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Brawl Stars How to Push Shelly 2020 – Brawl Stars Shelly Tips

Brawl Stars Shelly Tips 2019

Brawl Stars How to Push Shelly 2020 Hi guys, I will show you Brawl Stars How to Push Shelly 2020 so Shelly is a brawler that everyone in the game is familiar with. She is a super straightforward brawler and has massive potential in game modes like Showdown, and Brawl Ball. In this guide, I’ll be going over Shelly’s best modes, maps and some tricks to help you push her above and beyond! As for me, I have pushed her to a maximum of 959 trophies and placed top 100 on global leaderboards and top 10 on US leaderboards.

How to Play Shelly in Brawl Ball:

Shelly is a staple in a large amount of Brawl Ball maps. She performs exceptionally well on bushy/maps with lots of walls like Triple Dribble, Center Stage, Sneaky Soccer and Coarse Course. I prefer using her Shell Shock SP on this map because the added slow from her super will prove VERY useful in slowing the enemy team and making them easy pickings. Band-Aid isn’t very strong anymore and it provides little value for you team as a whole. As Shelly, your job should be to harass the the frontline brawlers like El Primo, Bo, and Frank. Because you charge your super in 4-5 hits, prioritize getting it and breaking open the walls in front of the enemy goal. This allows you and your team more shot angles. A neat trick to use in Brawl Ball is to shoot the ball and immediately super. Make sure to be pretty close to the goal, as this trick doesn’t move the ball a long distance. When you shoot and super, the super breaks the walls in front of the shot giving it a clear path towards the goal. Plus, it stuns the enemy brawlers allowing for support from your team. Shelly pairs well with almost anyone that can complement her super.

Brawl Stars How to Push Shelly: Showdown

Showdown is a great mode to push Shelly from 500 to 700 trophies. Showdown is a great mode to push any brawler, it’s just a matter of pushing the on a map that advantages them. I recommend pushing Shelly on Stormy Plains, Feast or Famine, Deserted Vertex, Cavern Churn, and Rockwell Brawl. In general, any maps that have lots of walls and bushes are generally a good pick for Shelly. Using Band-Aid and Shell Shock is a matter of personal preference in Showdown. If you want to play the placement game, Band-Aid is your best bet. If you want to create the most opportunities to get kills and leave you enemies low-health, use Shell Shock.

A. Who you should avoid and who you should fight (Showdown-oriented)

Any tanks and medium health brawlers should be easy pickings. El Primo, and Rosa are some of the easiest brawlers to beat as they can’t match your damage output and suffer from being extremely close-ranged. As soon as you charge your super, Shelly becomes instantly more dangerous to any brawler. As a medium-ranged brawler, it’s common sense to avoid brawlers that do a large amount of damage at long range like Colt, Crow, Rico, and Piper. Crow is the number one target on your list to avoid. His constant chip damage makes him public enemy number one as a Shelly main. Piper is also a brawler you want to avoid, as her shots do a heavy amount of damage. Against brawlers like Pam, Bo, and Leon, juke until they overcommit. Once they overcommit, charge your super and if they come back again, you’ll be ready.

Star Power Overview:

Band-Aid (B tier, formerly S tier): This Star Power is a decent choice if you plan to play a style based on placement.

Shell Shock (A tier): This Star Power has become the better of two after Band-Aid’s multiple nerfs. This Star Power allows you to stun people after you super them and it gives you a chance to finish them off after slowing them down. This star power also leaves the person you shot very vulnerable as they have slowed for three full seconds.

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