mean 10% hp.

• Also you have to know your strengths, if you see a thrower with same or lower amount of cubes, jump on him the moment he releases his attacks. You’ll take him out easily, but if you are not aware of others, then you’ll probably die. Sadly the amount of hp and dmg don’t really allow you to play really aggressively.

• In high trophies games win=fun. It hurts when you win 7 trophies and lose 9. Just rushing there to die is gonna tilt you big time. Play with care and understand that you are here for the trophies, not kills or plays.

• Crow is a support, not an assassin. You provide vision and remove enemies regeneration ability. This needs to be understood especially when playing duo.

• Your super will hit a nearby enemy with 1 dagger mostly. If you jump on a guy then up to 3 daggers can hit him. This means don’t use your super thinking you can deal insane dmg to an enemy, its true that you can but only if the target isn’t moving and has a big hit box. Your ult is for mobility.

Let’s talk about the playstyles crow has:

Chicken Crow – this is when you lay low most of the game and just let the enemies do their thing. If an enemy comes close to your chicken coop, hit him desperately with your attacks so he would go away and you would charge your ultimate. In this playstyle your super is used for escape 9/10 times.

Pigeon crow – this is when you roam all over the map with your high movement speed. You shoot your daggers into every bush, because your reload time is very short. You hit every enemy you see but only from a far, meaning you don’t engage them close even if they are low. Just harass everyone and make the map move (it’s a great feeling when you harass a Bull who is running away just into another Bull and you see him die cursing your feathers) You should be able to charge your ultimate fairly quickly and use it both as an escape and as a kill attempt. Mostly for kill attempts since this playstyle is safe and most common on crow. This is when you become really annoying.

Ninja Crow – this is a high level playstyle, which has a luck factor and high map awareness. With this style you rush to the middle (after collecting boxes), where you can hide ( like Cavern churn) and you just lay low there. Once you see a fight shoot your attacks (not all of them so you wouldn’t attract attention(understand that people are not afraid of a low agressive crow)) to spread your poison thus gaining vision and charging super and then run the opposite way. The idea is to be present in the fight, but not so aggressively so the enemies would focus you. You give vision to other enemies so they could fight each other. Why is this a high level in my opinion, because for this playstyle to work, you have to forget about greed. The moment you see a low enemy or a cube lying there, do not rush, stay where you are and hide. It may sound simple, but the greed in this game is real and very strong. When you are aware of the remaining players, and you know you can kill or take the cube, go for it. Otherwise don’t. Because that random shelly or bull who just stayed low for the whole time suddenly teleports on you. Your super here is very situational, because you want that vision the 14 daggers can give you. Remeber NOT to throw your attacks to check nearby bushes, You give vision of yourself to the enemies instead of doing the opposite.

Lets talk about what kind of a spawn point you received. There are 3 kinds of spawn points. Jackpot, standard and poor. Poor – no power cubes nearby Standard – 1-2 power cubes nearby Jackpot – +3 power cubes nearby

Each spawn point has its own strategy.

• Poor spawn – this is where chicken crow works amazingly. Don’t expect first place, but you sure can be in top 4. The thing is since your area doesn’t have boxes, you stay hidden in that area. Other players won’t come there unless they are running with low hp, in which case finish them or just harass so they would run away. Beware that if you decide to finish them, somebody might see you and go to your location since you are a crow with many power cubes.

• Standard spawn – your usual start, collect all the cubes nearby and become the pigeon you were meant to be. Just fly around and shi.. shoot all over the place. Also you can go ninja crow if the map has a middle part where you can really hide. What you should focus on is getting cubes and surviving, this is 90% of your games.

• Jackpot – this is the most dangerous of all spawns, because it blinds you with greed and you feel that with your 4 power cubes you can kill Shelly in close combat. Jackpot should be either used aggressively meaning you become a killer pigeon or super passively, a killer chicken. The point is you have a strong beginning you should use it to reinforce one of the playstyles, not to think of yourself as a nuke.

And that wraps my personal Crow Guide. I really hope you enjoyed it and if you learnerd at least 1 new thing, then this guide was a success _^

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