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Top 4 Brawl Stars Heist Tips 2020 | How To win Heist in Brawl Stars

Top 4 Brawl Stars Heist Tips 2020 | How To Play Heist in Brawl Stars

Hi guys, Today I will show you Top 4 Brawl Stars Heist Tips 2020 | How To win Heist in Brawl Stars Guide, which is shared by u/ThySnazzyOne and this Brawl Stars Heist Tips 2020 will help you win more games in Heist Mode. so we all know that Heist is a competitive game mode in which randoms make the most mistakes in. It frustrates me every single time so I’m going to create this guide for those randoms. Feel free to show this guide to anyone learning (or who is bad at) this game mode.

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Top 4 Brawl Stars Heist Tips 2020

1.) Attacking and Defending In Heist

Let’s start with the most important point. The entire field of this gamemode is to know when to attack and when to defend, and which role you play. If you are playing a high damage low range brawler, such as Darryl or Bull or even Spike to some extent, do not bother defending. It will only waste your team’s time. Go straight for the Heist safe and unload your shots, with very short pauses between each one, giving reload time in-between those pauses. If you do defend for some strange reason, try to tank for the safe rather than chasing the enemy down. Now, if you use brawlers such as Bea, Nita or Jessie, by all means defend the safe. Not only are you helping your team, you are also charging your super, allowing you to do more damage to the safe or defend more effectively.

2. Different brawlers and their strategies

Bull, Darryl, Spike, Colt, Brock, Bibi : Offense – Use these brawlers to go straight to the Heist safe, but making sure you leave very short gaps between attack to give time for reloading. Make sure to fall back when you are below 40% health (unless you really need to deal damage). For these brawlers, while pushing up the map try to charge your super to get there quicker or to deal more damage.

Nita, Jessie, Penny, Mr.P : Turreteers – Use these brawlers on defense against the offensive brawlers for a short while until you charge your super. Then rush the safe and attack with your spawnable. IMPORTANT POINT: Do not leave huge threats on your safe when you have your super charged. Bull, Darryl, Colt and Spike are these main huge threats.

Max, Gale, and Bea: Support – Use these brawlers for a huge offensive boost or for a huge defensive boost. Bea should never be up attacking the safe for her low dps without her supercharged shot. IMPORTANT POINT: Gale and Max should use their super/gadget when the enemy is not ready for them. Prime time for usage is when the enemy has just left their safe.

Dynamike and Barley (Please don’t use Tick) : Thrower – Attack the safe from a distance and behind a wall. Don’t kamikaze for no reason. Not much else to say here other than try to charge your super.

NOTE: These are more or less the only viable brawlers for Heist. I swear to god if you try and use that Rank 23 Shelly I will shoot at you until I have no ammo.

3. Know Your Counters

This is a huge mistake I see many randoms make. Don’t run around the safe playing hokey-pokey with Bull trying to chase down that Barley (without super), while your Max is struggling to deal 15% damage on your safe. Don’t rush and waste your super on that Bea who is dealing 2% damage to your safe while that Jessie is ruining the two tanks on the enemies’. Know your counters. Let me describe them using the classes I used in the second point.

Turreteers counter Offense. Throwers counter Turreteers. Supports counter Throwers. Offense counter Supports (excluding Bea, PLEASE don’t rush a Bea).

4. Final Note:

The last thing you need to know is to use your common sense in Heist. If a Nita, Jessie or Penny is on your safe without their spawnable, don’t bother defending. They have super low DPS without them. Don’t leave that damn Spike on your safe, for the love and mercy of god. If you do and wonder where half our safe’s health is gone, don’t come shooting at me.

Thank you if you read up to here.

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