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Brawl Stars Emz Guide 2020 | How to Play EMZ Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Emz Guide 2019

Brawl Stars Emz Guide 2020  Hi guys Brawl Stars Emz Guide 2020 Today I will tell everything about new Brawl Stars Brawler Emz, Emz is a new brawler in Brawl stars and it’s a social media star and also a zombie she uses a hairspray as her main attack

She has moderate health and low damage output, but high poison damage, as her toxic hairspray cloud can be lethal. Her Super can slow down and damage enemies in the radius of herself. Her Star Power, Bad Karma, increases her main attack damage by 20% per hit. Emz’s other Star Power, Hype, heals her 200 health per second when her Super damages an enemy for the duration of her Super. MZ is free to unlock once you reach 8000 trophies on the Trophy Road.

Brawl Stars Emz is a zombie and she uses a hairspray as her main attack
and her main attack is a cloud of hairspray moving forward and then standing in place for a moment it causes damage over time on the whole area
Brawl Stars Emz supers is really cool it’s a big area of effect that damages brawlers inside of it it also slows them down and it’s a pretty big area of effect that follows her it’s about the size of Sandy’s except it will follow her around as she moves
It’ll deal 840 damage on the second tick and 980 damage on the third tick each tick dealing 140 more damage
Emz is good for Gem and Grab

Main attack: Spray

Emz fires a cloud of hairspray that can hit enemies multiple times if they linger in it

Super Ability:

Caustic Charisma – Slows down and damages enemies near Emz

Star Power:

Bad Karma – Enemies that stay inside the Spray area take 20% increased damage per hit

Hype – Emz recovers 200 health per second for each enemy inside her Super’s area of effect

Players who have already passed the 8000 Trophy mark on Trophy Road will have Emz automatically added to their collection

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