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Brawl Stars July 2020 Update – Brawl Pass Season 2 & More

Hi guys, Brawl Stars July 2020 Update is coming on 6th July with Brawl Pass Season 2 and July Brawl Talk is going to release on 27 June 2020, Brawl Stars Brawl pass Season 2 name is going to be  Summer of Monster, In Season 2 we will get New Chromatic Brawler – Surge, New Game Mode – Super City Rampage and Much more so come and take a look at this Brawl Stars July 2020 Update leak

New Chromatic Brawler – Surge! Main Attack: Shoots a projectile that works like a mix of Spike and Gene’s Super: Continuously upgrades himself up to 3 times. Loses the ability after getting defeated SP: Unknown Gadget: Unknown

Two Exclusive Skins in the Brawl Pass! Super Ranger Primo Mecha Paladin Surge

QoL Change! Collect Rewards from the Brawl Pass in any order you want in the new update.

Special Skins for GOLD True Silver Skins for 10,000 gold True Gold Skins for 25,000 gold (Silver Skin required)

New Skins! Mega Beetle Bea King Crab Tick Streetwear Max

New Game Mode – Super City Rampage! PvE – Three Brawlers go face to face with a giant Monster that wants to destroy the City, they have 2 minutes the Monster is finished demolishing everything in its path.

New Map Object! Ropes – Walls that act like water but can be destroyed by Wall-Breaking Attacks.

HOT ZONE is here to stay! Hot Zone is not going anywhere, it will now join the Map Rotation along with other modes.

Trophy Road Extention! The Trophy Road now goes up to 50,000 Trophies, jam-packed with more rewards than ever before.

Crow Remodel! Crow is getting a slick new look along with his White Crow skin, so look forward to that.

Others -New Quests! -More Pins! -Pins in Battle!

So guys this is the Brawl Stars July 2020 Update and Brawl Pass Season 2, thanks for reading, have fun

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